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imB rfiP L,c l,brary 

3 5899 00060 6099 

Ptftuted bu iljc 

'fdtuj Philip 1hticti*l 


12-63 Seniors 

64-93 Undergrads 

98-131 Sports 
132-151 Clubs & Activities 

152-167 Student Life 

168-185 Faculty 

186-208 Ads 

putting It All 
Together '89 - 

Photo credit: Mr. Ira Cass 


King Philip Regional 

210 Franklin Street 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Volume 32 

"/ love it", Suzanne Masterson 

"I'd like to thank everyone who made this production possible . . . S. Hamwey and Co. 

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Happy Halloween from the National Honor Society 

"Look, Mom! We won!" — Mark Tobichuk 

"like the outfit? I picked it out myself!" — J. Faulkner 

'Do you think this will make a good skirt?" J. Church, D. Collins 

Wanta thumb wrestle?" D. Sullivan 

The sophomore class 
hides their float. 

Meg models the latest fashion — 
one leg rolled up and one leg 
rolled down. M. Muir 

"Suzanne, aren't you a little 
overdressed for this football 
game?" A. Paul 



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K* — ns^s 

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Afarfc Carew gets lessons from Monika Gonzalez on 
how to apply makeup. 

The Tom Cruise wanna-be's 

Eric Tucker, Rodney Sutcliffe, and Todd Graham "I'll freshen up quick . . . no one will 

see!" Kim Conefrey 

What Are YOU looking at? S. McGill, R. Brower, 
M. Johnson 

Go freshmen! 

Chris Boone making his own play-dough recipe! 


Donna Puccio "Hey look, my face turned 
green, yellow, and black!" 

G. Doherty and P. Doherty trying to figure out what K. McCasland is 

While the rest of the Junior Class watches the pep rally D. Watts and 
K. Wachtel watch the football players. 

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_ ..'■JSSBKKP....* " k '«HR 

G. Hunsacker, H. MacAskil, and A. Turner flirting with the photographer. 

B. Thomas trying to steal the ball 
away from V. Vilano. 


"Look, Lorene — a shooting star!" B. Oram and J. Holland 

Jill Blake pondering on whether to mold or 
not to mold. 

"I have no idea what I'm suppose to do." Jennifer 

Freshmen girls getting into their first 
pep rally. 

B. Monahan takes the game seriously while J. Gabbard gets too excited. 

Karen Cooke "Wait, I'm now ready for this 
picture. " 

Our heroes do their stuff at the Homecoming game vs. Franklin. 

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The Freshmen class enjoys their first pep rally at K.P. 

(Left) KP's award-winning band lends a hand in raising school 
spirit! C. Mulcahy, B. Teixiera 

Proud freshmen pose with their masterpiece. 

Our Homecoming Court — princess Deirdre Monahan, queen Wendy Grote, and princess Suzanne Mas- 

Football fans J. Destefano, D. Daley, G. Foster, and J. Morganelli watch the big game. 



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Jessica Abernathy 

Tammy Baker 

John Acord 

James Arsenault 

Jennifer Barrett 

Glen Barrows 

Jen Bailey 

Tammy Bassett 

Scott Bettinger 

Janice Bigelow 

Jill Blake 

Jeffrey Blood 


Jessica Ann Abernathy 
Little H. Toad 

11 Washington St. Plain ville 
Likes: Chasing birds w/DP, Thalassa, 
spending money, name game. Dis- 
likes: Donuts. "Is that natural curl?", 
backing up. Ambition: To play a full 
game of Monopoly. Memory: 
Summer 88. Found: Looking for my 
lime green sunglasses. Other: Best 
wishes to DP, SD, CC, BB, SS, TJ, 
KC, LH, LO, Mom, Jen, and Dad — 
love you guys! Saying: "What, did I 
miss something?" 

Tammy Baker 

7 Bush Pond Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Being w/friends, Scott, #12, 
parties, the beach. Dislikes: Fake 
people, shopping w/no money, 
being cold. Ambition: To go to col- 
lege and become successful. 
Memory: Beach w/SG,SS,PS, 1987 
football games w/SG,SS,JV,TK. Ac- 
tivities: Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softball 
1,2,3,4. Awards: Var. Letter & Jacket. 
Found: On the beach. Other: Thanks 
Mom and Dad for being there when I 
needed you, love ya! 

John W. Acord, Jr. 
Likes: Heather, skiing, motorcross, 
being happy. Dislikes: Car ac- 
cidents, not having money, getting 
into trouble, drugs, alcohol. Ambi- 
tion: To lead a rich", happy and pros- 
perous life. Memory: Ski trip in 88. 
Found: In Wrentham 

Jennifer Anne Barrett 

13 Red Bird Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: MM, beaches, hugs, poems, 
running, sarcasm. Dislikes: Not 
knowing, the cell w/DM, waiting, 
"The Man- Woman." Ambition: To 
find all the answers, & get my li- 
cense. Memory: Cheering 87, 6/16/ 
85, good times w/friends, 5/15/87. Ac- 
tivities: Cheering 1,3, Capt. 4, sp. 
Track 1,2,4, W. Track 2,3, Capt. 4, 
Field Hockey 2. Awards: MVP Cheer- 
ing 87, Grand Champs 88. Saying: 
"Oh I Guess I am." Found: w/CK. 
Other: Thanx Mom, Dad, CK, JB, GT, 
TD, MT — I love ya's 

James M. Arsenault 
Hefty, Jimbo 

25 Regent Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Skiing, weird haircuts, Me- 
tallica, surfing, the beach, good 
friends, the Bronco. Dislikes: 
School, the bus, art fags, slow 
drivers, boys in blue, lame parties, 
dead heads. Ambition: To find the 
ultimate haircut, to own a monster 
truck. Memory: June 86, Feb 86, 
summer 87,88, freshmen study. 
Found: On the slopes of Sunday 
River. Saying: "Shut Up," "Give Me 
A Break," "Go Nuts." 

Glen Barrows 
2 Bigelow PI. 
Likes: The beach, NY, fast cars, 
chevy's, skiing, snowmobiling. Dis- 
likes: Fords, breakdowns, speeding 
tickets. Ambition: To die with the 
most toys. Memory: NY w/ 
DC,RL,ML. Activities: Football 1,2, 
Basketball 1. Found: NY or driving w/ 

Jen Bailey 
Pond St., Wrentham 
Likes: Stevie Nicks, The Dead, Cor- 
vettes. Dislikes: Teachers in bath- 
rooms, cliques, Walpole Mall, setting 
my car on fire. Ambition: To own a 65 
Corvette. Memory: Stevie Nicks 7/86, 
Fleetwood Mac 10/87. Found: w/ 
AB,LS,GG. Other: Good luck to 


Tammy Lynn Bassett 

10 Churchill Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Sunsets, beaches, "cheerio," 
Time Of My Life, my parents, ssh, 
"The Animals," Bogs w/Missy. Dis- 
likes: BT's, goodbyes, accidents, 
alarm clocks, getting caught. Ambi- 
tion: To marry someone rich & never 
work again. Memory: Seaside 
Heights 85,88, "Pedidles," NH 87, 
The Southern House. Activities: 
Tennis 1, Softball 2,4, Soccer 1 . Thanx 
Mom, Dad, & Missy, Good Luck 
Stacey. Saying: "Who Said That?" 

Michael Beaupre 
287 Forest Grove Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: Boats, trucks, Whitesnake. 
Dislikes: Preps, Geeks, Michael Jack- 
son. Memory: Summer 88 w/Renee. 
Found: On boat w/Renee. Saying: 
"Get Out Of My Face." 

Elizabeth Lynne Bender 
Liz, Lizzie Borden 
434 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: Couth, Aramis, tea, Beatles, 
Rocky Horror, UK, MPS, summer 
camps. Dislikes: Fake blondes, blue 
meanies, men w/egos the size of Jupi- 
ter. Ambition: To be Magenta. Mem- 
ories: England, camp, 10 by Xmas, 
The Jag. Activities: YB 1, ED. 2,3, Ed- 
in-Chief 4, Peer Leadership 3,4, NHS 
3,4, Drama 1, Art Club 1, Mod. Sen. 
Other: L, Keep looking for scratches. 
Saying: In My Wildest Fantasy, No I 
Love Me For My Mind 

Michelle Elizabeth Bernardo 
Eggbert, Fric, Mick 
46 George St., Plainville 
Likes: Being w/friends, Boonie, 
shopping, shoes, weekends, par- 
tying, Tom Petty, Poems, spending 
$. Dislikes: Busy signals, working, 
being broke, getting caught, good- 
byes, Kelley's drive-way. Ambition: 
To find the perfect Riita, move to 
Maine, and open my own shoe store. 
Memory: 6/16/85 w/Jen, Summer 87, 
4/18/88, Tom Petty 87, Def Leppard 
88. Found: w/Kelley, shopping, on 
the phone. 

Derek S. Berry 

Mel Jr. 
28 Valerie Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Notre Dame, George Bush, 
Conservatives, running, USAFA, 
USCGA, backpacking. Dislikes: 
Minnesota Twins, Losing Meets, 
Dukakis, extreme liberals, fishing. 
Memory: Philmont 85, Alaska 87, X- 
C Champs 88. Activities: SP, Track 
1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,3,4, Xcountry 4, 
Math League 1,2,3,4, Mod. Sen. 
1,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Boys' State 3, Peer 
Leader 2,3,4. Awards: President 
NHS, Captain Spring Track, Eagle 

Scott Bettinger 
60 Warren St., Plainville 
Likes: Skiing, driving fast and reck- 
less, Led Zeppelin, Dan's smile, NH, 
partying, going out in the boat, 
blondes, brunettes. Dislikes: Slow 
drivers, thinking, making decisions, 
B.G. turning down the radio, rules, 
being late. Ambition: To die with the 
most toys in NH. Memory: Driving to 
school w/Brenda H., Summer 88, 
partying w/RL, JW, BH, DC, GB, SF, 
MC, ML, HV, AP. Activities: Foot- 
ball 1,2 

Janice H. Bigelow 
168 Forest Grove Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: Joe, shopping, getting even, 
being obnoxious w/Jen and Chris- 
tine. Dislikes: Waiting in line at the 
Registry, users, Dad's lectures, good- 
byes. Ambition: To have one. 
Memory: Jen driving over the island 
at the Merry-Go-Round, 4/3/87. Ac- 
tivities: VICA Comp, 87. Saying: 
"Maybe," "I Don't Know." Found: 
Driving Joe's Monte Carlo SS. Other: 
Thanks J,C,G,J, for being the best 
friends ever! 

Jill Ann Blake 

Jill, (Baby) Blakie 
15 Regent Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Going out w/the gang, "The 
Window," Wellfleet w/S,K&H,TG. 
Dislikes: Watermelons, JM, w/CM 
and GT. Ambition: To find all the an- 
swers. Memory: Bruce w/JD, 9/15/88, 
O'Loughlin's. Activities: Field 
Hockey 2,3, Peer Leadership 3,4. 
Saying: "C-Ya Lata!". Found: Clean- 
ing up the kitchen w/Meg and Jack. 
Other: To JD, MM, JB, JG, MN, CM, 
DK, So — you made my 4 yrs the best 
— To Mom, Dad, and Raym — I love 
you guys! 

Jeffrey L. Blood 

Jeff Bloood 
30 Meadowbrook Dr., Wrentham 
Likes: TV, LB, Winning, WV 
Badgers, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Late 
Night. Dislikes: LA, Detroit, waking 
up, school, mosquitoes, pro wres- 
tling, commies, satinists. Ambition: 
To be on Late Night w/ David Letter- 
man. Memory: 9/2/71. Activities: 
Band 1,2,3, Pres 4, Jazz 1,2,3,4, Brass 
1,2,3,4, Band Council 3,4. Awards: 
Director's Award, Most Improved 
For Band 2, Who's Who 4. Found: 
Watching TV at Ed's. 


Meredith Bluhm 

Barbara Bredvik 

Carolyn Bobola 

Jennifer Bolyn 

Lee Brintnall 

Raymond Brouwer 

Anthony Boni 

John Burhart 

Robert Butler 

Sean Cady 

Eric Callahan 

Kristine Callahan 


Meredith Bluhm 
30 Holbrook St., Norfolk 
Likes: California, hairspray, Lerone, 
money, gold, Dean, green eyes, 
Guess, summer. Dislikes: String 
beans, rain, snow, saying goodbye, 
pumps, jellybeans, nags, slow 
drivers. Ambition: To be rich and 
happy in whatever I do and to get my 
license. Memory: 8/88, 12/21/87, 
Florida 88, Balsam's 88. Found: In 
NA w/Robin(steaks). Other: Good 
Luck Tina, KT, Suzi, SD. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, and Joey — love ya! 

Chris Boone 
96 Archer St., Wrentham 
Likes: Katy, cars, fishing, track, soc- 
cer, winning under the lights. Dis- 
likes: Fake people, losing, bad coach- 
ing, waiting in line. Ambition: To 
own my own business. Memory: 9/4/ 
87 w/ AR,FR, 9/8/87 w/AR,KC,SR. 
Activities: Soccer 1,2,3, Track 
1,2,3,4, Peer Leadership 4. Awards: 
Varsity Letter and Jacket. Found: 
Sunning in Hawaii. Other: Thanks 
AR and SR for all the fun years! 

Carolyn Marie Bobola 

56 Mirimichi St., Plainville 
Likes: Danny, sunsets, grey flannel, 
2 out of 3, Mr. Blue Eyes, Roger 
Rabbit, skiing, roses, happy faces, 
the NA way. Dislikes: Confusion, re- 
sponsibility, goodbyes, sadness, 
nightmares. Memory: 8/30/87, My 
father, 8/8/88, summer 88. Activities: 
Outward Bound 87, SP. Track 3. 
Other: Thanx to AT,SR, JB, LS, SD, 
DL, LE, and Mrs. Villiard for helping 
me through the rough times — I love 
you guys! 

Daryl Boone 

276 Taunton St., Wrentham 
Likes: School, biking, field trips, 
spaghetti, girls who aren't snobs. 
Dislikes: People who think they are 
better than everyone else, J.G. Ambi- 
tion: To become a chef and a rock 
star. Memory: Sugar fight. Saying: 
"A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned." 
Found: Very quiet. 

Jennifer Bolyn 
3 Fales Rd. Extension, Plainville 
Likes: Hockey, winning, KP, new & 
old friends, "toad," road trips, Del 
Val, Rice's, Art, Lafayette, college 
parties, parties. Dislikes: Losing, 
moving, dead animals in the road, 
Lori T., C.F. Ambition: Go to school, 
Peace Corps. Memory: CMU, M.R., 
my house, times w/SB, MK, PC, DK, 
BB, TO, TL, SS, Etc. Activities: Field 
Hockey 1,2,3,4, Basketball 4. 
Awards: NJ Teen Arts — States. 
Found: NJ. Other: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Julie, and Beth — luv you! 
Mass. is an experience! 

Peter C. Boucher 
Macho Man 
23 Mirror Lake Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: TP, X-C, track, leadership, re- 
sponsibility, spirit. Dislikes: Losing 
meets, hypocrites, drugs, irresponsi- 
bility. Ambition: Win a gold in 92 
Olympics. Memory: Hock Title 10/25/ 
88. Activities: W. Track 2,3, Capt. 4, 
Sp. Tr. 2,3, Capt. 4, X-C 3, Capt. 4, 
Peer Leadership. Awards: Hock. All- 
Star, Unsung 86&87, 9 Var. Letters, 
Gym Leader of 87, Tri Capt. Found: 
On the track. Saying: "Excellent." 
Other: Thanx Coach B, Coach G & 
my family. 

Anthony M. Boni 

410 South St., Plainville 
Likes: Guitars, money, anything that 
is different, Morton Downey, Jr. Dis- 
likes: Short hair, school, the PMRC. 
Ambition: To record a million-selling 
album. Memory: Aug 1971 to the 
present. Found: Wherever there's 
music. Other: Good luck in the 

Kristen Bourne 
44 Woodland Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Friends, working, animals, 
being happy. Dislikes: Snobs, argu- 
ments, being sad. Ambition: Go be 
successful. Memory: 1/88, 10/87 
Junior yr. Found: In work. 

Barbara Kirsten Bredvik 
Barb, Woman 
9 Timberlane Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Doug, popcorn, blistex, 
Pilsbry Doughboy, future plans w/ 
DB. Dislikes: When people are late, 
being cold, hypocrites, spiders, 
goodbyes, dirty hands. Ambition: 
Marry Doug & have 4 kids, be a 
french teacher. Memory: 10/10/87, 
prom 88, 8/88 — coming home, Jr. yr. 
& DB. Activities: Field Hockey 
1,2,3,4, Tennis 2,3,4, YB 1,2, ED 3, 
Ed-in-Cf 4, NHS 3,4. Awards: Exc- 
Typing, Varsity Letters & Jacket. 
Found: w/Doug. Saying: "Way 2 B!", 
"If s a Good Thing" 

Lee M. Brintnall 
Leeroy, Shubee 
320 East Side Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: The summer of 88, the red 
beast, Chevy's, money, loud music. 
Dislikes: Fords, radar, homework, 
the dead jeep. Ambition: To be suc- 
cessful and make a lot of money. 
Found: Skiing w/the boys. Other: 
Good luck to Tank and Jay — you'll 
need it. 

Raymond Brouwer 
Skippy, Swee-Pee, Raymo 
80 Hawes St., Wrentham 
Likes: Motorcycles, concerts, my 
music, German, the sealions at RW, 
independency, black. Dislikes: Ac- 
cidents on construction roads, short 
hair, I.H., no transportation. Ambi- 
tion: For everything to go right for 
just one day. Memory: Times spent 
w/my friends, 9/13 — the "Breakfast 
Club." Found: Underwater. Other: 
I'd like to say to all the underclass- 
men, school isn't a drag, if s the best 

John Henry Burhart 
Henry, Big John, Tiny 
55 Lakeside Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: Football, food, gag, yoohoo, 
#75, AC/DC w/DG, TC, DO, GP, DE, 
and soupy. Dislikes: Useless people, 
football practice, camp, George 
Michael, Phil, Badd Bros. Ambition: 
To graduate. Memory: Beating 
Mansfield 10/21/86 21-13. Activities: 
Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 3,4. 
Awards: Varsity Letters & Jacket. 
Saying: "Shut Up, Dave," "Toby 
You Fat ****." Found: Driving w/DG 
& TC. Other: Thanks Coach Par- 

Robert Butler 
8 Mohegan St., Norfolk 
Likes: Shows, my favorite band, 
kneeboarding. Ambition: To get rich 
and move to California. Memory: 
Summers in Maine. Found: On the 

Sean Cady 
294 High St., North Attleboro 
Likes: Surfing, sunsets w/Gina C, 
being sober, summer 88 w/Lori L., 
Juli C, and the rest, Outward Bound, 
Football, driving fast, living life on 
the edge, my friends, Gina., AP, Dan 
C, Steph R., Juli C, Lori L. Dislikes: 
Hangovers, drinking, fighting w/ 
Gina, losing football games. Ambi- 
tion: To be a special effect artist and 
make a lot of money. Activities: Foot- 
ball 1,2,3,4 

Eric Callahan 
21 Holbrook St., Norfolk 
Likes: Fast cars. Dislikes: Everything 
else. Ambition: To make it to my re- 
tirement. Memory: All of them. 
Found: Working. 

Kristine Callahan 

11 Appletree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Partying, sleeping, weekends, 
good music, true friends, CSN, 
Zeppelin, CCR. Dislikes: Mornings, 
Cliques, flashing blues, getting 
speeding tickets, Ignorance. Ambi- 
tion: To become a flight attendant 
and travel around the world. 
Memory: London 87, Soph, yr., 
High-T's triangle. Saying: "Hey 
Guys, What's Up?". Found: In the 
Bahamas soaking up the rays. Other: 
Good luck, Amy & Class of 89 


Mathieu Capodanno 

Jeffrey Carr 

Cherie Cleveland 

Mark Carew 

Paul Carlow 

Thomas Carter 

Thomas Casey 

Steven Cloutier 

Glen Clow 

Jeffrey Carlson 

Scott Clarke 

Kimberly Conefrey 

Karen Cooke 

Kathleen Cormier 

Carrie Costa 

Kelley Cronin 


Mathieu Capodanno 

14 Elizabeth St., Plainville 
Likes: Classic rock, driving. Dis- 
likes: Heavy metal, new wave music. 
Ambition: To be happy and grow 
old. Found: Driving. 

Mark J. Carew 
Hot Rod 
63 River Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Snowmobiling, quarters. Dis- 
likes: Waking up, breakdowns, un- 
happy people. Ambition: To be 
happy and have fun. Memory: New 
York w/GB, BH, TK, RH, Horseneck 
Beach. Saying: "Well!". Found: Have 
a dip. Other: Thanks for all you've 
done, Rich H. 

Paul C. Carlow III 
Carlos, Carlow 

144 North St., Norfolk 
Likes: Joan, winning, sports, nights 
w/the guys, the Stones, money, 
Clint. Dislikes: Fighting w/Joan, No 
$,5 AM hockey prac, losing. Ambi- 
tion: Take Coach Pariseau's job. 
Memory: Hock. Champs — Baseball. 
Activities: Football 1,2,3, Capt 4, 
Hockey 1,2,3, Capt. 4, Baseball 
1,2,3,4, Stud. Coun. 1,2,3,4, Treas. 
3,4, RSAC 3,4. Awards: 10 Vars. Let- 
ters, All-Hock. Hockey, Who's Who 
in HS sports. Saying: "Tob, Did You 
Look?". Other: Mom and Dad. 

Jeffrey M. Carlson 
Jeff, J.C. 
30 Cee-Jay Terrace, Wrentham 
Likes: Money, Partying w/the gang, 
skiing. Dislikes: Jerry's car, useless 
people, blue lights, the day after, pull- 
ing over for J.F. Ambition: To make 
my first million before I'm 25. 
Memory: Canada 88, beach party w/ 
MK, PD, JD, MC, DC, KC, JD, 
summer 88 at Egg's. Activities: Ski 
Club 2,3,4, Basketball 1, Boys' State. 
Saying: "Yeah, Whatever." Found: 
At the gas station. Other: Good luck 
to everyone. 

Jeffrey Carr 
Rey Rey 
655 Madison St., Wrentham 
Likes: 68 Chevelles, being with 
friends TH, TG, CD, JF, FC, CD, MB, 
weekends, sleeping late. Dislikes: 
578 Blue Trans Ams, 85 or 66 stolen 
Ford pick-up trucks, getting up at 
6:00 am, yellow lights. Ambition: To 
find and many the girl of my dreams, 
to be happy and successful in what- 
ever I decide to do. Memory: The 
week, CD's house, Summer 88 w/ 
TH, TG, JF, CD, FC, CD, MB. Found: 
At Tom's house or cruising. 

Thomas M. Carter 
T.C., C.B., Marty 
55 Desert Brook Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Inside jokes w/DG, driving w/ 
JH, good times w/friends. Dislikes: 
Being a taxi for JD, wooden cars, 
Eurosport incidents, the cops w/JM. 
Ambition: To be happy in life & find 
Dave Barak w/DE & GP. Memory: 
After semi 88 w/JG & PP, kniphing 5. 
Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4, Tennis 3,4. 
Saying: "Howz That Grab Ya?", 
"Monarch Power Baby!". Found: 
Trying to ski with Henry. Other: 
Good luck to all my friends. 

Thomas J. Casey 

Case, Casebalm 
4 Lynn Ave., Plainville 
Likes: Jaymee, Chevy's, racing, Pink 
Floyd. Dislikes: J.R.C., boys in blue, 
wrecking my car, slow drivers, 
Fords, Mopars. Ambition: To be a 
rich and successful architect. 
Memory: 8/19/88, 1:30 a.m., 8/24/88, 
12:15-1:30 am North Attleboro Road. 
Activities: Baseball 1,2. Found: 
Working on my car. 

Scott David Clarke 
Clarke, Scotty, Clarkester 
40 Dunn Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: Datsun of Power, Taco's, to 
get even, cruisin Leeroy's track, DG. 
Dislikes: Radar, red lights, dead 
Datsun, Rt 121, running, snobs, 
working, Janesie's driving. Ambi- 
tion: To live my life to the fullest. 
Memory: Ski trip 88 w/MM, FR, TH, 
MC, JA. Activities: Winter Track 1,2. 
Found: Around. Other: Good luck to 
Tank and Jason, You will need it! 

Cherie Cleveland 
17 Bugbee St., Plainville 
Likes: Rich, parties, vacation, going 
out w/friends, sleeping late. Dis- 
likes: InOhouse, arguing w/Rich, 
Ignorant men, snobs. Ambition: To 
be successful and happy. Memory: 
Out in the rain w/Allison, 10/29/87. 
Found: Partying w/RB, AW, Ewald. 
Other: To all my friends who were 
there when I needed them . . . 

Steven J. Cloutier 

1771 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: Tracy, movies, bowling, work. 
Dislikes: J.G., school. Ambition: To 
get married and to own and run a 
bakery. Memory: Meringue fight. 
Saying: "Thank God!" 

Glen Clow 

29 Lincoln Ave., Plainville 
Likes: Jill, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Doors, 
Beatles. Dislikes: Carelessness, 
Mondays. Ambition: To travel. 
Memory: Mrs. Russo's sophomore 
English class. Found: With Jill. 
Other: Thanks Mr. Pratt, Mr. Pierce, 
and Mr. Nolan for everything. 

Kimberly Ann Conefrey 
Kim, Kimber, Kimski 
382 Main St., Norfolk 
Likes: Smiles, hot cocoa, best pals, 
creativity, sincerity, hugs. Dislikes: 
Goodbyes, waiting, cigarettes, bad 
directions. Ambition: To find true 
love & success. Memory: Fla 5/88, 
weekends w/JT, JE, JF, INXS. Ac- 
tivities: Drama 1, Yrbk 2,3,4, Tennis 

2.3, Field Hockey 3,4, Peer Leader 

3.4, NHS 3,4, Art Club 4. Awards: 
Varsity Letter & Jacket. Found: w/CP, 
LP & CR. Other. Thanx Mom, Dad & 
Perry's — I love you! Good luck to my 

Karen Lynn Cooke 

32 Stanhope Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Softball, ice cream, 
swimming, skiing, M&M's, sunny 
days. Dislikes: Dusting, h-work, wet 
sneakers, Monopoly. Ambition: Get 
my Ph.D in whatever major I finally 
choose. Activities: Softball 1,2,3, 
Capt. 4, Soccer 1,2,3,4, Basketball 

1.2.3, NHS 3,4, Peer Leadership 

2.3.4, Yrbk 4. Awards: 6 Var. Letters, 
Unsung — Softball. Memory: Snow- 
mobiling on SFs B-day. Other: All 
my love & thanx to Mom, Dad & 
Sand. Good luck 89! 

Kathleen Cormier 


94 Cypress St., Wrentham 

Likes: Nothing. Dislikes: Jerks. 

Ambition: To graduate. 

Carrie Costa 
33 Madison St., Wrentham 
Likes: Firebirds, candy apples, walks 
on the beach, cartoons. Dislikes: 
Laps around the tennis courts, wak- 
ing up early, Franklin. Ambition: To 
be a bartender in Jamaica. Memory: 
NY 88, New Year's 88, good times w/ 
SD, DP. Activities: Tennis 2,3,4, 
Yrbk 4. Awards: Var. Letter & Jacket. 
Saying: "Jess, if you had a brain, 
you'd be deadly!" Found: On ex- 
cursions w/Sheri. Other: Thanx Mom 
— I love you! Good luck SD, DP, JA, 
LH, LO, TJ, BB, KC. 

Kelley Anne Cronin 
Frac, Cro 
308 Main St., Norfolk 
Likes: True friends, The Dead, "The 
Lodge," partying at MB's, beaches, 
buried treasures, red berettas, Oprah 
W. Dislikes: Goodbyes, Mick's 
"What?"s, Hardcastles, those scary 
times w/Michelle, Decisions. Ambi- 
tion: To find the perfect Riita, & move 
to Maine w/MB. Memory: The Dead, 
4/23/86, NH, Cape 87, The Early 
Night w/MK, DG & CL. Saying: 
"What's Going On?". Found: W/MB 
or M&M Star. Other: Thanx MB, 
MM, JM, GG, Mom & Charlie — I 
love ya! 


Michael Curtis 

Jesse Darling 

Simone Desrosiers 


Amy Daley 

Paul Darling 

Thomas Daley 

Jonathan Day 

Jacqueline DiPlacido 

David Dix 

Lorinne Dunbar 

Sheri Durrick 

James Damato 

Angela Decristofaro 

Cheryl Domenica 

Derek Ellenberger 

Jeremy Farling 


Michael Curtis 
4 Cedar Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Parties, girls, heavy metal, lift- 
ing. Dislikes: Getting busted, 
school. Ambition: To be an AirBorne 
Ranger. Memory: Summer 88. 
Found: At a party. 

Amy Daley 
8 Washington St., Plainville 
Likes: Sleeping, true friends, Chip- 
pendales, having no bills and lots of 
money. Dislikes: Cliques, having no 
money, getting caught, being bored, 
Gym Class. Ambition: To be the 
grieving widow of a billionaire. 
Memory: Too many. Found: Any- 
where but here. Other: Thanks to 
everyone who gave me a shove when 
I needed it, especially Mom, Dad, 
and Carla. 

Thomas W. Daley 
^ 12 Hanover St., Norfolk 
Likes: Gayle, hockey, football, par- 
ties. Dislikes: Practices, waking up, 
cleaning my house the morning after, 
homework. Ambition: To find a job 
that I like. Memory: Pink Floyd w/BB 
and MT. Activities: Football 2,3,4, 
Hockey 3,4. Found: At a party. 
Other: Thanks to Jen. 

James Damato 

Jim, Jamas, Jewmass 
735 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: Skiing, cycling, chocolate, soc- 
cer, Volvo power, a good argument, 
kooshing, good friends. Dislikes: 
Crutches, pain, losing, answering 
machines, Algebra, broken bones, 
being told what to do. Ambition: To 
own my own law firm. Memory: 
Kniphing 5 w/TC, JD, crash on the 
beach w/MK, KC, JC, DC, JD, PD. 
Activities: Soccer 1,2, Track 1,3. 
Found: In the hospital. Other: 
Christa, good luck in your senior 

Jesse Darling 
Jesse B. 
5 Spring St., Norfolk 
Likes: Weekends, JB's Homeroom, 
doing nothing in class, Def Leppard. 
Dislikes: TC's shortcuts, Burns Barn, 
no license. Ambition: To get out of 
high school on time. Memory: Matt's 
beach party w/PD, MC, JC, RK, KK, 
JD, MC, JD. Activities: Soccer 1,2. 
Saying: "Hey! What's Up?". Found: 
On the phone looking for a ride. 
Other: Good luck to KC, SL, PB, TL, 
and LM. 

Paul C. Darling 
24 Fredrickson Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Going out w/DE and TC, 
guitar, Van Halen, Bruins, concerts, 
Destructive nights w/JM and JD. Dis- 
likes: Driving Jesse around, home- 
work, studying, Jerry's car, nights at 
JC's, the morning after. Ambition: 
To someday be a famous guitar 
player. Memory: "Monsters," crash 
on the beach w/JD, MK, KC, DC, 
MC, JC. Activities: Football 1,2, Peer 
Leadership 3,4. Saying: "We'll Go!" 
Other: Good luck to my friends 

Jonathan Day 

560 Hancock St., Wrentham 
Likes: Arizona, Metallica, G-n-R, 
The Le Manster, The Drakester. Dis- 
likes: Waterbeds, Vic, Norfolk cops. 
Ambition: To own my own business. 
Memory: 9/17/88. Found: Sarah's. 

Angela Decristofaro 

Angel, Angie, Binky 
11 Walnut St., Plainville 
Likes: Mike, archery, Jeeps, 4 wheel- 
ing, shooting pool. Dislikes: Boys in 
blue, inhouse, snobs. Ambition: To 
be a chef on a cruise ship and to travel 
the world. Memory: 6/6/88, 5/27/88, 
7/3/88 11:56 P.M. Found: Cruisin in a 
Jeep, hanging around w/Mike. 

Simone Lisa Desrosiers 
Mona, Sam, Mona Lisa 
Likes: Wayne, roses, spending 
money, Zeppelin, parties, sleeping. 
Dislikes: Morning, blue lights, liars, 
two faced people, soggy french fries. 
Ambition: To be good at whatever I 
do and be happy. Memory: New 
York, 2/88 w/RS. Saying: "Are You 
Lying?", "Do I Have To?" Found: 
Partying in North Attleboro. Other: 
Good luck Tina and Merry, Thanks 

Jacqueline M. Diplacido 
203 Creek St., Wrentham 
Likes: SM, food, gossip, "The 
Window," spying, giggles. Dislikes: 
Watermelons, poison ivy. Ambition: 
Go to UMass. Memory: Jr. Yr., B.S. 
w/JB, cheering 87, 88, "Grand 
Champs," JB's Kitchen. Activities: 
Sec. 2,3,4, Cheering 2,3,4, Track 
1,2,3,4. Awards: Varsity Letter & 
Jacket. Saying: "We're Staying!". 
Found: Eating or w/Redheads. 
Other: Thanx cheerleaders for 3 yrs. 
of laughing, luv&hugs Mom&Dad, 
Tom, Meg, thanx for listening — I 
love ya! 

David Dix 

12 Mathurin Rd., Plainville 
Likes: Friends, bodybuilding, 
Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, 
Wayne Gretzky, all sports. Dislikes: 
Missing workouts, dieting, being 
bored, being lonely. Ambition: To 
run my own gym. Memory: 9/7/88. 
Activities: Weight Training 2,3,4, 
Yrbk. 4. Other: Thanks Kristin for 
being a good friend when I needed 
one. Saying: "What's up, Dave?" 

Cheryl Domenica 

410 Bennett St., Wrentham 
Likes: Sleeping, being w/My friends, 
Pink Floyd, playing pool and cards 
over KW's. Dislikes: Liars, school, 
fighting w/Friends, being yelled at. 
Ambition: To graduate from high 
school and go to Europe. Memory: 
Summer 88, 9/2/88 w/KW, TG, CD, 
JC, FC. Found: Following a green car. 
Other: Thanks Chrissie for being 

Lorinne M. Dunbar 
93 Burnt Swamp Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Vinnie, shooting pool, water 
skiing, horses. Dislikes: Being 
bored, not having a car. Ambition: 
To go to Hawaii w/Vinnie and to own 
another Supra. Memory: 7/30/88, 7/9/ 
88, 7/18/88, 8/5/88, CA 87-88, Def Lep- 
pard 9/28/88. Saying: "Let's Go 
Crash," "Sure." Found: Cruisin in 
the TA w/Vinnie. Other: Thanks for 
always being there, Gail. 

Sheri Ann Durrick 
Berra Woman, Boog 

24 James St., Plainville 
Likes: Excursions w/CC, DP, LH, JA, 
beaches, driving, spending $, going 
out w/Friends. Dislikes: Traffic jams, 
driving w/JA, Nerds, two-faced 
people, no $. Ambition: To live in a 
wedge-free world. Memory: 
Summer 88 w/CC, DP, JA, New 
Year's 88, N.Y. 88. Awards: Who's 
Who 1,2. Saying: "Come Hither," 
"That's Scary!", "You Nerd." Found: 
On an excursion in the Durrick 
Mobile. Other: Thanx M&D, JA, TJ, 
BB, KC, LO, LH, EG, CI, for my 

Derek Ellenberger 

7 Briarwood Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Tracy, Football, "Broncos," 
going w/TC, Fredrickson Rd. Dis- 
likes: Driving w/TC, The Monarch, 
losing, Franklin, betting w/Big Leon, 
being useless. Ambition: Have a 
happy & successful life &look for 
Baruk w/TC &GP. Memory: 5/6/88, 9/ 
19/87, BW's w/JG&JT. Activities: 
Football 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2. Saying: 
"Wanna Go!", "You're All Over It!", 
"You're Fat, TC." Found: w/Tracy or 
at mobil. Other: Good luck GP, TC, 
JG, DG, JB, DO. 

Jeremy Farling 
40 Trafalgar SQ., Wrentham 
Likes: Chevy's, camping. Dislikes: 
Fords, being confined. Ambition: To 
get a well-paying job. Memory: 8/2/ 
88. Found: In the woods. 


Elizabeth Gallagher 

Moira Gallagher 

Scott Gallerani 

Timothy Gamelin 

Rebbecca L. Garcia 

Shayne Gardner 

Robert Garrity 

Geronimo Garza 


James J. Faulkner> 

7 Ridgefield Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Stacee, parties, concerts, good 
times w/Friends, sports. Dislikes: 
Getting caught, getting lost, car 
doors. Ambition: To be healthy, 
wealthy, and wise. Memory: Mon- 
treal 88 w/SR, RH. Activities: Foot- 
ball 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2, Indoor 
Track 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4 Vice Pres- 
ident 3,4. 

lelen, Fanz 
7 Ridgefield Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Soccer, JB, weekends, skiing, 
beaches. Dislikes: Running on ball, 
waking before alarm, Trig. Ambi- 
tion: To to college & be happy. 
Memory: Bri's w/SM, WG, Prom 88, 
Crosby 87. Activities: Soccer 1,2,3, 
Capt. 4, W. Track 2,3, Capt. 4, Sp. 
Track 2,3, Capt. 4, Stud. Coun. 
1,2,3,4 — VP, Peer Leader 2,3,4. 
Awards: Soccer MVP, All-Hock 87, 
88, Unsung Hero. Saying: "I Can't 
See That Far." Found: w/Friends; 
practice. Other: Thanx Mom&Dad, 
SM&RH — My BF's. 

Anne Fecteau 

9 Kennedy Rd., Bellingham 
Likes: Heavy metal music, writing 
(mostly poetry). Dislikes: Math. 
Ambition: To graduate, and to write 
a publishable novel. Memory: Water 
fight in Culinary Arts between me, 
Sheryl Smith, and Tom Brennick. 

Laura Finn 
136 Seekonk St., Norfolk 
Likes: Horses, music, Tom Cruise, 
Patrick Swayze, Friendly's, Harle- 
quin Ice Cream. Dislikes: Math, Mar- 
jore Amors Barons Commentary. 
Ambition: To win at Megabucks. Ac- 
tivities: Band 3, Video Club 2, Art 
Club 3, Theatre 4. Awards: History 
Day Regional, 3rd Place State. 
Found: In the company of Patrick 

Jason Gabbard 
50 Carriage House Ln., Wrenthar 
Likes: Badd Bros., Tina, getting aw; 
w/Whatever, "A Few People, 
spending nights w/TC. Dislikes: 
Getting caught, soccer doubles, The 
Monarch, DE's old Granada, 
summer school, cost less. Ambition: 
To become a cop and move to Cal- 
ifornia to work for the FBI. Memory: 
5/30/88, working at Bill's w/DE and 
DD. Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4, 
Soccer 1,2,3, Capt. 4, Baseball 

Elizabeth Gallagher 

Liz, Lizzy 
Likes: Being w/Friends, coaching 
Softball, the beach, kittens, children. 
Dislikes: Snobs, working in the 
morning, decision. Ambition: To be 
happy and successful in whatever I 
do. Memory: Summer of 88, Inxs 
Concert. Saying: "I'm Only Kid- 
ding!". Found: Working w/KS, TB, 
OR DS. Other Good luck TG, GH, 
SD, CC, DP, KR! Thanks Mom and 
Dad — I love you! 

dd Gala 


676 South St., Wrentham 
Likes: Football, lifting weights, my^ 
car, the bears, AC/DC, robbin CF w/ 
Joe, Anne. Dislikes: Ankles, Hist. Jr. 
Yr., Jerry's in Florida, The Monarch, 
Barukish People. Ambition: To 
\either be a player of a coach on an 

Football Team. Memory: 5/6/88 
AODC. Activities: Football 2,3,4, 
Wrestlihg^S Capt., 4 Capt., Basebc 
1,2, BasketbalkLAwards: Hock. 
Star Wrestling. Sayings "WhatxAre 
You, Retarded?". 

poepp n 

Moira A. Gallagher 
578 Dedham St. 
Likes: Being w/Friends, sunny days, 
weekends out w/JW, TC, and SS. 
Dislikes: Rainy days, any kind of 
Math, dissecting things in Anatomy! 
Ambition: To be a rich world traveler. 
Memory: Monsters of Rock concert 88 
w/JW and SS. Found: At Star or 
driving around. 

Jeffrey A. Gale 

11 Maple St., Plainville 
Likes: Skiing, P.F., good times, 
wilderness, M.C.'s, living, times w/ 
W.R., the beach. Dislikes: Not ski- 
ing, the word spent, hurting people, 
car accidents, no money. Ambition: 
To ski the slopes of the world. 
Memory: Summer of 86 going across 
country w/The Scouts. Found: Skiing 
w/Friends and W.R. 

Scott M. Gallerani 

3 Huntington Ave., Plainville 
Likes: Golf, Mustangs, honesty, good 
friends. Dislikes: Trig., dorks, 
dweebs, geeks. Ambition: To find 
GK's golf balls in the woods. Memory: 
Summer 87, Summer 88. Saying: 
"Whaf d He Say?" Found: Heather 
Hill, golfing. 

Michael Thomas Galindo 
Guido, Galimbo, Mike 
8 Bridie LN, Norfolk 
Likes: Mustangs, fixing cars, cruis- 
ing, models, Camaros, Alex's. Dis- 
likes: Snobs, jocks, KP Ballroom, 
slow drivers. Ambition: To become 
an architect. Memory: Summer 88, 
12/11/87, Activities: W. Track 1,2,3,4, 
Sp. Track 2. Awards: Var. Letter & 
Jacket. Found: Causing trouble w/ 
The Guys at Alex's. 

Timothy Gamelin 
40 Crocker Pond Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Skiing, fast cars, weekends, 
Vermont, trucks. Dislikes: Repeating 
myself, red lights, getting up early, 
two-faced people. Ambition: To be 
rich and happy in whatever I do, and 
live life to the fullest. Memory: Honda 
88, Colorado 88, study 86. Saying: 
"Whafs Up?". Found: Working and 
hanging around. Other Good luck 
Class of 89! 

Rebecca L. Garcia 

Becky, Febe, Jerry 
200 Chestnut St., Wrentham 
Likes: Drawing, sunsets, the city, 
good times w/Good friends, parries 
weekends. Dislikes: Rainy days, bad 
moods, Mondays, driving at night, 
the next morning. Ambition: To grad- 
uate, to live in Jamaica w/SF, to go to 
college. Memory: Summer 87 & 88, 
Cape Cod, Halloween 86, my year w/ 
Steve, Fla. w/Tara and Shayne. Found: 
Out w/My friends. Other Good luck, 
Shannon — I love ya lots. Good luck 
Donna. Thanx Mom&Dad 

Shayne Marie Gardner 
Madonna, Hoodz, Alfa 
45 Cee-Jay Terrace, Wrentham 
Likes: 24, Hockey, Vettes, Buster, the 
Jeep, HV's ride home convo's, Mum, 
Nana, laughing, LA's mop, poems, 
slamming Brenda's head in the trunk. 
Dislikes: Men in skirts (JD), 
Gretchen's sleep calls, work, AM, re- 
sponsibility, getting caught, thinking, 
Judie's flying mayo. Ambition: Find 
way home from Bouffard's, find out 
how Brenda&I got home. Memory: 
Woods School, JW, WG, TK, CP, RL, 
stair riding w/PP&CP. Found: Jamaica 

Robert James Garrity 
22 School St., Plainville 
Likes: The Ghia, Porsche, Bush, con- 
servatives, money. Dislikes: The 
Ghia, taxes, apathy, school politics. 
Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy, 
and wise. Activities: Football 1,2, 
Track 2, Law Day 3, Model Senate 3,4, 
Peer Leadership 4, Sachem. Awards: 
Law Day, Model Senate Best Speaker. 
Found: Under the Ghia or at the pub. 
Other Thanks DS, ET, JM, JR, JM, 
AM, CG, KS. 

Geronimo Garza 
658 Franklin St., Wrentham 
Likes: Girls, football, fishing, cars. 
Dislikes: Being bored, cleaning my 
room, accidents. Ambition: To be a 
carpenter, a professional football 
player, and to get married. Memory: 
Playing football, English class. Ac- 
tivities: Football 4, Weightlifting 4. 
Found: At home. 


Daniel Giovanoni 

Mike Goddard 

Robert Gorman 

Todd Graham 

Julianne Grazado 

Mario Hall 

Carolyn Hayes 

Paul Griep 

Richard Hall 

Wendy Grote 

Tracy Hamilton 

Noah Hoffenberg 

Joseph Holland 

Lisa Haines 

Scott Hamwey 

Joyce Holt 


Daniel P. Giovanoni 

Smily, Dan 
6 Appletree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Real bikes, the crew, K.C. still, 
cycling anywhere, anytime. Dislikes: 
English, warped rims, people on my 
back. Ambition: To become a category 
1 racer. Memory: The crew (DK, GP, 
NH) anytime. Activities: Wrestling 
3,4. Sayings: "Yup, Uh-Huh." Found: 
Cycling anywhere. Other: Goodbye, 

Mike Goddard 
72 Grove St. 
Likes: Bending the rules without get- 
ting caught. Dislikes: Getting caught 
By Mr. Fitzsimmons for bending the 
rules. Ambition: To live life to the full- 
est. Memory: Freshman Year and 10/7/ 
88 w/K.S. Found: Wandering halls at 

Robert Gorman 
Rob, RG 
39 North St., Norfolk 
Likes: Kiss, concerts, driving, playing 
guitar. Dislikes: Monday's, finals, red 
lights, sell-outs, work. Ambition: To 
run a radio station in Los Angeles. 
Memory: Monsters of Rock, Kiss, 8/18/ 
88. Saying: OU812." Found: At a Kiss 

Todd Graham 
20 Berry St., Plainville 
Likes: Skiing, computers, airplanes, 
Science Fiction, games. Dislikes: Not 
being able to drive, homework. Ambi- 
tion: To be able to design and fly my 
own airplanes. Memory: Junior Prom, 
outward bound. Activities: Winter 
Track 2 Years, Spring Track 2 Years. 

Julianne Marie Grazado 
Julie, Jules, Jule 
12 Pine Tree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Steve, true friends, having a 
good time, eating, poems, sunsets, 
the beach. Dislikes: Liars, rain, the 
"Graz" mobile, getting up early, deci- 
sion, working, DS, NK. Ambition: To 
drive w/LYS w/out getting nervous, to 
be happy and successful in life. 
Memory: Prom 88, 5/7/87, Ha. w/JS, 
Pink Floyd, 9/15/88. Found: W/Steve, 
Joe, and LYS. Good luck to JS, AH, JB, 
CH. I love you, Steve! Thanks M and 

Paul Griep 

The Netherlands, Europe 
Likes: Skiing, vacations, parties, 
beaches, America, France. Dislikes: 
Bad weather, getting up early, fish- 
food. Ambition: To own my own 
hotel on the Riviera of France or in a ski 
area. Memory: Seeing NYC from a 
rooftop of a hotel at night. Activities: 
Ski Club, Video Club. Found: On a 
sunny ski slope in a nice ski area. 

Wendy L. Grote 
Groat, Grote 
Likes: Beaches, sunsets, weekends, 
roses, good times w/Friends. Dislikes: 
Those 6 weeks, liars, curfews, wait- 
ing, having to assume, fighting w/JW. 
Ambition: To sleep on the beach; To 
be happily married & successful. 
Memory: Parties at SG&CP, Bri's w/ 
SF&SM, NH w/JH. Activities: Peer 
Leader 2. Awards: Soph. Semi Court, 
Homecoming Queen. Saying: "I'm 
Only Kidding!", "What!" Found: At 
Shell w/Everyone. Other: Thanx M&D 
& the gang. Love ya! 

Lisa A. Haines 

112 W. Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: Singing, dancing, red fuzzies, 
field hockey, friends. Dislikes: Liars, 
two-faced people, sprained ankles, 
confusion. Ambition: To be a success- 
ful physical therapist. Memory: 
Summer 88, stargazing, inxs, George 
Michael. Activities: Field Hockey 
1,2,3,4, Softball 1,2, Gymnastics 2, 
Peer Leadership 2,3,4. Awards: 4 Var. 
Letters, Girls State, 3rd Place Hist. 
Day. Found: Trying to catch up. 
Other: Good luck Sis & T. thanx M&D. 

Mario A. Hall 

8 Spring St., Plainville 
Likes: Being myself, true friends, 
what goes on in CL's camper, party- 
ing. Dislikes: Staying home, work 
ing, two-faced people, hangovers, 
people who tell you what to do. 
Ambition: To someday successfully 
run my own business. Memory: 88 at 
the beach W/LH & SP, meeting P.W. 
Saying: "So, What Are You Trying 
To Say?". Found: w/AP, LH, or PW, 
doing anything I'm not supposed to. 
Other: Thanks Ann, love ya, Phil! 

Richard H. Hall, Jr. 

Rico, Rich, Ricka 
8 Stacey Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Partying, quarters, good times 
w/Good friends. Dislikes: Cold feet, 
hurricanes, the next day, no money. 
Ambition: To make a lot of money and 
to have fun doing it! Memory: Mon- 
treal 88, NY 88 w/BH, TK, MC, BB. Ac- 
tivities: Golf 1,2. Saying: "How Un- 
fortunate." Found: Looking for Jason 
at Tom's house. Other: Thanks Mark, 
for being the best friend I could ever 
ask for! 

Tracy Hamilton 
12 Potter Ave. 
Likes: Steven, swimming, cooking, 
going to parties, playing pool, danc- 
ing. Dislikes: Homework, J.G. Ambi- 
tion: To be a great baker. Memory: 
Going to the prom. Activities: Culi- 
nary Arts. Found: In a bakery. 

Scott Hamwey 

Hammer, Ham Dog 
84 Medway St., Norfolk 
Likes: Iowa, Beatles, rappin w/DG 
and MW, JB's class, basketball, Fag 
days. Dislikes: Breaking my ankles, 
DOH, chemistry. Ambition: To coach 
Iowa basketball to the title or to have a 
#1 rap album. Memory: Driving w/ 
JH, 6 pt. Bellingham 88, 5/20/88. Ac- 
tivities: Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 
1,2,3,4, Track 1, NHS 3,4. Awards: 
Var. Letters & Jacket. Saying: "I'm 
Being Followed." Found: In Iowa. 

Carolyn Jean Hayes 
Carolyn, Ding 

15 Wares Ln., Wrentham 
Likes: Aaron, Dedham, Whitney 
Houston, telephone, special friends, 
Chez's crayons, soaps. Dislikes: Feet, 
running out of hairspray, decisions, 
CL's curiousity, busy signals. Ambi- 
tion: Meet Whitney Houston &see the 
day CM gets her crayons. Memory: 2/ 
20/88, 1/23/88, ES 87, 9/15/88, prom 88, 
my Corvette. Activities: Basketball 1, 
Softball 1,2. Saying: "... 4 Yrs." 
Found: w/ Aaron. Other I love you, 
AP! Thanx CM, KK, KM, KM, JG, JS, 
JB, & Co. 

Noah Hoffenberg 

89 Williams St., Wrentham 
Likes: To skate, cartoons, skiing, my 
board, Caravan Air, Leah C, Moe, 
Larry, Curly. Dislikes: Stop & Shop, 
Rent-A-Cops, Hypocrites, Satanic 
cults in my backyard. Ambition: To be 
the first person to sled down Mt. 
Everest. Memory: Mr. Raz's 5th Per. 
Class. Activities: Boys' State, Mod. 
Sen., Art Club 3,4, Sadd 3, UN1CEF, 
Yearbook 4. Saying: "What's The 
Word, Mon?" Found: Thrashing the 
streets of Prov. 

Joseph Patrick Holland 

31 Priscilla Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Football, hoop, food, fag day, 
Monday practices, summer vacation, 
sleep, ranking on Rob N. w/SH, 
tennis. Dislikes: US history w/JRC, 
hard practices, Maine 88, NY 87, DOH 
w/Hammer, Rob N, Rob G. Ambi- 
tion: To go to college, graduate & 
make money. Memory: BC game w/ 
KO, SB, GB, BO, SH, JP, RP & John L. 
Activities: Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 
1,3, Track 1,2. Awards: Varsity Letters 
& Jacket. Saying: "Whatever." Found: 
In Boston w/DG, JB 

Joyce Ann Holt 

Joyce, Chickie, Joyceie 
20 Meadowbrook Dr., Wrentham 
Likes: Beaches, being w/Friends, 
sleeping, Ed, music, laughing, gossip, 
parties. Dislikes: Waking up early, 
slow drivers, waiting, green beans. 
Ambition: To blow bubbles on the 
beach on a windy day & not have them 
pop. Memory: 11/2/85, 10/22/87 w/EM, 
5/16/88 w/EK. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4, 
DECA 3,4, Jazz 2,3,4, Peer Leadership 
2,3,4, Peer Counselor 3. Awards: 
DECA States, Band letter. Saying: 
"Chocolate Milk No Straw." 


Alyssa Horton 

Catherine Intrieri 

Darryl Howard 

Linda Howard 

Christopher Janes 

-" - 

,- .- 




JJN ,a«a> 1 

z~ ^ 1 



Jay Johnson 

Todd Howard 

Matt Johnson 

Theresa Johnson 

Pamela Johnston 

Michelle Joyce 

Eric Kearns 


Alyssa {Catherine Horton 
Lys, Horty 
111 Main St., Norfolk 
Likes: Joe, sunsets, art, The Gap, 
Nantucket, beach, weekends — The 
Boat, being w/friends. Dislikes: Soc- 
cer, telephone poles, Buicks, liars, 
being upset. Ambition: To convince 
my Dad I'm not sick when I say I like 
the boat. Memory: Prom 88, 10/9/87. 
Activities: Soccer 2,3,4, SP. Track 
2,3,4. Awards: Varsity Letter & 
Jacket. Found: w/Joe, Julie, and 
Steve. Other: Good luck and thanks 
to JG, AR — luv ya. 

Darryl James Howard 
Binkerhead, Studmuffin, Monroe 
85 East Bacon St., Plain ville 
Likes: Drums, Halloween, safety 
pins, Belinda Carlisle, punks, Tina 
on OLTL, cold wind, remote control. 
Dislikes: Marginotoxocol, worrying, 
conformists, bugs. Ambition: To 
play drums for the girl who adver- 
tises L.A. Gear and Agree shampoo. 
Memory: Jr. year As — 220 w/Steph 
Dineen. Saying: "Do I know you?". 
Found: At Cumby's or causing 
trouble w/Carol (140). Other: Thanks 
to the Joge, who plays it 50 degrees 

Linda Marie Howard 

Lynn, Linda Lou 
31B Dedham St., Wrentham 
Likes: Hot air balloons, beaches, 
driving, 12/25, music, 2:18, autumn, 
fireworks. Dislikes: KP traditions, 
not knowing, hairspray, red lights, 
butterscotch, wisdom teeth. Ambi- 
tion: To go through a yellow light B-4 
it turns red. Memory: Prom 88, Def 
Leppard, Sr. Yr., OEA trip — 3/88, 4/ 
20/88. Activities: OEA, Art Club 3,4, 
Yrbk. 4. Awards: Who's Who. Say- 
ing "WHAAT?" Found: Out To 
Lunch. Other: Thanx JA, CC, LO, 
BB, SD, TJ, DP 4 the good times 

Todd Michael Howard 
Toddy, Hot Toddy 

85 East Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: Animals, my family, my re- 
ligion, talkshows, when people are 
themselves, wacky and wild things, 
apple head, female singers. Dislikes: 
Mean people, boredom, being sick, 
no money, unfairness, conformists, 
teeny boppers, being blamed. Ambi- 
tion: To be famous & make all my 
dreams come true. Memory: 
Summer 87, Jr.Yr., Good Times w/ 
good friends, 8/7/88 — Rocky Pt. w/ 
Carol. Saying: "Hey, slow down," 
"sorry." Found: In trouble w/Carol. 

Brenda Marie Howell 
41 High St., Plainville 
Likes: Partying, driving fast, joking, 
Pat. Dislikes: Death, speeding 
tickets, Shayne slamming my head in 
my trunk, getting caught. Ambition: 
Go to the Army, be a state trooper, 
find out how SG & I got home. 
Memory: NY w/GB, TK, MC, RH, 
NH W/RL, SB, SF. Activities: Softball 
2,3, Capt. 4. Awards: Varsity Letter & 
Jacket. Found: w/SG, JW, ML, RL, 
HV in Jamaica. Other: Hang in there, 
Jason — I love you! Good Luck Class 
of 89 — love y'all. Thanx Dad — love 

Thomas Hughes 
Ferris, Hewy 
75 Chestnut St., Wrentham 
Likes: 66 Convertible Mustangs, 
loud stereos, M&M's, the beach, ski- 
ing, "personal days," road trips, red 
corvettes, the green. Dislikes: 
Rollers in the rearview, people w/no 
common sense, women who can't 
drive, no $, not knowing, indecision. 
Ambition: To break down the bar- 
riers that hold me from reaching my 
greatest goals. Memory: The week, 
11/16/88. The UMass Exp. Activities: 
Band 1,2, Peer Leadership 

Phil Hulbig 
491 Franklin St., Wrentham 
Likes: Originality, women, people 
who think for themselves. Dislikes: 
Deciding, plastic people, nukes, kill- 
ings, conformity. Ambition: To stay 
alive. Memory: Painting our school 
in flames on the art room wall. Other: 
Stay cool all ye barn rats: special 
thanks to GA, DB, BT, TL, JE. 

Ginger Alane Hunsaker 

Snapps, Ging 
17 Chicatabut Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Smiles, Celtics (ex-43), oreoing 
w/PJ and HM, white cougars, the 
west, talking, shopping. Dislikes: 
Gigilos, trains, yellow lights, confu- 
sion, silence, ego trips. Ambition: To 
go beyond the ordinary. Memory: 
Florida, Danvers, Inxs, 2/14/86. Ac- 
tivities: Colorguard 2,3,4, OEA 3,4, 
SADD 3. Awards: Who's Who. Say- 
ing: "Excuse You?" Found: Wreak- 
ing havoc w/Pam. Other: Love and 
luck to those who follow. 

Catherine D. Intrieri 
Cath, Huck 

17 Sullwell Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: PC people, Roxie, Dads $, 
guys w/fashion sense. Dislikes: Bad 
acting, complxes, the Gene. Ambi- 
tion: Know all of "mediate." 
Memory: Caterpillers, NYC Sting. 
Activities: RH 1-4, Ten 2,4, YB 2,4 
Drama 134, NHS 3,4. Awards: Who's 
Who Nat. Hist. Day, Var. Let. Say- 
ing: "Sleep?" Other: Thx M&D, 
Andy & TJ. 

Christopher George Janes 
Janesy, Chris 
28 Tucker Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Fast cars, parties, hunting, 
DG, USMC, cruisin. Dislikes: Radar, 
stop lights, slow drivers, underclass- 
men, Rt. 121, Clarke's driving. 
Ambition: To own my own business, 
be rich & happy. Memory: U.H. Con- 
cert 7/88, Horseneck 6/88, Rocky Pt. 
8/88. Activities: Football 1,2, Wres- 
tling 3,4, X-C 4. Awards: Var. Letter 
and Jacket. Saying: "Well now, ain't 
that special?" Found: w/Scott. Other: 
Good luck Tank & Jason, you'll need 

Jay Johnson 
21B Baker St., Wrentham 
Likes: King Crimson, HP Lovecraft, 
brussel sprouts, Wentletraps, my 
driver's license photo. Dislikes: The 
Stones, Albuquerque, An- 
thropocentrism, people who don't 
know what Anthropocentrism 
means, things dealing w/lima beans. 
Ambition: To be the all-being: master 
of time, space & dimension, and go to 
Paris. Activities: Jazz Ensemble — 4, 
Marching Band 3, Video Club 3, Jazz 
Combo 1, Boys' State, National Merit 
Scholarship Finalist. 

Philip Johnson 
40 Plymouth Rd., Bellingham 
Likes: Music, Harley's, parties. Dis- 
likes: No money, over-bearing 
people. Ambition: To get a good job 
and a wife. Memory: August 88. Ac- 
tivities: Electrical 2 years, Machines 1 
Term. Found: Working. Other: 
Farewell everyone. 

Theresa Johnson 
Terri, Tera Ber, TJ 
14 Evergreen Rd., Plainville 
Likes: Good sense of humor, little 
kids, unexpected roses, impulse. 
Dislikes: Marty's job, confusion, 
when people misspell my name, 
goodbyes, the Gene. Ambition: To 
do what I want, not what others want 
me to do. Memory: 11/29/86, Semi 87, 
Anat. w/LB, women's rights. Ac- 
tivities: For. Lang. Club 1, Yrbk 3,4, 
NHS 3,4, Pre-Med Club 4. Awards: 
Hist. Day 87. Saying: "Groovy." 
Found: On the phone. Other Good 
luck to my buddies, special thanx 

Pamela Lynn Johnston 
Pam, Spam, Spamela 
Likes: Shopping, talking, mischief, 
Oreos, the white cougar, ex#43, 
complaining, cold mon. mornings, 
winter, no money, practices, pa- 
rades. Ambition: To be successful at 
whatever I do. Memory: Florida 88, 
2/14/88, 1/17/88, 8/10/88. Activities: 
Colorguard 2,3,4, OEA 3. Awards: 
Varsity Band Letter. Saying: "Do I 
Match?" Found: Shopping or causing 
trouble w/Ginger. Other: Thanx 
Mom&Dad — Good luck to my pals. 

Michelle Joyce 
Shell, Mich 
5 Montauk Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Being w/friends, the beach, 
Calif, stars, partying, shopping sun- 
sets. Dislikes: Speeding tickets, 
Mondays, rainy days, double 
sessions, rumors, fake friends. 
Ambition: Live life to fullest, & al- 
ways be happy & smiling. Memory: 
U2 w/PB, DI, SG, Europe 87, 10/87 w/ 
DI&SC, w/DI, BC, SB. Activites: Var. 
letter & jacket. Saying: "Aah, 
c'mon!" Found: Everywhere or w/ 
DI&PB. Other: Good luck P,D,E — 
thks 4 bein the best friends. 

Eric Kearns 
40 Sheldon Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Lisa, rap, Adidas, money. 
Dislikes: School, grateful dead. 
Ambition: To graduate. Memory: 8/ 
2/84, Jan. 1, time spent w/ 
CZ,LP,MS,CR. Found: With L.P. or 
at CZ's house. 


Eric Keene 

Michelle Killelea 

Deborah Kuta 

Christine Kelley 

Sean Kelly 

Nancy Killelea 

Gary Kramer 

Tina Labine 

Ryan LaChance 

Steven LeFoll 

Michael Lennox 

Randal Levesque 

Tara Kiley 

Matthew Kudirka 

Matt Larson 

Michael Levesque 


Eric Keene 

Keene Dog, Deene 
10 Pinetree Dr., Plain ville 
Likes: Winning, money, having fun, 
being useless. Dislikes: Losing, 
being broke, getting caught, long 
practices, history junior year, Mon- 
days. Ambition: To one day grow 
up. Memory: Spain, Horseneck. Ac- 
tivities: Football 2,3,4. Saying: "I'm 
with the Bruins!" Found: Working at 
Cost Less. 

Christine M. Kelley 
Chris, Hoodz 

102 Union St., Norfolk 
Likes: Nicky, Red Corvettes, vaca- 
tions, diesel dog, freedom, NP's 
tickle spots. Dislikes: Waiting, not 
knowing, broken promises, "The 
man- woman," being nervous, confu- 
sion. Ambition: To be happy always 
and to help Jen get her license. 
Memory: Soph. yr. w/Gene&Manz, 
9/7/86 MPS. Activities: W. Cheer- 
leading 3,4, Fall Cheerleading 2,3,4, 
Gymnastics 1 . Awards: Var. Letter & 
Jacket, Grand Champs 88, Semi 
Court 85. Saying: "Gay." 

Sean Kelly 
2 Day St., Norfolk 
Likes: Led Zep, Hendrix, sports, Cel- 
tics. Dislikes: Tickets, blue lights, 
getting up early, losing, my picture. 
Ambition: To get through college. 
Memory: Partying at Tom's and 
Brenda's. Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4, 
Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, 
Student Council 1. Awards: Varsity 
Letters, Capt. Saying: "Easy, 
Psycho!" Found: Out with the guys. 
Other: Good luck to JF, PC, MM, SR, 
JB, CK, DM. 

Tara Kiley 
Kiley, Teekee 
Cottage St., Plainville 
Likes: True friends, weekends, water 
fall in NH, BT's night table. Dislikes: 
Getting caught, endless dreamin, the 
last sip, hills with Betsy. Memory: 
Woods School, Cape 88, NY w/BH, 
MC,RH,GB. Activities: Cheerlead- 
ing 3,4, Gymnastics 2,3. Awards: 
Varsity Letters and Jacket Grand 
Champs 88. Found: Out with friends. 
Other: Good luck to everyone . . . 
thanks Mom and Dad-I 

Michelle Killelea 
6 Sparrow Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Summer nights, winning field 
hockey games, tennis, good times w/ 
friends, true friends. Dislikes: Being 
called Nancy, procrastinating, los- 
ing, failing tests, Mondays, dissect- 
ing. Memory: 2/22/88, weekend w/ 
SK,KC,JK, good times w/AB and 
AM. Activities: Basketball 1,2, Soft- 
ball 1,2, Field Hockey 2,3,4, Tennis 
2,3,4. Awards: Var. Letter & Jacket. 
Saying: "That's Cool." Found: The 
beaches of Hawaii. Other: Good Luck 
Class of 89 

Nancy Killelea 
6 Sparrow Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: No homework, the day- 
double sessions are over, being 18, 
winning not wearing a field hockey 
uniform to school, Olympics. Dis- 
likes: Losing, being late, paying in- 
surance, having no place to go, being 
called Michelle. Ambition: Make it 
through summer w/out my car break- 
ing down. Memory: Europe. Ac- 
tivities: Basketball 1,2,3, Field 
Hockey 2,3,4, Softball 1,2, Tennis 
3,4, NHS 3,4. Awards: Most Im- 
proved in Tennis. Saying: "I'll Do It 
Tomorrow." Found: Papa Gino's. 

Gary Kramer 
Krame, Kramester 
291 Madison St., Wrentham 
Likes: Geometry class, Letterman, 
Monsters of Rock, graduating, any- 
thing fast, all. Dislikes: Taunton St., 
Mustangs, Algebra II, hypocrites, 
bad drivers, witch hunts. Ambition: 
To achieve greatness. Memory: 
When J.F. left. Saying: "They're all 
the same." Found: Wandering aim- 

Matthew Kudirka 
261 Dedham St., Wrentham 
Likes: Drums, partying on weekends 
w/friends, the "Kush." Dislikes: 
Breaking my leg, English, Boston 
summer school. Ambition: To be a 
famous drummer. Memory: 7/30/88, 
8/5/88, Cape Cod 88 w/JC, JD, PD, 
KC, DC. Saying: "Yeah, Whatever." 
Found: In a Rock Band. Other: Good 
luck to KC, DC, VK, and RK, with 1 
year left. 

Deborah A. Kuta 
Kutabug, Deb 
14 Cee Jay Terrace, Wrentham 
Likes: Being w/friends, hugs, sun- 
sets, day's off, summer, smiles, blue 
eyes. Dislikes: Mondays, goodbyes, 
repeating myself to MB, waiting, los- 
ing, fake friends. Ambition: To meet 
the perfect Riita. Memory: Mich, w/ 
JS, Bertucci's w/JB,JG,CH,JS, Sweet 
Hill 10/10/88. Activities: Basketball 
1,2,3,4, Softball 2,3,4. Awards: Var. 
Letters & Jacket. Saying: "Great 
Kid," "Cool It." Found: Traveling the 
Caribbean. Other: Thanx M&D, Lisa, 

Tina L. Labine 

T, Teen 
2B Amvet Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Woonsocket, beaches, sleep- 
ing. Dislikes: Snobs. Ambition: To 
be a cosmetologist. Memory: My 
Mother. Saying: "Na Uh, Really?" 
Found: In Woonsocket. 

Ryan R. LaChance 

14 Walnut St., Plainville 
Likes: Time Of My Life, AC/DC, 
Zebra. Dislikes: Trying to find SB's 
house w/BH and SF, driving w/GB, 
going to Horseneck w/KA, WG, JW. 
Ambition: To beat 23.5 minutes, to 
get the foursome back again. 
Memory: Animals, Hong Kong w/JW 
and SM, Sixteen Candles. Found: In 
an apartment w/JW. 

Matt Larson 
92 Grove St., Plainville 
Likes: Sports, parties, good friends, 
AC/DC. Dislikes: Sunday practice, 
no money, having mono w/MB,NJ. 
Ambition: To be happy. Memory: 
AC/DC Concert w/R.L. Activities: 
Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, 
Basketball 2. Awards: Varsity Letter 
and Jacket. Saying: "So?" Found: At 
a party in Jamaica. Other: Thanks for 
all the good times w/AP, DC, JW, RL, 
BH, HV, Class of 89! 

Steven LeFoll 
10 Oak Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Money, classic rock, The 
Grateful Dead. Dislikes: Fanatics, 
like metal heads, or total burnouts. 
Ambition: To be a metal head burn 
out . . . no, to be really *#!(§> rich! 
Memory: Hartford 86, Sullivan 
Stadium 7/4/87. Found: On the beach 
or in my Porsche. 

Michael D. Lennox 

Melnix, Mike 
20 Horseshoe Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Ann, football, hockey, Monte 
SS, food, good times w/good friends, 
Whitesnake, guitar. Dislikes: Trash 
music, arguments, snobs, Chicago 
Bears, alarm clocks, Olympics. 
Ambition: To become a licensed elec- 
trician. Memory: Summer 88, play- 
ing football w/ET, LS, RL, TL, RG, 
TG, SG, JE, TB, GS, JRT, partying w/ 
AP, MH, CL. Found: w/Ann P. 
Other: Good Luck to AP, MP, CL, 
RMJ, TG, CH, AS, EF, & to the Class 
of 89! 

Randal Levesque 
Randy, Red 
19 Witherell PL, Plainville 
Likes: Rock-n-Roll, sports. Dislikes: 
Silent Study, George Michael, Cel- 
icas, Impalas, horizons. Ambition: 
To avoid responsibility at all cost. 
Memory: 10th grade Geometry w/ 
Mr. Raz. Activities: Basketball 
1,2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4. Awards: Var- 
sity Letters and Jacket. Found: Sing- 
ing some song. 

S. Michael Levesque 

23 Colonial Way, Plainville 
Likes: Skiing. Favorite Memory: 
Going to Disney World. Ambition: 
To own my own business and be rich. 


Chris Lewicki 

Kimberly MacMurray 

Suzanne Masterson 

Peter Megna 


Torgun Lovely 

Sandra Lynch 

Heather MacAskill 

Mike MacRae 

Jodie Mangor 

Kelly Mannering 

Amy Matola 

Jeffrey McCarthy 

Cheryl McMorrow 

Sarah Mick 

Derrick Miller 

Andrew Mills 

Chris Lewicki 
9 Wilmarth Ln., Plainville 
Likes: Money, cars, girls, football, 
baseball. Dislikes: Flashing blues, 
snobs, not having money, no car. 
Ambition: To find one. Memory: 8/ 
16/88 w/Stumpy, ski trip, Thanksgiv- 
ing Day game. Activities: Baseball 
2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4. 
Awards: Varsity Letter and Jacket. 
Saying: "You're Sure." 

Torgun J. Lovely- 
73 Warren St., Plainville 
Likes: Running, winning, snow ski- 
ing, flying, traveling, A.B. Dislikes: 
Losing to Foxboro, homework, wak- 
ing up. Ambition: Own my own 
plane, live in the Rockies on a lake in 
a log cabin. Memory: Europe 88 w/ 
MC, MJ, ES, WR, BD, DS, BC, KR, 
KG, KT, LN, EB, MN, AM, RU. Ac- 
tivities: Basketball 1,3, SP. TR. 3,4, 
W.TR. 4 X-C 4, NHS 3,4, M. League 
2,3,4, Peer Leader 3,4. Awards: Boys 
State, 4 Var. Letters. Found: Flying 
the friendly skies. 

Sandra Darlene Lynch 
Sandy, Mrs. Erdman 
639 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: Jimmy, happiness, roses, 
R.S., Zeppelin, jeeps, love, friends, 
shop, PP. Dislikes: Alcoholics, 
drugs, smoke, being broke, the 
Simpson's, B.C., snobs, drags, cry- 
ing. Ambition: To marry Jim & al- 
ways be happy, to own my own 
graphics place. Memory: 2/24/88 
when I met Jimmy, 4/16/88 North 
Adams. Saying: "I'm out of control," 
"You got to love it," "I love you, 
Jimmy." Found: Side by side w/a 
press & Jimmy. Other: Thanx Mr. & 
Mrs. E 

Heather S. MacAskill 
Heath, Newer 
141 Forest Grove Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: Being w/friends, deering, 
cruising and oreoing w/GH, PJ. Dis- 
likes: Decisions, friends, moving, 
goodbyes, being confused. Ambi- 
tion: To make a difference. Memory: 
Springsteen, Starship, 1/30/87, Prom 
88, summer 88, 7/16/88, 11/6/88, 
Florida, Tailgate parties at CW. Ac- 
tivities: Colorguard 2,3,4, Art Club 
3,4, Peer Leader 3,4, SADD 3,4. 
Awards: Letter. Saying: "Ha!", "Ya, 
I see the connection." Found: In the 
"H" Place w/AB. 

Kimberly Susan MacMurray 
Kim, Kima 
61 Warren St., Plainville 
Likes: Football players, beaches, 
sunsets, jeans, standards, Dobey. 
Dislikes: Rules, grinding gears, "you 
know what," two-faced people, 
being alone. Ambition: To get out of 
the house w/out a curfew. Memory: 
8/26/87, 7/8/88, 9/4/88, 10/28/88 w/CA, 
M.V. w/Mullen, I.W. w/Kel, Car- 
olyn's Corvette, Grandpa. Saying: 
"Hello?". Other: Thanks Jeni; Lots of 
luck to BH, DC, SC. I love you. Mom 
and Dad! 

Mike MacRae 
318 Thurston St., Wrentham 
Likes: Skiing, Led Zeppelin, Maine, 
fishing, good friends, good times, 
2:18. Dislikes: Homework, Rt. 5, 
breaking down, getting lost, break- 
ing up, being broke, JJ, Vermont. 
Ambition: To become a game war- 
den and live in Maine in a log cabin 
on a lake. Memory: Ski trip w/MC, 
Rh, FR, SC, JA. Found: Hanging out 
w/the boys. Other: Thanks Mom and 
Dad and good luck to Frank, Jason, 
and Jen. 

Jodie Mangor 
125 Lorraine Metcalf Dr., 
Memory: Summers in Buffalo, IRE w/ 
Farfar, Maine, NH, Mahoosucs, any- 
time w/SM, KD, SO, CG, RH, AM 
EM, talkins w/JF, TLY, MM, some- 
times w/TL, sunshine, all travels & 
shows! Awards: Chancellor's, 
Bausche & Lomb, Science, French, 
Superintends for Academic Excel- 
lence. Other: When you're one of the 
few to land on your feet, what do you 
do to make ends meet? — P.F. 
Thanks to everyone who took the 

Kelly Ann Mannering 
30 Aldis Ln., Wrentham 
Likes: Lollipops, hugs, MW's advice, 
#13, Dobey, doublemint gum. Dis- 
likes: The monarch, decisions, busy 
signals, "Paslebbies," "you-know- 
what," CL's blushing. Ambition: To 
win all my bets. Memory: 4/23/88, 10/ 
14/88, I.W. w/KM. Activities: Basket- 
ball 1,2,3, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Peer Leader 
2,3,4, NHS 3,4. Saying: "Smarten 
up," "But I don't know." Found: In 
trouble at SM w/CM. Other: Thanks 
Mom and Dad. Good luck to my 
friends — love ya! 

Suzanne Masterson 
Zanny, Franz 
1 Truro Rd., Norfolk 
I Likes: Paul, weekends, good grades, 
skiing. Dislikes: Fighting w/Paul, 
running on the ball, Trig. Ambition: 
Get to college w/SF! Memory: Bri's w/ 
SF & WG, good times w/SF & friends, 
meeting Paul. Activities: Soccer 
1,2,3,4, Softball 1,2, Basketball 1, VP 
1. Awards: Semi Court 1,2, Home- 
coming Court 4. Saying: "Well, what 
do you think?" Found: w/PM,SF,JM. 
Other Thanx for always being there, 
SF. Thanks Mom & Dad! Love ya, 

Amy Marie Matola 

Aim, Aims 
25 Blake Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Art, Marilyn Monroe, flowers, 
Paris, the ocean, RG's french toast. 
Dislikes: Goodbyes, war, insen- 
sitivity, ignorance, smoking. Ambi- 
tion: To travel the world. Memory: 
5/20-21/88, 6/21/88 w/RG, the 
showers, whipped cream, Europe 88. 
Activities: Band 1, Peer Leader 3,4. 
Yrbk 4. Awards: MVP Colorguard 86. 
Saying: "So Buttons." Found: Talk- 
ing w/RG or RU, or asleep. Other: 
Thanks to all my friends, Esp. R. G. — 
I love you, and R.U. 

Jeffrey T. McCarthy 
17 Grove St., Norfolk 
Likes: Football, track, spring work- 
outs. Dislikes: Tests, losing races. 
Ambition: To get everything I want 
without trying. Memory: Summer 
88, Thanksgiving 87. Activities: Foot- 
ball 1,2,3,4, W. Track 1,2,3,4, SP. 
Track 1,2,3,4, Peer Leadership 3,4, 
SADD 3,4. Awards: Capt. Winter/ 
Spring Track — 4, MVP Winter/ 
Spring Track — 3. Found: In the 

Cheryl Marie McMorrow 
Gert, Trudy 
148 Boardman St., Norfolk 
Likes: The Brady's, good friends, the 
beach, laughing. Dislikes: J. M. w/GT 
& JB, waiting, fighting, confusion, 
sunburns. Ambition: To go to college 
& grow at least one inch. Memory: 
Cheering, times w/friends, week- 
ends at Daley's, NY 87, URI w/GT. 
Activities: Cheering 2, Capt. 3, Capt. 
4, Track 2,3,4. Awards: Var. Letter & 
Jacket, Grand Champs 88. Found: At 
Tommy's house. Other: Thanx for 
everything, Gayle — I luv ya! Good 
luck JD, MM, JB, & Team. 

Peter Vincent Megna 

215 Taunton St., Wrentham 
Likes: U2, the beach, vacations, 
going out w/the boys, the Beatles, 
fast cars, blondes w/blue eyes. Dis- 
likes: Being in the hospital, getting 
pulled over, no $, Daley's in the rain, 
losing weight. Ambition: Make a mil- 
lion quick & easy. Memory: All U2 
concerts, RI w/MW, RD, BR. Ac- 
tivities: Wrestling 3,4, DECA 3,4. 
Awards: Var. Letters. Saying: "Oh 
My Word!". Found: Living it up & 
driving Jen B. around. Other: Thanks 
M&D . . . Good Luck DM & MM 

Sarah E. Mick 

50 Desert Brook Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Apples, tennis, basketball, 
sunshowers, movies w/MD, being 
obnoxious. Dislikes: Hiccups, clay 
lines, skidding in the truck, DK's 
look, mosquitoes. Ambition: To fix 
my car. Memory: Spain 87, MASC 88, 
Summer 88, States 86. Activities: 
Tennis 1,2,3, Capt. 4, Basketball 1,3, 
Capt. 4, Student Coun. 3,4 — Pres., 
NHS 3,4. Awards: Varsity Letters, 
MVP — Tennis 1,3, Hock. All-Star. 
Saying: "No No Time!" Found: Play- 
ing tennis. 

Derrick Miller 
Dezzy, Feuci 
110 East Side Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: The weekend, sports, having a 
good time, Jeanine, D.G. Dislikes: 
Doing nothing, no money, J.J. Ambi- 
tion: To become rich and succeed in 
whatever I do. Memory: Ski trip to 
stow. Activities: Football 3, Wres- 
tling 3,4. Awards: Varsity Letter and 
Jacket. Saying: "O-Yah! — Great 
Kid!". Found: At the Cape. Other: 
Good luck to MM, SC, TG, JC, JF, 
Tank, and the future classes to come. 

Andrew J. Mills 
55 Priscilla Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Art, Snoopy, RM, CS, TL (X3), 
JM, DS, SD, BG, Barb & Freddy. Dis- 
likes: People who formulate opin- 
ions of people they don't know. 
Ambition: To live my life to its fullest 
& share it w/people I love. Memory: 
Boston w/TL, SD, DS, Prom 87-8, 
London 86, 8/20/88. Activities: Art 
Club 3, Pres. 4, Peer Leader 3,4, NHS 
3,4, Delta 4, Yrbk 1,2,3,4. Awards: 
Nat. Merit — Art. Other: Best of luck 
to D.S. and all my closest friends. 


Deirdre Monahan 

Andrea Moses 

Linda Nelson 

Jennifer Moore 

Matthew Moran 

W -is| 

■ -"■— m 

^^h^^v -*>- #^i 

a ~~'*Rm.M 


L :3y 



^^^ _? * 

.. * Si 

Mf - i 

Meaghan Muir 

Cheryl Mullen 

Marjorie Nelson 

Jonathan Neske 

Jerry Morganelli 

Kirstin Murray 

Robert Newton 

Aaron Nicodemus 

Steve Noonan 

Peter O'Connell 

Susan O'Connor 


Deirdre Monahan 

308 Chestnut St., Wrentham 
Likes: Eric, Mercedes, my license 
plate, the beach. Dislikes: California 
girls, waiting, the cell w/fB. Ambi- 
tion: To be happy and successful. 
Memory: 10/10/87, Cheering 87, NH 
w/ES, JS, KT, DK, TL, Mich. w/ES. 
Activities: Treas. 1,2,3,4, Cheerlead- 
ing 2,3,4, Capt 3,4. Awards: Varsity 
Letter & Jacket, Prom Court 88, 
Homecoming Court 88. Other: 
Love&Thanks to Mom, Dad, Eric, JS, 
MM, KT, CK. Thanks, Matty, for al- 
ways being there. 

Jennifer C. Moore 
Jen, Squirt, Moe 

423 South St., Plainville 
Likes: True friends, inxs, du's driv- 
ing, Rachel's parties, onset, Sid. Dis- 
likes: Practice, parades, football 
games, lazy people, snobs. Ambi- 
tion: Find my own identity. Memory: 
Inxs w/RU, 4/27 — 5/1/88, Summer 
87, 88, Prom 88, 7/12 — 16/88 w/RU, 
8/25/88 w/RU, KD, MN, 11/6/88 — 
NESBA champs. Activities: Color- 
guard 3,4. Saying: "I Don't Care, Its 
Up To You." Found: w/RU being ob- 
noxious. Other: Thanx for everything 
Mom&Dad, RU, AM, LB — you're 
the best! 

Matthew Thomas Moran 
Matty Mo 
2 Old Coach Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Sports, going out w/The guys, 
lifting, talks w/JB. Dislikes: 
Crutches, losing. Memory: Winning 
the hock, good times at TD's. Ac- 
tivities: Baseball 1,2,3,4, Soccer 2,3, 
Football 4. Awards: Hock. League 
Baseball All-Star Game 87. Found: 
With no money. Other: DM. Thanks 
for being the best friend someone can 

Jerry Morganelli 
130 Cherry St., Wrentham 
Likes: Jenette, annoying PD, JD, DO, 
Ratt, destructive nights w/PD & JD. 
Dislikes: People making fun of my 
car, getting chased by dogs, getting 
caught, homework. Ambition: To 
find a job I like, & beat Sandi S. at 
basketball. Memory: Def Leppard 
and Dokken Concerts, Jr. Yr. Ac- 
tivities: Football 2,3,4, Boys' State. 
Found: Looking for a new car. Other: 
Good luck to SS, PD, DO, MK, MM, 
JC, JD, PB. Saving: "What Are You, 

Andrea Jay Moses 

Andraya, Andy 
6 Sharon Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Pink roses, sunsets, Italian 
guys, blue eyes, traveling, aqua, 
shopping, W. Roxbury. Dislikes: De- 
cisions, school, waiting, being told 
what to do. Ambition: Travel the 
world, get married, live a long, 
healthy, happy life. Memory: 10/86, 
Europe, 2/88, talks w/Bud&Ann. Ac- 
tivities: Yrbk. 4. Found: Living in a 
mansion overlooking the ocean. 
Other: Congrats to my friends & the 
class of 89. Bye! Saying: "What It Is?" 

Meaghan L. Muir 
211 Creek St., Wrentham 
Likes: "The window," Saukey w/The 
girls, blue eyes, spying, billygoats. 
Dislikes: Driving w/JB, water- 
melons, Jilltendo, fumagated people. 
Ambition: To find all the answers 
&prove to J that my situation is 
worse. Memory: Jr. Yr., Reg. sun- 
splash w/SO. Activities: SC 2,3,4, FH 
3,4, SP, TR 3,4. Found: Looking for 
peip w/Gayle. Saying: "We're 
Going!" Other: Thanx JD for bein 
there, the girls 4 the fun, and Jimbo 4 
helpin me grow up — miss you 

Cheryl Lee Mullen 

Mul, Mullen 
80 Alderbrook St., Wrentham 
Likes: Guys, "crayons," clowns, 
hugs, long talks w/Jason, Wizard of 
Oz, Falmouth. Dislikes: Guys, 
thinking, whoever invented 6am, 
paslebbies, "You Know What," High 
St. Ambition: To have a "Crayon" in 
every color; to finish a sentence B-4 1 
forget what I was going to say. 
Memory: Falmouth, summer 88, 10/ 
19/88, talks w/Jay&Aaron, M.V.W/ 
Kim, Sr. Yr. Activities: DECA 3,4. 
Found: In trouble at SM w/KM. 
Other: Thanx Mom&Dad — luv ya 

Kirstin Murray 

118 Park St., Wrentham 
Likes: Concerts, rock, art, the class of 
89, Garfield. Dislikes: Politics, 
people who are not orig- 
inal. Activities: Swim Team 
(HHS). Awards: Swimming at my 
other school. 

Linda Beth Nelson 
L.B., Blondie 
195 Harvard Ln., Wrentham 
Likes: Sunsets, smiles, M.A., hugs, 
Teddy Bears, Led Zeppelin, karate. 
Dislikes: JW's complaining, bad 
knees, public bathrooms, stereo- 
types. Ambition: To work w/NASA, 
to get my black belt. Memory: CT. w/ 
JW, Europe 88, Boston w/SS. Ac- 
tivities: Athl. Trainer 88, 89 Peer 
Leader, SADD. Awards: Var. Letter. 
Found: Kennedy Space Center of w/ 
MA. Other Good luck class of 89, 
ESP. SS, JW, MG. Saying: "Qu'est-ce 
C'est?" "Come Back To Jamacia." 

Marjorie Nelson 

32 Union St., Norfolk 
Likes Mustangs, laughing, playing 
pool w/Friends, camping, hiking, 
mini dirt bike riding. Dislikes: 
Snobs, insecure people, being called 
"Large Marge," people who cheat 
and get away w/It. Ambition: To fi- 
nally decide what I'm going to do w/ 
My life! Memory: Summer of 86, 87, 
88. Found: Riding J.G.B.'s dirt bike. 

Jonathan Neske 
10 Down St., Wrentham 
Likes: Rural towns, forest, jazz, writ- 
ing, archery. Dislikes: Cities, phony 
people, corruption. Ambition: To 
find my Utopia and then make it 
better. Memory: Evangelyn. Ac- 
tivities: Scout 1, Int'l Club 1,2,3, 
Sachem 2,3,4, Band 2,3,4. Found: 
Listening to Jazz or walking in a 
forest. Other: Good luck in 90 to the 
percussion line. Saying: "Do You 
Know Where Your Towel Is?", "Got 
My Mojo!" 

Robert S. Newton 

Newt, Fig 
19 Wellfleet Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Celtics, bears, sleep. Dislikes: 
Band, Red Skins, football practice. 
Ambition: To become rich. Found: 

Aaron Nicodemus 
Nic, A-train 

7 Diamond St., Norfolk 
Likes: Stick shift cars, the weekend, 
the chase, Celtics, Red Sox, The 
Sting. Dislikes: Failure, repairs, the 
6th game, the Yankees, cats. Ambi- 
! Hon: To work hard &enjoy the rest of 
my life. Memory: Summer 88 Sr. Yr., 
graduation. Activities: Football 
1,2,4, Wrestling 3,4, Band 1,2,3, Peer 
Leader 4, NHS 3,4. Awards: — Var- 
sity Letters in Football, Wrestling, 
Music. Found: At the Panettiere's 
house, eating. 

Steve Noonan 


283 Shear St., Wrentham 

Dislikes: English, except Mr. Black's 


Peter D. O'Connell 
3 Lee Road, Sharon 
Likes: Vacationing, socializing, talk- 
ing on the phone. Dislikes: car pay- 
ments, insurance payments. Found: 
Cape Cod. 

Susan O'Connor 

Sue, Susie, Snez 
33 Red Bird Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Shopping, the cape, snow- 
falls, skiing, good times w/Friends, 
eating. Dislikes: Waking up early, 
goodbyes, decisions, being lost, 
being early. Ambition: To agree w/ 
AR. Activities: Sp. Tr. 1,2,3,4, Field 
Hockey 2,3, Stud. Coun. 3,4, Peer 
Leader 2,3,4. Awards: Var. Letter, 
Capt. Found: The beaches of Well- 
fleet. Memory: Summer, 1/87 w/JS, 5/ 
20/88 w/JB, JB, JS, MM, AR, Reggae 
sunsplash 88. Other: Thanks 
Mom&Dad, Christine, PJ. Saying: 
"Like, Y'Know?" 


Jaime Ohlson 


Linda Operach 

James Panettiere 

David Oldread 

Billy Oram 

David Oliver 

John Packer 

Nicholas Pasquantonio 

Aaron Paul 


V '( / 

Chris Olszewski 

Philip Page 

Paul Paulino 

Lisa Peavey 

Sandra Pennacchio 

Robert Pfischner 

Glen Pisani 


Jaime Ohlson 

15 Hancock St., Plainville 
Likes: Danielle, Led Zeppelin, 
Vintage Mustangs, Cruising the 
streets of Franklin w/TG, Guns-N- 
Roses. Dislikes: Chevy's, Metallica, 
Anthrax, work, sports, rap, piggers 
(cops), speeding tickets. Ambition: 
To go 1 month w/Out a speeding 
ticket. Memory: Guns-N-Roses con- 
cert 88, 2/10/88 w/DKM. Found: 
Plympton, Mass w/Danielle Merritt 
— skipping. 

David Oldread 
62 Spring St., Plainville 
Likes: Carolyn, arguing w/GP 
(knowing I'm right), the white Grand 
AM, trips to the Garden in Aspen. 
Dislikes: Car accidents, bad knees, 
TC's driving, hospitals in- Maine, En- 
glish 87, 89, JM's music, white Cor- 
vettes. Ambition: To be wealthy, 
successful & own NY Giants season 
tickets. Memory: Calif. 4/19/87, 
Mem. Day weekend 88, summer 88. 
Activities: Football 1,2,3,4, Peer 
Leader 3,4. Awards: Var. Letter 
&Jacket. Other: Thanks Mom and 

David C. Oliver 
Uberkind, Mr. X 
608 Second Ave., South 
Likes: Spk, drums, elp, rush, xmp, 
ped's, comics, darkness. Dislikes: 
Narrow minds, the right, stupid 
people, editing constraints, malls. 
Ambition: To get a half doz. donuts 
w/Out buying 6. Memory: UK 85, 
Boston bike tour/SPK 88. Activities: 
Mends 1,2,3,4 Video Club 2,3,4. 
Awards: Nat. Hist. Day 88. Found: 
w/P,R & D in a donut shop between 
Providence & Reykjavik. Other: If 
you drink, don't drill. 

Chris Olszewski 
P.O. Box 1702, Plainville 
Likes: Golf, fast cars, flying through 
F.C.C. parking lot, wrestling. Dis- 
likes: Horseneck beach, getting up 
Mondays. Ambition: To be the best 
at whatever I do. Memory: AC/DC 
Concert 5/6/88. Activities: Golf 2,3,4, 
Baseball 2, Wrestling 4. Awards: 
Capt. — Golf, Varsity Letter and 
Jacket, Hock. All-Stars. Found: On a 
golf course somewhere in the world. 
Saying: "Oh ya." 

Linda Marie Operach 

Linny, Woman, Linda Lou 
33 Turner St., Norfolk 
Likes: Tea, sleeping late, scrambled 
eggs, strawberries, challenges, good 
friends. Dislikes: Waiting, no car, 
running, waking up early. Ambition: 
To be happy and successful in what- 
ever I decide to do in life. Memory: 
12/14/87, 2/14/86, prom 88. Activities: 
Tennis 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Field 
Hockey 4, NHS 3,4, Yrbk. 3,4, Art 
Club 3, Spot Light 2. Awards: Who's 
Who 1,2. Saying: "Don't get hos- 
tile!". Other: Best of luck to all my 

Billy Oram 
Billy "O" 
160 Williams St., Wrentham 
Likes: Basketball, winning, Maver- 
icks, windsurfing, good times, being 
lazy. Dislikes: Hitting trees, losing, 
heavy metal, bad jokes. Ambition: 
To be successful &enjoy life. 
Memory: Summer of 86, 12/14/86. Ac- 
tivities: Basketball 1,2,3,4. Awards: 
Varsity Letter, Boys' State, Who's 
Who. Found: Finding a pick-up game 
of basketball. Other: Thanks to Mom 
& Dad for being there when I needed 
you most. Good luck HB and TP. 

John Packer 
3 Hemlock W., Norfolk 
Likes: Bicycling, partying w/TM, TB, 
90% of the females on earth. Dis- 
likes: Cold morning and early morn- 
ing, materialistic people. Memory: 
Going away party before moving up 
here. Other: Good luck to all the new 
friends I've made here. 

Philip S. Page 

15 Topham Dr. 
Likes: Rush, Yes, Jethro Tull, band, 
friends, the Police, drums, pro- 
gressive rock, jazz. Dislikes: Home- 
work, McDonald's, chemistry, hav- 
ing nothin to do, doing it again, wis- 
dom teeth, hippies, scum, heavy 
metal. Ambition: To make a living in 
music, to find myself. Memory: 
NESBA finals 85, 86, 87, Fla. 88. Ac- 
tivities: March. Band 1,2,3,4, Con- 
cert 1,2,3,4, Jazz 2,3,4, Band VP — 4. 
Awards: Most Improved Concert 
Band, MVP March. Found: Playing 

James Young Panettiere 

25 Chicatabut Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Mrds, the Vikings, Saturdays, 
cruisin, full tank, shootin hoops, 
winning, fag days. Dislikes: Waking 
up for school, radar guns, the Mets, 
red lights, agility drills bad decisions. 
Ambition: To find someone who 
knows all the lyrics to Rosa-Lita. 
Memory: 9/13/88. Activities: Basket- 
ball 1,2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, NHS 3,4 
— Treas., Peer Leader 2,3,4. Awards: 
Var. Letter&Jacket. Found: Hangin at 
OJ's. Saying: "Way Outa My 

Nicholas Pasquantonio 
46 South St., Plainville 
Likes: Christine, hockey, motor- 
cycles, fast cars, parties, diesel. Dis- 
likes: Visors down, being told what 
to do, littering. Ambition: To fix the 
G.M.C. Memory: Summer 86, 87, 
Christine. Activities: Hockey 1,2,3,4, 
Soccer 1. Awards: Varsity Letter and 
Jacket. Found: At the shop or with 

Aaron Paul 
8 Harvard St., Plainville 
Likes: Football, Billy Joel, Carolyn, 
Moonlighting, Miami Dolphins. Dis- 
likes: Trucks, Franklin, crowds. 
Ambition: To meet Billy Joel. 
Memory: Thanksgiving Day 87, 2/20/ 
88. Activities: Football 2,3,4, Baseball 
1,2,3,4. Awards: Capt. — Football. 
Found: Out w/Carolyn. Other: This 
could be you, Dan. Saying: "And 
Then Some." 

Paul Paulino 

Paco, Spew, Elias, Bob 
12 Lafayette Ln., Norfolk 
Likes: Full tank, empty courts, short 
lift lines, fast cars w/Stereos, pay day, 
a big "Marley." Dislikes: People who 
don't shower, radar guns, smiling 
cops, Dukakis, ignorance, nerds w/ 
Wheels. Ambition: To ski Mars. 
Memory: Ski trip 87, 88, Portugal 88. 
Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4, Tennis 
1,2,3,4, Ski Club 2,3, NHS 3,4. 
Found: Face down in snow outside of 
Bri's. Other: Good luck JS, VC, SF, 
SM, JF. Saying: "I Got A Bad Feeling 
Bout This, Chief." 

Lisa Peavey 

Lisa • 
5 Wade Rd., Plainville 
Likes: Eric, parents, friends, ani- 
mals. Dislikes: Being yelled at, 
snobs. Ambition: To be happy with 
whatever I do. Memory: 8/2/88 5/20/ 
88, times w/Eric, CZ, CR. Found: 
With Eric, at work, or at home. 

Sandra Pennacchio 

Sand, Sandy 
16 Village Green, Norfolk 
Likes: Vacation, NH, lollipops, sing- 
ing, spying. Dislikes: Driving in 
snow, decisions, essays. Ambition: 
To figure myself out someday. 
Memory: 1/18/87 snowmobile adven- 
ture w/KC, summer 87 working at 
WHP. Activities: Soccer 1,2,3, Soft- 
ball 1,2,4, W. Tr. 3,4, NHS 3,4, Peer 
Leader 3,4, Yrbk. 4, Math League 4, 
Pre-Med Club 4. Awards: Hist. Day 
Regs, 6 Var. Letters. Found: 
Sunapee, NH. Other: Thanx KC for 
always bein there — good luck 

Robert J. Pfischner 

5 Cleveland St., Norfolk 
Likes: Celtics, WAAF, garbage time, 
golf, tennis. Dislikes: Essay tests, 
high beams, Lakers, three-putts, tak- 
ing the bus, double faults. Ambition: 
To prove to the world that I'm not 
really shy. Memory: Spain 87. Ac- 
tivities: History Day Competition. 
Found: Hangin at OJ's. Saying: 
"Take Off, Eh!" 

Glen Pisani 
Worm, Pagina, Leon 
35 Oxbow Dr., Wrentham 
Likes: Fag day, Badd bros., Susan, 
Baruk. Dislikes: Mqnarchs, failing, 
fighting w/S.G. Ambition: To locate 
Dave Baruk w/TC, DE. Memory: Eat- 
ing w/JB, DG, TC, TC, DE, EK. Ac- 
tivities: Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 2, 
Boys' State 88. Found: Working with 
the Badd bros. Other: Good luck SG, 
DP, and my fans. 


Erika Lynne Pitt 

Kevin M. Ray 

Gregg Roche 

David J. Puccio III 

Donna M. Puccio 

Lesley Reed 

Kimberly M. Ritchie 

Karen M. Rogaris 

Alison Romsey 

Christopher P. Pungitore 

Alan Robinson 

Sheryl Ronhock 

Dawn Michelle Ross 

Sean J. Ross 

Stephanie Ross 

Regina Lynn Rowell 


Erika Lynne Pitt 

92 Boardman St., Norfolk 
Likes: Summer at the cape, Sundays, 
true friends like JK, DG, RM, AM, 
Nana & Boppa, sunrises, BTM, being 
w/Drew-Z. Dislikes: People who 
judge others, goodbyes, fighting w/ 
People I love, not knowing where I'm 
going, leavin the cape, sakp. Ambi- 
tion: To give the world the best of me, 
so it will give the best of itself back. 
Memory: Summers w/Those who 
care, Prom 87, lady in red 1/18/88. Ac- 
tivities: Drama 1,3,4, Peer Leader & 
SADD 3,4 

David J. Puccio III 

5 Valerie Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Girls, women. Dislikes: Red 
lights. Ambition: To own my own 
business. Found: McDonald's park- 
ing lot. 

Donna M. Puccio 

5 Valerie Dr., Plainville 
Likes: My room, paychecks, parties, 
the beach. Dislikes: Complaining, 
rainy days, Mondays, Sat. mornings, 
saying "what?" Ambition: To suc- 
ceed at whatever I do. Memory: 
Summer 88 w/SD, CC, JA, ET, JM, 
PB. Activities: W. Track 1, Softball 
3,4. Awards: Var. Letters, Exc. in 
Typing. Found: Walking the streets 
w/ET &BR or w/JA, SD, CC. Other: 
Thanks Mom & Dad — I love you. 
Thanks for everything SD, CC, JA, 
BB, LH, TJ. Saving: "What?" 

Christopher P. Pungitore 

Pungie, Chris 
60 Crocker Pond Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Money, water & snow skiing, 
sportscars, horses, being w/Friends. 
Dislikes: Snobs, snakes, bugs, re- 
peating myself to Michelle. Ambi- 
tion: To be very rich and successful 
and own a Ferrari. Memory: Tom 
Petty Concert 87, summer 88. Ac- 
tivities: Football 3,4. Found: Work- 
ing. Other: Thanks to my family and 

Kevin M. Ray 
Bits, Kev 
35 Seeknok St., Norfolk 
Likes: Tennis, traveling, sleeping 
late, good times w/Good friends. 
Dislikes: Waking up, school buses, 
inconsiderate customers. Ambition: 
To successfully complete college & 
eventually travel the world. 
Memory: Canada 86, Europe 88, our 
graduation. Activities: Int'l Club 
1,2,3, Tennis 2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Yrbk. 4. 
Awards: Who's Who 87, 88. Found: 
Working at CVS. Saying: "It's Just A 
Weird Situation," "C'est la vie" 

Lesley Reed 

M.O., Weswey 
251 Bennett St., Wrentham 
Likes: Motley Crue, Concerts, metal, 
black, L.A., long hair, jiggers w/ 
Gina. Dislikes: Fake people, crickets, 
maggots, flat hair. Ambition: To 
move to L.A. and do a jigger with 
N.S. Memory: Motley Crue 8/8/87, G- 
n-R 5/11/87. Found: In L.A. w/GR, 
DM, NS, or at a concert w/GR. 

Kimberly M. Ritchie 
35 Park St., Norfolk 
Likes: Charlie, good times w/ 
Friends, 4x4 trucks, days off from 
work and school, four wheelin, my 
car. Dislikes: Work, fake people, 
dirty beaches. Ambition: To succeed 
in life and to own a black 4x4 truck. 
Memory: 7/4/88, 9/26/88, B.M.'s par- 
ties, summer 86, 88. Found: With 
Charlie, at L&K's house, or driving 

Alan Robinson 

55 Sumner Perry Dr. 
Likes: Fishing, boating, soccer, ski- 
ing, surfing, waterskiing. Dislikes: 
Classical music, the doors, golf. 
Ambition: To become a fighter pilot. 
Memory: Florida, skiing Mt. Snow, 
Dow Pines. Activities: Soccer 2 
Years, Winter Track 2 Years, Spring 
Track, 2. Awards: Varsity Letter and 
Jacket, Boys' State. Found: In the 

Gregg Roche 
7 Chicatabut Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Benny Hill, waterskiing, 
windsurfing, Bruce Lee, 3 Stooges, 
Godzilla, Pugsly. Dislikes: Los 
Angeles, Mike Tyson, old age. 
Memory: Various summers. Found: 
Exploring the outer limits of the Uni- 

Karen M. Rogaris 
50 Alderbrook Ct., Wrentham 
Likes: Good friends, shopping, 
Fridays, vacations. Dislikes: Mon- 
days, dentists, rainy days, getting up 
early, no money. Ambition: To be 
successful at whatever I do. Memory: 
6/17/88, 2/14/88, summer 87. Ac- 
tivities: Chieftain 1, Peer Leadership 
3,4. Found: With friends or working. 
Other: Good luck to my friends, ESP. 
PJ and AM. Saying: "I Was Only Kid- 

Alison Romsey 

60 East Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: The vineyard, the beach, 
french fries. Dislikes: Bruises, deci- 
sions, speed workouts, triangles in 
soccer. Ambition: To agree w/Sue on 
something. Memory: Summer 88, 5/ 
20/88. Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4, Soft- 
ball 1, Track 2,3,4, NHS 3,4 — VP, 
Peer Leadership 3,4. Awards: Varsity 
Letters: Found: The Vineyard. Other: 
Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, 
Lys, Deb, Sue, and everyone else. 
Saying: "I Don't Know." 

Sheryl Ronhock 
20 Bugbee St., Plainville 
Likes: Music, art, L.A., HP lovecraft. 
Dislikes: Snobs, when my car won't 
start, racism, the problems money 
causes people. Ambition: To become 
a professional musician. Memory: 6/ 
20/88, Guns n' Roses at the Or- 
pheum. Found: Driving my car. Say- 
ing: "These Children That You Spit 
On As They Try To Change Their 
World Are Immune To Your Consul- 
tation. They Are Quite Aware Of 
What They Are Going Through." — 

Dawn Michelle Ross 
43 Myrtle St., Wrentham 
Likes: Musky-Nuggets, "The Guys," 
friends, Hawaii, field hockey, 
beachers, dancing. Dislikes: Being 
called sunrise, two-faced people, 
when AT & I fight. Ambition: Be a 
famous dancer and tour around the 
world. Memory: Summer & winter 
87 w/Amy, summer 88 w/Lou, Gica, 
"The Guys." Activities: Field 
Hockey 2,3,4, Basketball 2, Cheering 
3. Awards: Var. Letter &Jacket. 
Found: England w/"The Guys." 
Other: Thanx Lou for introducing 
"The Guys." Saying: "He's, Like, 
The Best Thing!" 

Sean J. Ross 

Likes: Kim, sun seeds, parties, sleep- 
ing, sports. Dislikes: "The Boys," 
losing, working, staying home, car 
troubles, being sick, arguments, 
double sessions. Ambition: To grad- 
uate from college. Memory: Mon- 
treal, TD's parties, all concerts. Ac- 
tivities: Football 2, Soccer 3,4, Wrest- 
ling 3,4. Awards: Varsity Letter and 
Jacket. Found: At a Daley's party. 
Other: Good luck, Kim. 

Stephanie Ross 
Likes: Kevin, the Dead, food parties, 
roses, Snickers, Led Zep, CSN, good 
friends, SP, OB. Dislikes: Cliques, 
bad attitudes, goodbyes, head- 
games, bad memories, fighting w/ 
KC, confusion. Ambition: To get my 
license, graduate, &live a happy live. 
Memory: Outward bound 88. Found: 
Wandering aimlessly w/Kevin. 
Other: Thanks to everyone for help- 
ing me make it through these past 
four years. 

Regina Lynn Rowell 
Gina, G., Nesty 

18 Rockwood Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: A.T., Metal, Anarchy, black, 
watching P.H. slam dance. Dislikes: 
Crickets, snobs, glam, favoritism, 
being out of Aqua Net. Ambition: To 
move to L.A. and party w/DM, LR, 
and NS. Memory: 5/11/88, 6/30/87, 
times w/A.T. Found: Doing jiggers 
w/Lesley. Other: Thanks Mom, AT, 
LR, PH, MN, VS — I love you! Say- 
ing: "Sorry!" 


Kimberly Anne St. Amand 

Daniel Sanford 

Rebecca L. Sharp 

Kenny Salisbury 

Victoria R. Sandstrom 

Laura Schaefer 

Sandra Schmirler 

Debra Schwartz 




I ?& 


■pr :;'-' 

JH| / fLj^jm . 


Jr :> : ■■ I^^^^k 

1 Jr 


David A. Sikut 

Charlene Silver 

Jennifer Smith 

Thomas J. Spadoni 

Jennifer Spink 


Kimberly Anne St. Amand 
Kim, Kimmy, Kimba 
Likes: Ice cream, penguins, snow 
days. Dislikes: The nicknames Linny 
& Kevin gave me, school food, math, 
computers. Ambition: To make art 
therapy into a respected & well- 
known profession. Memory: 10/2/86, 
11/6/86, Prom 87, Chem Lab. w/ 
Linda. Activities: Drama 1,3,4, Art 
Club 3, Peer Leader 2,3,4, NHS 3,4. 
Found: On the phone. Other: Thanks 
ML, LO, KB, HM, TJ, KC, KS, DS, 
LN, EP, RP, DR, Mr. L, Mom&Dad. 
Good luck! I love you all! Saying: "I 
don't know," "I'm impressed." 

Kenny Salisbury 

67 River Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Heavy Metal, Amy, partying, 
sleeping. Dislikes: Rap, The Dead, 
school. Memory: Monsters of Rock 
Concert. Found: Partying. 

Gregg Sandberg 
41 Maple St., Plainville 
Likes: Celicas, Jolt Cola, Saabs, 
Scratch tickets. Dislikes: Star Trek, 
Monte Carlos, rap, erasable pens, 
golf. Ambition: To learn to play 
guitar from Eddie Van Halen. 
Memory: Ski trip in 87. Found: Wash- 
ing cars in North Attleboro. Awards: 
Boston Globe Art Award. Other: For 
sale — 1976 Toyota Celica. Saying: 
"That Old Trick." 

Victoria R. Sandstrom 
Vicki, Vic 

176 Chestnut St., Wrentham 
Likes: Steve, Red Chevettes, Aero- 
smith, life in general, horses. Dis- 
likes: Snobs, fashion. Amibition: To 
live in the fast lane. Memory: Aero- 
smith 86 w/I.N. Found: In the gutter 
w/Kathy S. Other: Hey KS, KM, LR, 
GR — I'll meet ya in the bathroom! 
Good luck guys! Saying: "What Do I 

Daniel Sanford 
3 New Emerald Ln., Wrentham 
Likes: Children, fishing, working 
with needy children. Dislikes: Sad 
people. Ambition: To own a house 
on a private lake. Memory: Summer 
85. Activities: Life Works 86, Out- 
ward Bound. 

Laura Schaefer 

155 East Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: Sunsets, Celtics, astronomy, 
good times w/Friends. Dislikes: 
Boredom, rainy nights, Mondays, 
lazy people. Ambition: To be the first 
person to land on Mars. Memory: 
Florida 88, Danvers 88, NESBA 86, 8/ 
9/88, 6/17/88. Activities: Color Guard 
2,3,4, OEA 3, Art Club 3. Awards: 
Who's Who, Exc. in Secretarial Sci- 
ence, Band Letter. Found: Looking 
up. Other: Good luck JT, see you at 
the top! 

Sandra Schmirler 

Sandi, Squirrel, Schmirls 
60 Farmhill Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: JH, poems, friends, smiles, 
sleeping. Dislikes: Losing, good- 
byes, worrying, confusion. Ambi- 
tion: To always be happy. Memory: 
Summer 88. 10/3, can w/ KM, CD. 5- 
corners. Activities: Basketball 2,3, 
Capt. 4, Peer Leader 2,3,4. Awards: 
Letter &Jacket, Capt., All-Stars. 
Found: Sleeping. Other: Thanks to all 
my friends, Mr.S, and of course Mom 
and Dad. — I love ya! Saying: "I Wish 
. . .," "Shut Up, John." 

Debra Schwartz 
14 Quail Run Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: DP, hot fudge sundaes, good 
friends, relaxing. Dislikes: Un- 
disciplined people, snobs, heavy 
metal. Ambition: To be successful in 
anyting I do. Memory: Band finals 
85, prom 87, 12/26/85. Activities: 
Marching Band 1,2,3,4, Jazz Ensemb 
1,2,3,4, Peer Leader 2,3,4, NHS 3,4. 
Awards: Concert Band — Rookie of 
Year 1, Jazz — Most Improved 2, 
Drum Major 4. Found: In a rehearsal 
taking orders from T. Other: Thanks 
to my Parents 

Rebecca L. Sharp 
Beck, Speck 
43 Warren St., Plainville 
Likes: Led Zep, satisfaction, talking, 
Boston, UB40, PW, White Karmann 
Ghia's, Reggae, skiing, partying. 
Dislikes: Lies, ignorance, injustice, 
not facing facts, warm winters. 
Ambition: To have a successful, ful- 
filling life. Memory: Stowe 88, being 
w/MJ, Dave, PW. Saying: 
"Awesome!", "What?" 

David A. Sikut 
103 Rockwood Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Tracy, Christmas, good times 
and good friends. Dislikes: Mon- 
days, going home early. Ambition: 
To be an electrician. Memory: Sopho- 
more year. Activities: Football 3,4. 
Awards: Best In Electrical — 86. 
Found: With Tracy. Saying: "Road 

Charlene Silver 
67 River Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Mark, partying, shopping, 
sitting around, sunsets, having a 
great time w/My friends. Dislikes: 
MF, the boys, snobs, rainy days, get- 
ting up in the morning, hangovers, 
school. Amibition: To live a long and 
exciting life. Memory: Summer 87 w/ 
MR., SH, PS at the cape. Found: With 
Mark, partying. Other: All the best 
luck to the class of 89. Saying: 
"You're Such A Jerk." 

Jennifer Smith 
21 Turner St., Norfolk 
Likes: Summer, soccer, physical fit- 
ness, traveling. Dislikes: That 
"Nervous" feeling, disappoint- 
ments, driving around w/Nothing to 
do, losing, starting my car. Ambi- 
tion: Drive a standard. Memory: Ski 
trips, inxs 8/10, being lost. Activities: 
Soccer 1,2, Capt. 3, Capt. 4, Softball 
1,2,3,4, Track 3, NHS 3,4 — Sec. 
Awards: Student of Term 88, Who's 
Who, DECA Awards, Var. Letters. 
Other: Thanks Mom, Dad, & Steve 
for believing in me. 

Lyle Smith 

207 South St., Plainville 
Likes: Baseball, my car, Ace Frehleg, 
Alice Cooper, Guns n' Roses. Dis- 
likes: Chevy's, Fords, snobs, jerks, 
people who think they are high class. 
Ambition: To play pro baseball, live 
in a big house. Memory: 8/1/84, 
summer 88. Found: Out with Lisa. 

Sheryl Smith 

Smilely, Shirley (J.M.) 
546 Dedham St. 
Likes: JM, Heavy Metal, old cars, 
good parties, football, broken-down 
cars. Ambition: To find a guy who 
gives as much as he takes, and to be a 
Psychologist. Memory: Summer w/ 
JM, SO, KW, MG, SM, LN. Ac- 
tivities: Peer Leadership 1 Yr., VIC A 
1 Yr., SADD 1 Yr. Found: At MG's 
house or with Jim. Other: Thanks 
Moira for being there when I needed 

Thomas J. Spadoni 
27 East Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: Automotive, machine shop, 
money, skiing, Corvettes, Boston. 
Dislikes: Dodge, blue lights, school 
lunch. Amibition: To travel the 
world, and ski every mountain. 
Memory: 4 wheelin' on Sandy Neck 
Beach, Scorpions Concert. Awards: 
Mechanic of the Month 12/10/87, 4/12/ 
87, 3/19/87. Found: Spring skiing in 

Jennifer Spink 
Jen, Spinker 
5 Bigelow PL, Norfolk 
Likes: Hugs, sunsets, nighttime, 
Jeeps, friends. Dislikes: Sleeping, 
labs. Ambition: To find all the an- 
swers. Memory: 5/20-21/88, 4/9-11/ 
88, Mich. 87, 88. Activities: Gym- 
nastics 1,2,3, Track 2,3, Cheerleading 
3,4, Peer Leadership, Student Gov't 
Day. Awards: Varsity Letters, His- 
tory Day. Found: Looking for the per- 
fect boyfriend. Other: Thanks to Eric, 
KT, JG, BB, DM, Mom & Dad for their 
love and support. Saying: "Doubts." 


Kathleen Stearns 

Laura Stewart 

Deidre Leigh Sullivan 

Gayle Tasker 

Kimberly A. Thomas 

Lynn D. Thompson 

Amy R. Toll 

Jennifer Trainor 

Robert Truitt 



**■' j 

Ik,, .-■—*' ■ 

L 1 ^F * 

^^Kjjii ■ 

1 JL 


. ■ •W— • 



■ ' 



g^ r^d 

• J 




Kristen J. Sutcliffe 

Mark Tobichuk 

Eric Tucker 

Amy Turner 

Rachel Unger 

Dana Van Fleet 

Dana Vernon 


Kathleen Stearns 

Kathy, Steamsy 
26 Hillside Rd., Plainville 
Likes: Convertibles, half days, my 
friends. Dislikes: People who inter- 
fere, min. Ambition: To go far away 
and marry a rich guy. Memory: 6/16/ 
88 w/DR, 6/25/88 w/VS &DR. Ac- 
tivities: DECA 3,4. Awards: 4th Dis- 
tricts, 2nd States, Nationals. Found: 
Cruising w/Vic in the Vette. Other: 
VS, KM, LR, GR — good luck guys. 
See you in the bathroom. Saying: 
"Two Chocolate Milks With No 

Laura Stewart 

341 Shear St., Wrentham 
Likes: Grateful Dead, Max Creek, 
Led Zep, roses, honesty. Dislikes: 
Confusion, Monday mornings, 
cliques, two-faced people, teachers 
in bathrooms, fights, being lost. 
Memory: Going to Max Creek w/ 
Friends, Fleetwood Mac 10/30/87. 
Found: With Glenn, Al, and Jen. 
Other: Good luck to Tasha. 

Deidre Leigh Sullivan 
6 Kingsbury Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Joe, art, field hockey, winning 
the ocean, good friends, fun times. 
Dislikes: Math, chauvinists, bigots, 
war. Ambition: Enjoy fame & for- 
tune as an artist — in my own time. 
Memory: Prom 86, Paris Soiree, visit- 
ing the Louvre. Activities: Field 
Hockey 1,2,3, Capt., 4, Tennis 2, 
Drama 1,4, Art CI 3 — Pres., Peer 
Leader 2,3,4, Girls' State 3, Delta 3, 
NHS 3,4, Stud. Gov't Day. Awards: 
Who's Who, Boston Globe Scholastic 
Art Award. Found: Busy in the art 

Kristen J. Sutcliffe 
145 Cumberland Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Jags, the beach, blue eyes, 
tropical fruits, hugs, french fries, 
cats. Dislikes: Winter, the bus, good- 
byes, 5 corners w/SS. Ambition: To 
be the best actress in the world. 
Memory: Weekend of 4/8/88, 
summer 87, 88, cheering camp 88. 
Activities: Cheerleading 3,4, Peer 
Leader 3,4, SADD 3,4. Awards: Var- 
sity Letter and Jacket, Prom Court 88. 
Found: Complaining. Other: Thanks 
to all my friends for everything — I 
love you guys! Saying: "What?" 

Gayle Tasker 
Super Scooter 
12 Masconemet Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Tom, beaches, time w/ 
Friends, sunsets, polo. Dislikes: 
Gert's compliments, broken prom- 
ises, JM w/CM& JB, being alone. 
Ambition: To find piep w/Meg &get 
to college. Memory: NY w/CM, 
Daley's, 4/3/87, summer 87, Spain, 
FH Camp. Activities: FH 2,3,4, Track 
2,3,4, Yrbk. 4. Found: At Tom's w/ 
Gert. Other: Thanx Tom &Gert for 
being there, I luv ya both! Good luck 
to MM, JD, JB, RH. Awards: Varsity 
Letter & Jacket. 

Kimberly A. Thomas 

10 Colonial Way, Plainville 
Likes: DK, Hughs, smiles, sunsets, 
talking, laughing, beaches, mem- 
ories. Dislikes: Goodbyes, waking 
up, mornings, confusion, being lost. 
Ambition: 1/22/88, Jr. Yr., camp 87- 
88, cheering 87-88, NH w/Dk, JS, 
DM, ES, TL, CK, TL. Activities: 
Cheerleading 3,4, NHS 3,4, Peer 
Leader 3,4, RSAC 4. Awards: 4 Var. 
Letters &Jacket. Found: Talking 
about nothing. Other: All my love & 
thanx — Mom&Dad, Rob, David, 
KS, DM, JS. 

Lynn D. Thompson 
310 Franklin St., Wrentham 
Likes: Music, Chinchillas, French, 
woodworking. Dislikes: Freshmen, 
young bratty children, people who 
refuse to work. Ambition: Play every 
instrument. Memory: Yrs. in band, 
85 champs, jazz. Activities: March- 
ing Band 5 Yrs., Concert Band 6 Yr., 
Brass Ensemble 4 Yrs., Jazz Band 5 
Yrs., Librarian 4, Band Coun. 
Awards: Neaje on Flugel Horn, MVP 
Concert, 1st Chair SE District Band. 
Found: w/My Bach trumpet. Other: 
Good luck all, never wimp out 

Mark Tobichuk 
99 Lake St., Wrentham 
Likes: Springsteen, football, having 
fun, ace, fag day, winning football 
games, Muff. Dislikes: Both years of 
Algebra II, losing football games, 
football practice, the sled, Franklin. 
Ambition: To get accepted at 
Daley's. Activities: Football 2,3,4, 
Class Officer 2,3,4. Found: Sleeping 
at Daley's or Tufts. Other: Pink Floyd 
with Tom and Bill. 

Amy R. Toll 

9 Pinetree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Blue labels, beaches, Mus- 
tangs, The Dead, gold, Zeppelin, The 
Doors, CSN's, partying. Dislikes: 
Boys in blue, busy signals, spiders, 
RI Sun. drivers, getting up, hanging, 
ignorance, Walpole parties, Capt. 
Coo-Coo. Ambition: To enjoy life. 
Memory: RW's van, Eastside, 
Stratham, Paris 86, triangle. Ac- 
tivities: Field Hockey 1,2, Peer Lead- 
ership 4, Stud. Coun. 2. Found: At 
the party. Other: Good luck, Krissy! 

Jennifer Trainor 
485 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: Dancing, singing, pilots, men 
in uniform, Marines. Dislikes: Pushy 
people, wasting time, study halls. 
Ambition: To better myself in the 
eyes of God, be a US Diplomat to 
Russia, & make it through the 1st day 
of boot camp. Memory: Fla. NESBA 
finals. Activities: Colorguard 2,3,4, 
Art Club 3,4, Peer Leader 2,3,4. 
Awards: Rookie of Yr. — Band. 
Found: Bouncing off the walls in 
dance class. Other: Good luck col- 
orguard, and to Lou. 

Robert Truitt 
26 Redcoat Ln., Plainville 
Likes: Planes of all shapes, sizes, and 
colors, this country, Redskins. Dis- 
likes: Wimpy liberals, Dukakis, inde- 
cision, stupidity, ignorance. Ambi- 
tion: To be an air force pilot, retire, 
&fly old planes around the country. 
Memory: US open, living in England, 
the inside of A B17. Activities: Golf 
1,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Peer Leader 3,4, 
Awards: Who's Who, Boys' State. 
Found: On a runway, playing golf. 

Eric Tucker 

Tuckdog, Friar-Tuck 
4 Berry St., Plainville 
Likes: Concerts, driving w/MG, play- 
ing football in the rain, going to 
Alex's, pro-sports games, sophisti- 
cated women. Dislikes: Endpieces of 
bread, George Michael, nags, flakes, 
backstabbers, being told to "grow 
up," being hung-up on. Ambition: 
To become a household name. 
Memory: Spanish 87, going to 
Boston, times w/LH, JR, SF, RL, MG, 
JM, RS. Activities: Football 1, Basket- 
ball 1. Found: Summer school. 

Amy J. Turner 

Crash, Aim, Yimmoo 

115 Lorraine Metcalf Dr., 


Likes: True friends, borrowing the 

car, ballet, beaches, sailing. Dislikes: 

Prejudices, snobs, rainy days, fights, 

cliques, being broke. Ambition: To 

own my own business, to get the 

most out of life. Memory: NH 87 w/ 

Dawn. Activities: Art Club 3,4, 

SADD 3,4, Peer Leadership 3,4. 

Awards: Girls' State 88. Found: At 

the beach. Other Thanks to LT, TT, 

ET. Saying: "No Prob." 

Rachel Unger 
Rache, Rack, Ursula, Urs 
Likes: Black, peace, inxs, Beatles, 
DU's driving, John Lennon, MN's 
attitude, the 60's. Dislikes: Reagan, 
KT, bright colors, aids, cliques, 
snobs, rap. Ambition: To figure out 
what life is & to be in Paris 12/31/99 
w/JM&AM. Memory: Europe 88, 
prom 88, 1/29/88, Sebago 86, 87, band 
finals 85. Activities: Band 1,2,3, 
Capt. 4, NHS 3,4, Art Club 3,4, Peer 
Leader 3,4. Awards: Girls' State, Un- 
sung Hero — Colorguard. Found: In 
Boston looking for MN. Other: Mom 
— I love you always. 

Dana Van Fleet 
Fleet, Steimi 
54 Noon Hill Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Fast cars, making a lot of 
money, partying. Dislikes: Slow 
cars, being broke, snobby girls, hav- 
ing parties. Ambition: To be the most 
successful I could be and be the hap- 
piest man on earth. Memory: 
Clapton w/SR, MC, Marx w/CM, Par- 
tying w/TD, SR, JF, MC, MM, RH, 
Activities: Hockey 3,4, B-Ball 3,4, 
Golf 4, Basketball 4. Found: At work 
or a party. Other: Good luck class of 
89, thanks Mom, Dad, & Bruce. I love 
you all! 

Dana Lou Vernon 
Zuul, Lou, D, Dane, Dani, 

Poogy- Wampus 
15 Ridgefield Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Unique people, music, "The 
Guys," true friends, Texas. Dislikes: 
Hypocrites, war, sterotypes, 
crutches, NE weather, loneliness. 
Ambition: To travel & be happy w/ 
The man I love. Memory: Summer 88 
w/Dawn, Nik, & the guys. Activities: 
Band 1,2, Video Club 1, Track 2,3,4, 
Peer Leader 4, Sachem 2,4. Awards: 
Var. Letters & Jacket, Band Champs 
Jacket, Piano Guild Medal. Found: 
On crutches, dying of the common 
cold. Saying: "OH My Word." 


Jeremy Vick 

Keith Wilfert 

Mark Wood 

Heather Vinson 

Mark Weaver 

Chris Wilson 

Jennifer Wisniewski 

Robert Carnie 

Brian Leeman 

Timothy Grimes 

Melissa Davis 

Matthew Phelan 

Jim Weir 


Jami Wolloff 

Michael Douillette 

Corey Konowitz 


Jeremy Vick 
Vick, Vickie, Vickster, JV 
40 Grove St., Norfolk 
Likes: Sports, food, good times, free 
food, girls, summers, Calif., my 
Datsun Monarch power. Dislikes: 
Weirdo's, fakers, freshmen, school, 
in-house, tickets, crutches. Ambi- 
tion: To be as successful & rich as I 
can be. Memory: 1987 Foxboro game 
w/TB, SS, SG, party w/JA SD, TC, JD, 
ticket w/TC, JD, hockey game w/PD, 
DE. Activities: Football 1, Baseball 2, 
Soccer 3,4, Basketball 3, Track 1,2. 
Awards: Var. Letter & Jacket. Found: 
Working on my car. 

Heather Len Vinson 
102 River Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Being w/Good friends, 
money, having fun, sports, week- 
ends, Elton John. Dislikes: Fake 
people, drugs, rainy days, working, 
40 min. classes. Ambition: To marry 
someone rich & inherit their money 
after they die. Memory: Summer 88. 
Found: Living w/Jim, Ryan, Loopa, 
Brenda & Shayne in Jamaica. Other: 
Thanks for all the memories JW, RL, 
DC, BH, WG, CM, SG, ML — I love 
you guys! Good luck class of 89 — 
you're great! 

Mark Weaver 
Beav, Weavdog, Marcos 
28 Stanhope Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Coach Gig, being fat & use- 
less, AC/DC, Miami, being friendly, 
sports, girls, fag day, look o. Dis- 
likes: People mistaking me for 
Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ambition: 
To destroy Henry in the chute. 
Memory: Prom 88. Activities: Foot- 
ball 2,3,4, Student Council 4. 
Awards: Football Letters 3,4, & 
Jacket. Found: Pass Blocking for Dan 
Marino. Other: Mullen, you're awe- 
some. Saying: "Smith and Smith," 
"Hi, Meg, Hi, Hi." 

Jim Weir 
Jim, Weirsy, Jimbo 
1 Lynn Avenue, Plainville 
Likes: Sports, mom and dad, going 
out w/Friends, Aspen. Dislikes: 
Cops, losing. Ambition: To find the 
right way home from Bouffard's. 
Memory: Woods School, parrying w/ 
RL, ML, SG, HV, SF, BH, MD, DB. 
Activities: Football 2,3, Capt. 4, 
Basketball 1,2,3,4. Awards: Living w/ 
SG, RL, ML, BH, HV, in Jamaica. 
Other: Thanks coach Paris — Eau, 
Mom&Dad; Sorry Mr. Edmonston 
for my trouble. Saying: "Muff, 

Keith Wilfert 
163 East Bacon St., Plainville 
Likes: Motocross, Honda, my 
nighthawk and CR, sleeping, 
wheeh/s. Dislikes: Being in school, 
roadrash, stupid people, crashing. 
Ambition: To someday race pro- 
fessionally. Memory: Driving to 
school w/BP, junior year. Found: 
Working at Bettencourt's. Saying: 
"Ya, Whatever." 

Chris Wilson 


98 Pleasant St., Franklin 

Likes: Girls. Amibition: To own my 

own restaurant. Found: Home or at 


Jennifer L. Wisniewski 
56 Elysium St., Wrentham 
Likes: Being w/Friends, star-filled 
skies, running, hot chocolate after 
skiing. Dislikes: Icy ski slopes, 
snakes, being alone, clouds at the 
beach, goodbyes. Ambition: To own 
a house on Hawaii overlooking the 
ocean. Memory: Star cruise w/MG, 
TC, JT. Activities: XCountry 3 Yrs., 
— Capt., W. Track 3 Yrs., Sp. Track 
1,2,3, Capt 4. Found: On the hood of 
TC's car. Other: Thanks coach Ber- 
telletti, I love ya! Saying: "Great 

Jami Wolloff 

2602 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: King Crimson, jazz, hardcore, 
ice cream, apple pie, books, guitars. 
Dislikes: Boredom, bubonic plague, 
slugs, stupid humans, organized re- 
ligions, governments, the need for 
money, baseball, lima beans. Ac- 
tivities: Video Club 2,3,4, Band 3,4. 

Mark Wood 
Walnut Road, Wrentham 

Robert Carnie 


73 Newcomb Street, Norton 

Likes: Girls, cars, music. Sayings: 

"**** happens!" 

Brian Leeman 
3 Water St., Milford 
Likes: 79 Trans Ams, Led Zep, A< 
DC. Dislikes: No-minds, fat chick 
Ambition: To grow older. 

Michael Douillette 
112 Holcott Drive, Attleboro 
Likes: Cars, good times. Dislikes: 
No money, conceited people, Mon- 
day mornings. Ambition: To own my 
own restaurant. Saying: "Are We 
Having Fun Yet?" Found: In my car. 
Other: Thanks Mom and Dad and 
Dick. Awards: Golf — Varsity Letter. 
Activities: Golf 1,2,3,4. 

Timothy Grimes 

8 Sidney St., Plainville 
Likes: 38 special, drafting, Autocad, 
Horizons, Chevettes. Dislikes: Mus- 
tangs, Impalas, Celicas. Ambition: 
To be an engineer in the Air Force. 
Memory: Times w/TL, GS, RL, JT, 
TG. Activities: Winter Track 1 Yr., 
Spring Track 2 Yrs. Awards: Math 
Day Champ Junior Year. Found: Fac- 
ing a Chevette w/My Horizon. Say- 
ing: "I Dunno." 

Melissa Davis 

6 Dean St., Norfolk 
Likes: Brian, Zeppelin, Monte 
Carlos, Quib, parties, Fu Mel. Dis- 
likes: Cops, blonde men, English, 
jocks, needing money, quitting 
smoking. Memory: Summer of 85. 
Found: With Brian. Other: I love 
Brian Healy. 

Matthew Phelan 
Seekonk St., Norfolk 

Corey Konowitz 

262 Park Street, Wrentham 
Likes: Fast cars, leathers, Harleys, 
guitars. Dislikes: Jocks, preppies. 
Found: Playing my guitar. Ambition: 
To satisfy myself with my music. 


Monica Gonzalez 

Ton* Lajeunesse 

Cyvia Dratman 

Monica Gonzalez 
60 Stoney Brook Ln., Wrentham 
Likes: Money, cars, clothes, music, 
sports, "Mayonnaise," friends, boys 
. . . etc. Dislikes: Studying, peanut 
butter, fake people, reading, cats. 
Ambition: To be a pilot, to under- 
stand and know American people. 
Memory: My friends and family back 
home in Spain. Found: With my new 
American friends! Other: If you want 
to visit Spain, Call me! 

Torr Lajeunesse 

100 Bennett St., Wrentham 
Likes: King Philip Cheerleaders, The 
Dependents, Becky&Bailey, Cal- 
umet, Wormtown, Golden Re- 
trievers, poison ivy. Letterman, 
braids, Misty Mountain Hop, Jolt!, 
cafeine, Laura King, All! Dislikes: 
Whitney Houston's obnoxious voice. 
Ambition: To get people to spell my 
name right. 

Cyvia Dratman 

17 Bretf s Farm Rd. 
Likes: Football, ice skating, shop- 
ping, sleeping. Dislikes: Cleaning 
the house, school, homework. 
Ambition: To become a CPA. Say- 
ing: Live and Let Live 

Wayne C. Bishop 
106 No. Main St., Sherborn 
Likes: Fancy trucks, using my CB, 
Bruins fans, girls. Dislikes: Snobs, 
being told what to do, school 
lunches, people with high egos. 
ambition: Own my own landscaping 
business. Memory: Meeting M.G. 
Found: Sleeping. 

Phillip Usher 
68 High St., Plainville 

Phillip Usher 

Travis S. Bought 
99 Leland Rd. 
Likes: To party and be with women. 
Dislikes: Rules that tell me what to 
do. Ambition: To make it in life and 
be happy. Found: At work or parties. 

Travis Knight 

Tammy Scott 

13 Highness Dr., Uxbridge 
Likes: Truck driving w/My mother. 
Dislikes: Computers, waking up in 
the morning for work. 

Tammy Scott 

Mark R. Johnson 

35 Spring St., Plainville 
Likes: Canada, blondes, fast cars, 
parties. Dislikes: Cops, courts, when 
the car doesn't run, small paychecks. 
Ambition: To have fun and be happy 
with a nice loving girl. Memory: 4/24/ 
88 night at Perriwinkle's. Activities: 
DECA 2,3,4. Awards: 3rd Place 
DECA Conference 87-88. Found: In 
front of a cop car. 

Wayne Bishop 

/ \ 
Mark R. Johnson 


Ernest Thibedeau 

Jeremy Rockett 

Christopher Zahlava 

Brian Melfie 

Kellee Verna 
15 Holbrook Ave., North Attleboro 
Likes: Life with Katelynn and Rog, 
my friends. Dislikes: People who 
spread ugly rumors, hold, prank 
calls. Ambition: To survive in this 
cruel world. Memory: 4/5/88, every 
moment with Rog. Found: With 
Katelynn and Rog. Other: In Plain- 

Daniel J. Lombardi 

32 Mackintosh St., Franklin 
Likes: The NA way, 327 4 barrels, 67 
Camaros, carpentry, freedom. Dis- 
likes: Active addicts w/Attitudes, 
plastic women, too much makeup. 
Ambition: To be in the limelight. 
Memory: 9/21/87 when life began/ 
L.M. V. Found: Where people gather. 
Other: Thanks Mom and Dad. 

James A. Devine 

3 Azaela Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Fast cars, fast women, fast 
times, dead shows, pay day. Dis- 
likes: No-minded people, Monday 
mornings. Ambition: To get rich 
quick and retire early in California. 
Memory: 8/26/88. Found: Driving my 



favorite song: Love Bites 


favorite group: Led Zeppelin 


favorite beach: Horseneck 

favorite event: Class competition, Graduation 
favorite album: Hysteria 


* ■ 


jm- '** 




Friendliest: Mark Weaver and Deirdre Monahan 

Best Ail-Around: Shannon Faulkner and Peter Boucher 

Dizziest: Krissy Callahan and Rich Hall 

Clumsiest: Joe Holland and Dana Vernon 


Most Typical: Alison Romsey and Tom Carter 

Best Looking: Tammy Bassett and Aaron Paul (not pictured) 

Most Athletic: Paul Carlow and Shannon Faulkner 

Most Musical: Debra Schwartz and Jeff Blood 


Best Nickname: Cheryl McMorrow and Mark Carew 

Class Gossips: Jill Blake and Jamie Faulkner 


Most Gullible: Tom Carter and Gayle Tasker 

Most Unique: Lesley Reed and Torr LaJeunesse 

Most Unchanged: Deb Kuta and Rob Pfischner 

Most Talkative: Kiki Thomas and Scott Hamwey 

1 B * 

^^H --» •-% ■ 

^^HXj w^ ** ■ 


If ^ £ JM 

Hi k- J 



B " '/." 









'. \\i 



■si \/l»* 


V - 


HHBv A) J 

' K * 


Mosf Unchanged: Amy Toll and Bob Butler 

Shyest: Laura Schaefer and David Dix 

Most Pessimistic: Kathy Cormier and David Oliver 

L v^^^^^^^H 

fl_ Bi ■"" ^H 

Br m" "^^hBSjB^ 

H * //« 

w J^M 

■ air ,„ j •* 

^MmmUI W^^'i 


Most Optimistic: Sue O'Connor and Peter Boucher 


L ■ ¥ 

Highway Menace: Joe Holland and Brenda Howell 

Wittiest: Heather Vinson and Sean Kelly 


Most Liberated/Chauvinistic: Liz Bender and Mark Tobichuk 

Most Likely to Stay in the Area: Kellee Verna and Tom Daley, holding a map of 


* • • • 

Jessica Abernathy leaves all her backing up skills, 4 years of counting the 
change and chasing the birds to DP, her brain to CC and that certain 
world to SD. 

John Acord leaves his memory of all the good times he's had at KP and he 
leaves his little brother behind. 

James Arsenault leaves 4 more miserable years to Jesine, a dollar for KS and 
JM, a new job to JD and PD and skiing lessons to Tim and John. 

Tammy Baker leaves 4 years of High School to TB and CB, 1 year of 
basketball to DC, JH, JF, PB, and CO. 

Jennifer Barret leaves JH and CO "Forever Freshmen," JH, CO, TD, and 
ME, lost, Jessie graduating in 2005. 

Glen Barrows leaves SF and BM 1 year of High School. 
Tammy Bassett leaves thanks to Mr. Perry for all the algebra help, good 
luck to DF, SM, and WG, and a bottle of salad dressing to Jen M. 

Elizabeth Bender leaves Abby to shatter the illusions of all her ex-teachers 
who think the Benders are a nice family. Also — Barbara choking on 
juice in Km. 182. 

Michelle Bemado leaves Kelley a case of hairspray and all the wind in the 
world. Deb a new car, Mark his 2 front teeth, Jesse her problems, and 
Pam and Jen 1 more year. 

Derek Berry leaves a GOP vote to Ms. Bremer and Ms. Coutu, a pencil with 
a string on it to Mr. Besaw, a Minnesota Twins championship to JT, 
Spooky Braga to AB, JH, a cross-country championship to next years 
team, a best-speaker award to RG, many more years in scouts to Mr. F. 
and 3 years to NG. 

Scott Bettinger leaves 1 year for DC and an empty bottle. 
Edward Beutler leaves everything left in his classes and locker 3 years to his 
brother Tim, 1 year to DJ and good luck to the classes that follow. 

Janice Bigelow leaves 4 years to her sister. Becky and Vinny to dominate 
the freshmen class. 

Wayne Bishop leaves all his in houses (20), his days of getting in trouble, 
and his immature, and irresponsible behavior to Ted and Rob. 

Jill Blake leaves Kiki a napkin and the madam voice echoing through the 

Jeff Blood leaves 3 years of heck to Heather. 

Carolyn Bobola leaves Amy with 2 out of 3, twice. Shannon a blueberry 
muffin, lots of luck to Michelle, Tasha, Lorene, Gail and little punch, a 
thanks to Mrs. Villard for helping me through a tough 4 years. 

Anthony Boni leaves a joke to prosperity. 

Chris Boone leaves 1 long year to AR and SR and 2 years to BD and JJ. 

Peter Boucher leaves 35,000 miles run on local roads, his captaincy to Jeff, 
Mike and Eric, Cross-country pride to all who join, 1 year to Steve, and 
the best of luck to Tasha. 

Kristen Bourne leaves 2 years to her little sister. 

Barbara Bredvik leaves 3 years to NG, Tic-tacs to Linda, many thanks to 

Mrs. Berry especially for all those great meals, a permanent late pass to 

Mrs. Camos and Mr. Ingalls free of grief. 

Ray Brower leaves all notebooks, pens, folder, work and waking up early 

to Chris Harcovitz, Stacy Clarke, and Ann-Marie. 
John Burhart leaves number 75 to a lucky person and Holbrook his baby. 
Robert Butler leaves school. 

Sean Cady leaves the Gignac's 1 year of the SAFE program, good luck, 2 

years of school to Gina and her friends and lots of love to GC to help her 

through it. 
Kristen Callahan leaves her sister Cheryl 1 year at KP. 
Mathieu Capodanno leaves everything. 
Mark Carew leaves frog 3 years and no more beatings. 
Paul Carlow leaves Coach Schmidt as my main spy, 1 year to Joan, and 

Good luck to KP sports. 
Jeff Carlson leaves 1 more year and a diploma to Ken and Dan and 3 years 

to Julester. 

Jeff Carr leaves his brother Mike his legendary Blue denim jacket and to 
CD, JF and FC his parking space to whoever gets there first. 

Tom Carter leaves good luck to Joanna, a good imitation of Mr. D to TL, 
Best wishes to Crock and SS skeeving at all away matches. 

Tom Casey leaves fat little buddie, MC an empty math class without the 
dominate class of '89. 

Scott Clarke leaves JB all the pens he stole from him. 
Cherie Cleveland leaves all the excuses she ever thought of to Alison 

Steven Clou tier leaves nothing. 

Glen Clow leaves all his memories of KP. 

Kim Conefrey leaves JR a yellow stuffed banana with a belly button, and 

the underclassmen with many good memories of KP. 
Karen Cooke leaves all her emotional outbursts to her coaches. 
Carrie Costa leaves Manny, Brandy, and Mark four years of happiness. 

Kelley Cronin leaves Michelle a happy life with Boonie in Maine, JM 
meeting halfway in the field, Pam a locker to herself, and Danny hat off 
at graduation and 1 year. 

Mike Curtis leaves with his diploma. 

Amy Daley leaves her barely worn gym clothes to any Olympic hopeful 

like herself. 
Tom Daley leaves Keith and Darren 5:20 A.M. practices, and Danny a 

James Damato leaves a pair of crutches and an elevator key to anyone who 

wants them. 
Jesse Darling leaves 2 fun tilled years to Sue. 
Paul Darling leaves JB's homeroom to Phil, a pair of scissors to Jake and 

Jimmy, a diploma to Ken, 1 year to KG, CD, AR, 2 years to SL, JS, JD, 

AB, JF, 3 years to JM, BM, AT, CM, JR, CH, and DF. 
Missy Davis leaves school. 

Jon Day leaves nothing because they don't deserve anything. 
Anglea DeCristofaro leaves all her inhouses to anyone who wants them. 

Simone Desrosiers leaves TL string beans and 6 dollars, Jason and Laurie 3 
more years. 

James Devine leaves Jay M. a successful and funfilled 4 more years of 

Jacqueline Diplacido leaves Bridget "gossip," Jen M. Italian dressing. 

Colleen, Jen, Tasha, Moni "Lost" and Cheryl a hot oil treatment. 
David Dix leaves sports trivia to Mr. Riley. 

Cheryl Domenica leaves Chrissie and Francie one more year, Amy and Jen 

no ride home, Jocelyn the Lepere family cookbook. 
Lorinne Dunbar leaves Gail 1 year of babysitting Mike G. and Becky. 

Sheri Durrick leaves 3 years filled with happiness to Michelle, and a new 

lab partner to Megan. 
Derek Ellenberger leaves Tracy 2 years, and his football number to Dana P. 
Jeremy Farling leaves good luck to his sister, she'll need it. 
James Faulkner leaves 2 years to Stacee. 
Shannon Faulkner leaves TK racing the chinks, running on the ball to EG, 

JP, SG, KH, KF, JC, PB capt. practice and laps to monkey. 
Laura Finn leaves all of her fascination to incoming freshmen. 
Jason Gabbard leaves Anthony class flirt. 

David Gala leaves 1 year for Catch to be captain of the wrestling team. 
Jeffrey Gale leaves always remembering life is great — all you have to do is 

live it to the fullest. 

Michael Galindo leaves nothing. 

Elizabeth Gallagher leaves a great junior and senior year to Tara and luck 

to the class of '89. 
Moira Gallagher leaves to all new freshmen, four years of lost books, 

messed up schedules, and most of all 4 years of fun. 
Scott Gallerani leaves a dozen golf balls for GK and tons of tees for RL and 


Tim Gamelin leaves Frank and Jason a diploma, and Danny 1 year. 

Rebecca Garcia leaves Dave a good 4 years at KP, Donna her senior year, 
her best buddy Shan all the good times and good memories and the 
crew 3rd period and Tara and Shayne singing on the red flag bus. 

Geronimo Garza leaves 1 year to Claudia and 3 years to Javier. 
Robert Garrity leaves, minus several thousand brain cells, and 3 years of 
torture to Chris. 

Shayne Gardner leaves the Vicker all the answers, Loopa 3 years, LA a 
zebra, WG — EET, SF a friend, SW — Wally and Beav, J Church the 
sunshine, BG and TK singing on the red flag bus, SG, VG, JC, NH and 
DM fun years ahead. 

Dan Giovanoni leaves his VCR to the crew, JC to his sister, his parking spot 
to Mr. Riley and Mr. Sumner's students. 

Mike Goddard leaves a lot of fun and good times, and says "Make the best 
of it, it is the easiest thing you'll ever have to do." 

Tionica Gonzalez leaves expertise in the Spanish language. 

Julie Grazado leaves 4 years to Mark and a glob of spit on the end of her 

straw to Jill. 
Paul Griep leaves a dutch notebook. 
Wendy Grote leaves Vicki all the answers, Lyn and LA the animals, 

wishing Cathy graduated with us, JH, DC, and AP her cats, skipping 

school to the 4some, and Wood School to the dorks. 
Lisa Haines leaves wind sprints and mouth guards to field hockey players 

and 1 year to SF and SB. 
Mario Hall leaves the memory that she left nothing. 
Rich Hall leaves nothing. 

Tracy Hamilton leaves her stool in food service. 
Scott Hamwey leaves his wardrobe to Kim and stages to Gooch (GT). 
Carolyn Hayes leaves 4 years of witching to Colleen O'Brien. 
Noah Hoffenberg leaves his brother the fun of high school. 
Joe Holland leaves all the sophomores to have Ms. Coutu for U.S. history 

and Mr. Black for English. 

Joyce Holt leaves Shannon F the song "Lean on Me," DN 1 year of JW's 

sexy legs, and DH 1 more year of high school. 
Alyssa Horton leaves her cham and 2 more years to Jamie, Scot tie to many 

more years of school to count and the soccer field for the birds. 

Daryl Howard leaves a weekend with the Crue to Lesley. 
Linda Howard leaves very happy, Terrie confused, locker 112 to the 
freshmen, her parking spot, and luck to the class of '89. 

Todd Howard leaves Shannon all the pins and buttons on his jacket. 
Brenda Howell leaves SF all the stop signs she missed, SG and HV the 

feather of the disappearing bird, and another year to DC and SF. 
Tom Hughes leaves the failures of yesterday looking upon them with the 

grace of an adult rather than the grief of a child. 

Phil Hulbig leaves Dave B everything in his wine cellar, the school system 
he leaves pure hatred, his Prince albums to Gary Ames, his book on m 
how to get a life to TL, any speeding tickets gotten in Norfolk to BT, and 
all the high times to the Bam rats. 

Ginger Hunsaker leaves forks to JD, JW, GW, LB, and luck to TN, LS, LM, 
MM, DN, Keep smiling. 

Cathy I nrrieri leaves gatorade and the keys to Meghan, half a seat to Jessie, 
wall poster or AD and TB to Debe and an ax to DO. 

Chris Janes leaves a history paper to JC and luck to FR, JC, and JJ. 

Jay Johnson leaves nothing. 

Phil Johnson leaves a hell of a time to Janet. 

Eric Kearns leaves Chris cold lampin for another year, Good Luck DT, & 
SH biting his gear. 

Tara Kiley leaves SF trapped by the chinks, BG & SG on the red flag bus in 
Florida, KA 2 more years, KA, boxer shorts & BD and LM Good luck 
and a romp. 

Michelle Killelea leaves her field hockey stick and the mile and a half to 
CM, KL, MM & SF 

» Nancy Killelea leaves her job of varsity goalie to CH. 

Gary Kramer leaves all the trash in his locker. 

Matt Kudirka leaves Gene to Tasha and Ken and Dan a diploma. 

Deb Kuta leaves JF as an immature Junior, MB with Boonie, SM in the dust, 
1 year to JH, DW, CO, & JF & all suicides to all upcoming Schmidtster's. 

Tina Labine leaves the best of luck to the class of '89, her car to DD, her 

friendship with Merry B, Good Luck Wits. 
Ryan Lachance leaves Rhonda help in English when she needs it 
Matt Larson leaves all the Ts to the underclassmen, The ACC to Jason and 

Steve Lefoll leaves all his school books. 
Mike Lennox leaves behind all the school lunches, the boring hours, and 

the hot days that you could think of a hundred better things to do than 

to be in class. 
Randy Levesque leaves Amy 4 years of the same aggravation he went 

Chris Lewicki leaves the bottles of spit in Arvins class. 
Dan Lombardi leaves Mr. C our songs. 
Torgun Lovely leaves the spinning bathroom ceiling to WR, all of the 

EWC's to Sully, the Hill to x-country, his gratitude to Coach B, the 

Math League to BD, RK, SC, VJH, and a championship CC team to MS, 

JM, KR, & ES. 
Sandy Lynch leaves Jenn all her hopes and dreams and books. 
Heather MacAskill leaves Good Luck to LM, AB, DN, Et and all her' little 

brothers JW, JD, GW, TN, JA, LS. 
Kim MacMurray leaves Dobey to Kel, The time to Mullen, Stick shifts to 

Carolyn and all her clothes to Jeni. 

Jodi Mangor leaves a smile to everyone in the halls. 

Terri Johnson leaves Linda Howard forever confused, and Linny O in the 
library waiting for a session. 

Sean Kelly leaves speeding ticket to anyone who will pay them. 

Kelly Mannering leaves a paper flower to MW, a toaster strudel to CM, a 
COD to SS, a 100 GB to CH, and a call from Uncle Elio to BM, VBA, & 

Suzanne Masterson leaves a few more laps to JC, CD, EG, SG, JP, PB & HB. 

Amy Matola leaves all her never ending complaints to anyone who'll listen 
and her ears and shoulder to EP. 

J eff McCarthy leaves Good Luck to all his friends, especially BM, JM, RS, 
TS and Goo — luck to Coach Pariseau and the football program. 

Cheryl McMorrow leaves JD "What," Jen B her pink and white sweats, 
Gayle scissors and CO, JH, TP, ME "LOST." 

Peter Megna leaves his car to JB, his ling to DM, another year to KD, VMC, 
SW, JH, CO, & AB and Best of luck to the Class of 89. I'll Miss ya! 

Sarah Mick leaves her weird moods with DK and the best of luck to JM, SL, 
and KG 

Derrick Miller leaves his brush. 

Andy Mills leaves four years of meaningful experiences to anyone willing 

to apply themselves. 
Deirdre Monahan leaves determined to change Mr. Fitzsimmons' 'MANS' 

Jen Moore leaves JT and JK all her energy for color guard next year. Good 


Matt Moran leaves Best of Luck to CD. 

Jerry Morganelli leaves 3 years to his brother Jason, A life to his useless 
friends, his car to JP, and one of his famous "stories for every situation" 
to Jenette. 

Andrea Moses leaves much understanding, patience and the number of a 

psychiatrist to all incoming NEW students. 
Meg Muir leaves Dr. Ruth to KB, CD, CW, DW, & JF, the shirt at the ice rink 

to JF, the beams to GT, the forever fear of roots to JD and Jd hiding in 

her closet. 

Cheryl Mullen leaves a crayon to Carolyn, a toaster strudel to Kelly, one 
long year to Danny, a melting popsicle to Janet, and a paper flower to 

Linda Nelson leaves absolutely nothing. 

Marjorie Nelson leaves a correct seating plan for Mr. Finase. 

Jon Neske leaves a towel to anyone who knows about all the useful things 
it may be used for. 

Aaron Nicodemus leaves 2 more years of KP to Todd. 

Peter O'Connell leaves his noisiness behind to all his teachers, his personal 
parking spot to the next Senior who can find it. 

Sue O'Connor leaves the beach in Sandwich to JB, MM, JM, and her ring to 

Jaime Oh 1 son leaves TG one year of skipping. 

Dave Oldread leaves MD a lifetime supply of sunflower seeds, DP 3 years 
of hitting the sled and cam£ in Maine. 

Dave Oliver leaves to Kurt, Asha, and the Gang the lyrics to "Love Will 
Tear Us Apart" and "Transmission" and all his contempt for KP in 
locker 924. 

Linda Operach leaves 3 good years to Brenda, hockey games to Chemistry 
students, All the men to KM and the man to the woman. 

Bill Oram leaves all his notebooks, pens, pencils and anything to do with 

Phil Page leaves his music folder and the Drum line to Colin. 
James Panettiere leaves his short attention span to any underclassman. 
Nick Pasquantonio leaves his skates to Matt Ditrich. 
Aaron Paul leaves a great Senior year to Dan. 

Paul Paulino leaves BF arguing with the Sharon tennis team, and the keys 
to the locker room to BO 

Lisa Peavey leaves good luck to Chris and all of Eric's Adidas clothes. 

Sandra Pennacchio leaves KP with less passion for sports. 

Robert Pfischner leaves locker 233, the worst one in the school, to the 
unlucky freshman who happens to get it. 

Glen Pisani leaves his brother Dana the keys to the Grenada, and Susan 2 

years of fun. 
Erika Pitt leaves it all behind her gladly. 

Donna Puccio leaves 2 years to Mike and Deb, Jess counting change, Sheri 

the closet and Carrie our conversations. 
Chris Pungitore leaves Michelle with a tape recorder, and a happy life with 

boonie, JB with a bottle of laundry detergent. 

Kevin Ray leaves a fire permit to Joe H. 

Lesley Reed leaves Michelle S. and Collen S. banging their heads and Marc 
V. washing dishes at Segall's. 

Pam Johnston leaves Doug 2 years to cause trouble, Cheryl 1 year, and luck 
to JT, JK, BH, HC, and AB. 

Michelle Joyce leaves double sessions, one year for Paula, 3 years for 
Finsky and a banana for monkey. 

Eric Keenes leaves ten steps book to JRC, and his football locker to any 
lucky person. 

Christine Kelley leaves CO, JH, ME, and TD Lost, Rhonda a friend for 1 
more year and Nicky some common sense. 

Kim Ritchie leaves 3 years to Jen and Vicki and luck for Jen in finding a ride 
to school. 

Alan Robinson leaves good luck to everyone. 

Gregg Roche leaves his left arm covered in vomit. 

Karen Rogaris leaves Cheryl a fun senior year and 3 more to Phil. 

Alison Romsey leaves FK flaming in the halls, and the best of luck to DW, 

JH, and JF 
Sheryl Ronhock leaves LG many long and boring bus rides. 

Dawn Rose leaves 2 years to Keri, field hickey to Barri and Helen, 7th 
period to Mr. Antonitti. 

Stephanie Ross leaves all the bad memories and 1 year of getting caught 
smoking in the bathroom and eternal inhouses to MZ, Mr. Brennan 
waiting at Pompalatick lake and BB four years of Mr. Bieb. 

Regina Rowell leaves MV 2 more years of KP and eternity at Segall's Deli, 

and her Megadeth locker to anyone who wants it. 
Kenny Salisbury leaves his welding jacket and locker to SP. 

Gregg Sandberg leaves an ugly mural in the student activities office to be 

painted over. 
Victoria Sandstrom leaves PL a kick in the ace. 
Laura Schaeffer leaves best of luck to the band and Judy her own identity. 

Sandi Schmirler leaves 3 years to Jacqui, her spot on Schmidts's list to JH, 
CO, CD, JF, and 5 corners to KS. 

Debra Schwartz leaves JW, JD, SF 1 year and PR, Dn2 years, Good luck to 

Rebecca Sharp leaves MJ a great trip to any hospital in Boston to be 

operated on for a bleeding ulcer. 
Dave Sikut leaves school behind. 

Charlenc Silver leaves Colleen 3 years, and Tasha another year in the 

Tom Spadoni leaves his books and tools. 

Kimberly St. Amand leaves Craig, Jason, Keri, and Jenny to the King 
Philip Staff. 

Kathy Stearns leaves her car for Mr. Ingalls so he can cruise with the top 

Deidre Sullivan leaves 2 more years to Liam, her field hockey growl to the 
team, and her fingerprints on everything in the art room. 

Kristen Sutcliffe leaves a golden pheasant for K.T. and J.S., Sandi lost at 
Five Corners, a bottle of m + m shampoo for Gert, "memories" to the 
team, and CO., J.H., M.E., and TP. lost! 

Gayle Tasker leaves her wet bangs at Nantasket and the window at URI to 
Cheryl, Dr. Ruth to Joan F., the closet at Bates to G.D., C.W., K.B., and 
M.M. a dresser and beams to T.D., and fun High School years to Lori, 
Rob and Steve. 

Kim Thomas leaves "memories" to the team, a Golden Pheasant to K.S. 
and J.S., J.B. her other bed, 2 more years to her little brother and C.K., 
T.L., M.E., J.H., CO., M.E., T.P., lost! 

Lynn Thompson leaves 5 sousaphones and 2 tubas to Keith Mueller and 
one picture of Mr. Tileston riding on a "Fry Guy" at McDonalds. 

Mark Tobichuk leaves the presidency to the person who de- 
serves it most, Cathy Paulson. 

Amy Toll leaves Merry 2 years, a cigarette in Mr. Schmidts skeleton's 
mouth, a "hi" to Mr. Brennan, and 2 out of 3 to Carolyn twice. 

Jennifer Trainor leaves all the extra-hours of studying that she didn't use to 
the freshmen, best of luck to Rob and Ken, and all her love and board 
money to Mom and Dad. 

Rob Truitt leaves his best regards and hopes to all that follow this class. 

Amy Turner leaves three good years to Erin. 

Eric Tucker leaves 1 more year and lots of patience to R.S. and S.F., and 
two more years of living heck for Little Rockett. 

Rachel Unger leaves P.R, all her love, Judy all her knowledge of flag 
twirling and 2 more years for Ellen. 

Kel lee Verna leaves a life time supply of bagels and cream cheese to K.D. 
Dana Vernon leaves her sax and forks to J. W. & D. P., a great senior year to 
J.W., D.P., S.F., J.D., P.R., P.J.H., and E.N., keep smiling. 

Jeremy Vick leaves Shad the best 4 years of his life, sack lunches, easy 
classes, all his driving tickets, his attitude, and Ken Cooke 1 extra year. 

Heather Vinson leaves Stacey, Rhonda, and Frogger with more school, 
Danny a graduation cap for whenever he might need it, and the pass 
for Shannon. 

Mark Weaver leaves his number to Christy Brinkley, Kel, and Cheryl. 

Jim Weir leaves a place in the bam to Dave Burns, Brain Treeful, and Trent. 

Keith Wilfret leaves 2 more years of driving to school in the morning with a 

flat tire. 
Jen Wisniewski leaves Sweat Hill to P.B. and A.B., and her car to anyone 

who wants it. 

Mark Wood leaves his construction company. 


W&OV (%/^^O^y 

- : 

Jessica Abernathy 

James Arsenault 

Jackie DiPlacido 

Lori Dunbar 

Sheri Durrick 



4Qi 4fc 

Moira Gallagher 

Becky Gaicia 

Shayne Gardner 


Julie Giazado 

Wendy Grote 

Lisa Haines 



+ ~ 

David Gala 

^I^ffw ' 

Elizabeth Gallagher 

Mike Goddard 

Dan Giovanoni 

Richard Hall 

Alyssa Horton 

Darryl Howard 

Linda Howard 

Todd Howard 

<^~ Sk 


Brenda Howell 

Ginger Hunsaker 

Cathy Intrieri 

Theresa Johnson 

Pam Johnston 

Christine Kelley 

Tara Kilcy 







Michelle Killelea 

Nancy Killelea 

Travis Knight 

Debbie Kuta 

Torgun Lovely 

Sarah Mick 

Derrick Miller 

Jerry Morganelli 

Deirdre Monahan 

Jen Moore 


Andrea Moses 

Meaghan Muir 

Linda Nelson 

Peter O'Connell 

Linda Operach 

\. TT,, . v 


Chris Pungitore 

Kevin Ray 

Karen Rogaris 

Alison Romsey 

Regina Rowel I 


Stephanie Ross 

Sandi Schmirler 

Jennifer Smith 

Jennifer Spink 

Kim St. Amand 

Jennifer Trainor 

Amy Turner 

Rachel Unger 

Dana Van Fleet 

Jim Weir 

Jen Wisniewski 




In September 1985, the Class of 1989 entered King Philip 
High under the leadership of Cathy Paulson — President, 
Suzanne Masterson — Vice President, Christine Kelley — Sec- 
retary, and Deirdre Monahan — Treasurer. 

Under the guidance of our class advisor, Mr. Piatt, we con- 
structed our first Homecoming Float at Suzanne Masterson's 
house. Although we did not win the competition, we had a lot 
of fun building the float and were very proud of the spirit 
demonstrated by our class. 

In March 1986, our Freshman-Sophomore Semi-Formal, 
"Heaven," was held at The Coachman's Lodge in Bellingham. 
Christine Kelley and Suzanne Masterson were the belles of the 
ball, capturing the title of Freshman princesses. 

We returned in September 1986 as sophomores led by Cathy 
Paulson — President, Mark Tobichuk — Vice President, Jackie 
DePlacido — Secretary, and Deirdre Monahan — Treasurer. 
Mr. Fitzsimmons was brave enough to volunteer as our class 

We increased our treasury with a dance and a flower bulb 
sale which was a huge success. 

The Semi-Formal, "Faithfully," was held at Demetri's 
Restaurant in Walpole on March 27, 1987. Tammy Bassett 
represented our class as Queen and was complimented quite 
beautifully by her court, Wendy Grote and Suzanne Master- 

Our Junior year was very successful. Once again Mr. Fitz- 
simmon's took us under his wing as class advisor. We were led 
by Mark Tobichuk — President, Jamie Faulkner — Vice Pres- 
ident, Jackie DiPlacido — Secretary, and Deirdre Monahan — 

Homecoming week was a busy one for all. We built our float 
at Wendy Grote's house. Although our float did not come in 
first place, we did seize the Spirit Week Trophy. 

Our Junior-Senior Prom, "Time of My Life," was held on 
May 20, 1988 at Demetri's in Walpole. Kristen Sutcliffe and Deirdre Monahan represented our class as princesses. It was an 
enjoyable evening for all who attended. 

In September 1988 we returned — finally — as Seniors! Our returning class officers Mark Tobichuk, Jamie Faulkner, Jackie 
DiPlacido, and Deirdre Monahan with the help of Mr. Fitzsimmons, led the class through a wonderful senior year. 

Once again, we captured the Spirit Week Trophy. The football team defeated Mansfield — our Homecoming rivals. Wendy 
Grote represented our class as Homecoming Queen with her court Suzanne Masterson and Deirdre Monahan. Wendy also 
captured the Thanksgiving Queen title. David Gala — our MVP, led the Football team to victory over Franklin's Panthers. 

On May 12, 1989, we held our Senior Prom at the Sheraton-Tara in Milford. Our final dance was a huge success. 

On Sunday, June 4th, 1989, we received our diplomas. Our years at King Philip High are over, but as we each go our separate 
ways, we will never forget the friendships and memories built in the halls of KP! Good Luck Class of '89! 

Deirdre Monahan 

Senior Class Officers, Top to Bottom. Mark Tobichuk, President, Jamie Faulkner, 
Vice President, Jackie DiPlacido, Secretary, and Deirdre Monahan, Treasurer. 





Many people believe that money is an extremely vital part of society and it in- 
fluences their lives greatly. To find out how the class of 1989 feels about the import- 
ance of money, the Chieftain yearbook staff conducted a survey concerning money 
and the role it plays for them. 

When asked what role money plays in society as a whole today, more than half of 
the seniors responded by saying that it is important, but that other things are equally 
important. About 37% of the seniors said that we cannot possibly live without the 
security of money. On the other hand, another 39% said that money is of very little 
importance in society. 

Another question proposed to the class of 1989 was what money represents to 
them. In response, about 45% answered that it provides them a means to buy and 
therefore find pleasure in possessions. Then 20% claimed that money gives them 
freedom and independence while 27% responded that money means a sense of 
security to them. 

The question of what they would spend money on first if given the chance, most of 
the class of 1989 at 32% said a new car. Next came the group at 23% who said a college 
education. Then about 72% commented on other things ranging from savings and 
vacations to clothes and stereo equipment, etc. The remaining 3% of the seniors said 
they would spend it on — what else? skiing and just plain having fun — of course! 

When asked what is the most important concern of their age group today, 27% of 
the seniors answered money, which clearly shows how much the class of 1989 values 
money. Another 23% said they cherish their girlfriend or boyfriend more than any- 
thing else. Then 21% considered free time to be the most important to them. 13% 
thought their health was an important concern while the remaining 13% answered 
with intellectual development, social justice, or something else. 

When asked what aspect would attract them to a particular profession, 44% of the 
seniors said that their job would have to be interesting to them — there is no way they 
are going to get stuck in a profession they don't like for thirty or more years. Another 
37% thought that they would most elect a job that pays well. The remaining 18% of 
them said they would choose a job with a lot of free time, a stable job, or one with a lot 
of responsibility. 

When asked whether they would open a bank account for their future children, an 
overwhelming 70% of the seniors responded yes — they certainly are planning 
ahead! 7% answered no while the remaining 23% said they didn't know now — how 
can one expect the seniors to be thinking ahead that far when half of them don't even 
know what college they are going to yet! 

The question pertaining to whether they will teach their children to spend or to 
save their money, the majority of the seniors at 77% replied that they would definitely 
preach "save" — hopefully they are practicing what they preach if they want to afford 
those sky-high college tuitions! Then only 5% of them said they would let their 
children spend their money while the other 18% did not have an answer in either 

When questioned about what social issues concern them most today, over half of 
the seniors at 57% responded with AIDS, the serious disease which threatens the 
entire country. Next was the group of 39% who answered with divorce. The remain- 
der of the class of 1989 answered that nuclear war and death are their biggest con- 




Cfass TrophmL 

Dear Mr. Fitzsimmons, 

Can you believe this? Here we are in the 
year 2009 and I've just been inaugurated as the 
forty-sixth President of the United States. 
(Republican, of course!) Imagine that! Did you 
ever think that I, Derek Berry, would someday 
be President of the United States? And guess 
who my Vice President is? Laura Finn! The first 
lady, Carrie Costa, my chief-of-staff Robert 
Garrity and I will be flown by my personal 
pilots Torgun Lovely and Alan Robinson to a 
summit meeting with the Premiere of Russia, 
Jen Trainor. My personal surgeon, Sarah Mick, 
will be tagging along, just in case ... I just 
appointed James Damato as the youngest 
Supreme Court Justice of the United States and 
Amy Toll as the ambassador to Jamaica! I have 
also received word that Heather MacAskill was 
just appointed District Attorney of 
Massachusetts. And how could I forget Linda 
Howard, our new interior decorator of the 
White House . . . What a crew! 

In campaigning for the presidency, of course 
I had to take a quick shuttle, designed by 
Linda Operach and Linda Nelson, to the moon. 
I visited Lunar City, created by NASA engineer 
Dana Vernon and world reknown architect, Jen 
Bolyn, assisted by Laura Schaefer, Amy 
Turner, and Andrea Moses. The attendant on 
the shuttle was Kristine Callahan, who made it 
an enjoyable flight. After making a speech at 
the lunar Space Center, Carrie wanted to do a 
little shopping at Macy's on the Moon, 
co-owned by Cathy Intrieri, who is also a 
famous actress. In the department store, we 
ran into Michelle Joyce, the incredibly wealthy 
jet-setter; Phil Hulbig, who was lavishing 
money on his model girlfriend; Derrick Miller, 
trying to find something to spend his millions 
on; Steve Lefoll, who just drove his Porsche 
through the front display window and is being 
arrested by Brenda Howell; Paul Darling, who 
was autographing his seventh consecutive 
platinum album; Amy Daley and Mario Hall, 
both spending some of their late husband's 
millions; multi-millionaire Michelle Killelea, 
looking for a gold-plated field-hockey stick for 
her sister Nancy, the goalie for the Inter-Global 
field hockey team; and Kelley Mannering, the 
already retired multi-billionaire who was just 

taking a break from her mansion on Martha's 
Vineyard. Tough life!! 

On our tour of the personnel offices, we saw 
Ginger Hunsacker, a top executive of a 
prestigious fashion company, and Kevin Ray, 
president of the CVS corporation, negotiating a 
deal with VIP Kristen Bourne. What a busy 

Starving, we began to look for a place to 
dine, and what better place than Vikki 
Sandstrom's night club? Our waitress was 
Joyce Holt, and our bartenders were Mike 
Curtis and Glen Clow. For entertainment, Jen 
Moore was the opening act for major 
heartthrob Toni Boni. We barely recognized 
him! We saw posters in the nightclub 
advertising next week's performers, featuring 
the duet of Daryl Howard and Belinda Carlisle. 
Matt Kurdirka will be playing drums for the 
back-up band, Aerosmith. Performing later in 
the week will be Motley Crue and Megadeath, 
accompanied by their biggest fans, Lesley Reed 
and Gina Rowell. Oh, I almost forgot! Sheryl 
Ronhock, just previously a struggling musician 
in L.A. is now a rising star. I believe Eric 
Kearns, the manager of Jam Recordings, helped 
her along by "pulling a few strings." Comedian 
Jeff Blood, who has just replaced Biff 
Henderson on Late Night with David 
Letterman, will make a surprise appearance. 
Well, needless to say, Carrie and I were 
exhausted and we retired to Kim Conefrey and 
Paul Griep's fabulously chic hotel. 

In the morning we were off, back to the 
good ol' USA. On the second shuttle, we tuned 
into the news and caught the sportscast of the 
day. The Washington Redskins, with coach 
Jerry Morganelli, were winning the Super 
Bowl. Dave Gala had just broken the all time 
rushing record held by Walter Pay ton. Aaron 
Nicodemus and Eric Tucker were broadcasting 
the game live. The Tour de France was still 
underway with John Packer and Dan 
Giovanoni leading the pack. Olympic skiers 
James Arsenault and Jeff Gale were busy 
training at Paul Paulino's ski resort. Scott 
Hamway, the coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes, 
just endorsed Joe Hoiland's sporting goods 
store, located next to Rob Pfishner's Orange 
Julius in the Walpole Mall. I heard that Dallas 


Mavericks' forward, Billy Oram, was mobbed 
by his fans on his return to Boston. Chris 
Olszewski was the winner in the P.G.A., and 
is now playing golf at Sean Kelly's private 
country club. Later in the broadcast, they 
interviewed Lyle Smith, who has just received 
a nomination for membership into the Baseball 
Hall of Fame. 

Also in sports, Paul Carlow of the Boston 
Bruins is considered one of the best players in 
the NHL. Jeff McCarthy is the athletic trainer 
for the New England Patriots. Peter Boucher is 
still coaching the King Philip cross-country 
team while also training for the US distance 
team to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games. 
Meanwhile, Sue O'Connor is having a great 
time skiing the Swiss Alps with her family and 
friends. Tim Gamelin, another skiing 
enthusiast, has been hitting the slopes in Vale, 
Colorado. The last I heard, Noah Hoffenberg 
was attempting to conquer Mount Everest on 
skis ... is he still alive? I think Terri Johnson 
managed to save him. As you probably know, 
Terri is one of the world's leading medical 
authorities. Her colleague, Sandra Pennachio, 
has retired to one of her many homes 
throughout the world after discovering the cure 
for AIDS. And to think it all started with the 
Pre-med club at King Philip! 

Jen Smith owns a fitness center which is 
conveniently located near the world's most 
popular ski resort. Lisa Haines works as a 
physical therapist there, but she can often be 
found watching field hockey games with Scott 
Clarke. Another popular fitness center is David 
Dix's gym in downtown Los Angeles. Also on 
the California coast is Moira Gallagher's beach 
resort, a hot-spot for the celebrities. 

Oops! Time for Carrie's favorite talk-show 
hosted by Kiki Thomas. Who was she 
interviewing today? Her best friend from King 
Philip — Kristen Sutcliffe about her academy 
award! After Kristen is Chris Pungitore, owner 
of a famous advertising company, showing off 
his Ferrari Tesstarossa convertible. Next is Pam 
Johnson, famous gossip columnist on the 
moon, and then Jen Spink, unmarried and still 
looking for the perfect boyfriend. 

WHOA!!! What was that?! We almost hit a 
hot-air balloon . . . and I believe Cheryl Mullen 
was in it. (She is spending a few months of her 
retirement traveling the world via hot air 
balloon. Jeez, watch where you are going 

Ah, finally . . . earth sweet earth. We landed 
in Hawaii to continue my campaign trail. Guess 
who handed us our lei as we got off the shuttle 
— Rachel Unger. She has been traveling the 
world looking for the true meaning of life and 
peace. Guess she found it in Hawaii!! Off we 
went to the beaches. (A president's job is never 
done!) As we made our way through the hot 
sand, we ran into Matt Capadano on vacation 
with his family. We also saw Gary Kramer, 
who is pondering retirement from his business, 
Jim Weir with his wife and kids, Wendy Grote, 
Susan Masterson, who is still arguing with 
Paul, Rebecca Sharp, who is vacationing with 
her husband, a pro-football player, and Tammy 
Baker, laying out to catch some rays. When we 
finally reached the platform on which I was to 
give a speech, we realized why hundreds of 
people were all standing on the beach. Not to 
hear me, but to watch the surfers in the 
Pipeline. There goes Jen Wisnewsi . . . what a 
wave. Rob Newton is also out in those waves 
somewhere, scuba diving for treasure, . . . and 
there is Peter Megna sitting on the beach 
buying up property and counting his millions. 
Finally, I gave my speech! 

Back to the mainland! Well, Mr. 
Fitzsimmons, I had to go visit my family and 
see how they were doing. I stopped by my 
brother Doug's house in Pennsylvania to see 
how he, Barbara Bredvik, their four children, 
and their black panther were doing. Many 
people from King Philip are now happily 
married. Deirdre Monahan is married to a male 
model and they have two children. Lori 
Dunbar is living with her multi-millionare 
husband in a house by the ocean with her 
horses. Jeff Carr, who is presently traveling the 
world with his wife, occasionally stops to look 
for parts for his '68 Chevelle. Many other 
people are also happy, including Anne Fecteau, 
who is working on her writing career as well as 
raising her children; Elizabeth Gallagher; Lisa 
Peavey; and Sandi Schmirler, who is married 
with two kids and works in her own office 
making tons of money. Alison Romsey is rich, 
married and has two children. Dana Van Fleet, 
a successful contractor, is very happy with his 
wife, and Peter O'Connell is living on the Cape 
with his wife and three kids. Kelley Verna is 
living a great life with her husband and 
children. Jessica Abernathy is married with 
three kids and is looking for a bigger and better 
diamond ring and Aaron Paul and Carolyn 


Hayes, a couple from King Philip, are now 
living in a beach house on the coast of Florida. 
Erika Pitt, aside from having a husband and 
two children of her own, runs a daycare center 
called "Sunshine U." Sandy Lynch is happily 
married to Jim with twin boys living in a 
Newport estate, and Karin Rogaris and her 
husband are running a business together out in 
California. Daryl Boone is very happy with his 
wife who is an actress, and both Kathy Stearns 
and Kim St. Amand are having a wonderful 
time living with their husbands in the Breakers 
Mansion in Newport. Lynn Thompson, famous 
for her discoveries of unknown animals in 
Australia, also found her husband there . . . 
and Derek Ellenberger is married to Tracy and 
is still pumping gas at Russ's. Jeff Carlson is 
living in Beverly Hills looking for his third 
wife; Greg Roche is still avenging the death of 
Bruce Lee and married a cute little karate 
instructor; Jonathan Day, married to Heather 
and living in Arizona, is the president of Radio 
Shack; John Accord is a fire-fighter back in 
good ol' Wrentham with his wife and family; 
Dave Oliver is living with his girlfriend in 
Norway, screening japanimation films in his 
half-owned movie theater in Oslo's downtown 
shopping district; Kim MacMurray is presently 
married to a blonde-haired, blue-eyed doctor 
with six kids and is working with special-needs 
children; and Shannon Faulkner is well-known 
for her work with Helen Keller students who 
"can't see that far." Deidre Sullivan has 
recently been summoned by Italy to repaint the 
artwork within the Sistine Chapel along with 
Andy Mills. What a group of alumni! 

Speaking of foreign countries, many people 
from the class of '89 are living all over the 
world. Liz Bender is living in a damp castle in 
London with her best friend making movies. 
Karen Cooke is writing her third Pulitzer Prize 
winning novel while relaxing on her privately 
owned beach in Australia. Amy Ma tola is living 
in Greece and Dawn Ross is living in England 
trying to learn how to correctly pronounce her 
name. Mike Goddard is spending all his money 
in Europe, Tom Spadoni is traveling the world, 
and Rob Truitt is flying P-51 Mustangs at 
airshows across Europe. Gregg Sandberg is 
designing cars for the Ford Motor Company, 
and Chris Janes is cruising around the world 
on the yacht he bought from Donald Trump. 
Majorie Nelson is a famous interior designer 
for wealthy European clientele and Monica 

Gonzales is still meeting new people and 
learning their customs. 

The next stop on my campaign trail was 
California. Guess who I met living in an 
oceanside estate in southern California — 
David Oldread. And what timing! He was in 
the middle of partying with alumni from the 
class of '89. Jason Gabbard, John Burhart, Mark 
Tobichuck, Tom Carter and Glen Pisani had all 
taken time off from working at BADD BROS, to 
come to Dave's party. Dan Lombardi, Todd 
Grahm, Kristen Murray, Steve Noonan, Laura 
Stewart and Kim Ritchie (all looking for 
something worthwhile to do) also found Dave's 
party. Rich Hall, Mark Carew, and Tom Daily 
drove cross-country just to come to the party, 
(after attending Dan Costello's and Ray 
Brower's graduation finally! at King Philip — 
Dave invited Tammy Bassett to his party, but 
she was busy lying on the beach in Seaside 
Heights, New Jersey. Soon the crowd spilled 
over into Tom Casey's mansion, which was 
designed by himself. Tracy Hamilton's bakery 
and Todd Howard's catering service provided 
all of the food. Everyone in Southern California 
was listening to Jay Johnson and Jen Barrett in 
the morning on Rob Gorman's radio station. 

Besides partying, some of our classmates 
have opened businesses in California. Wayne 
Bishop has a landscaping business just outside 
of Los Angeles. Sheryl Smith is a psychologist 
and Geronimo Garza has a carpentry business 
there. Mark Wood's Leaching Field 
Construction Co. is located right next to Dan 
Sanford's farm. Unfortunately, I had to leave 
for more campaigning on the East coast. But 
this time I decided to drive! 

In Las Vegas, I found Donna Puccio taking 
down notes for her favorite shrink, Mark 
Weaver. Next to Mark's office was Tom Hugh's 
and Jen Baily's Casino. Inside the casino, Phil 
Johnson and Meredith B. were wasting all of 
their hard earned money. Eric Callahan was 
working down the street in Jamie Woalloff's 

When traveling through Colorado, I learned 
that the Coors Brewery had just been bought 
out by Ed Beutler, Steven Cloutier, Tammy 
Scott and Travis Knight. 

Stopping to rest in Kansas, I watched an 
on-sight filming of a new movie: The revised 
Wizard of Oz. Bob Butler was portraying the 
cowardly lion, Chris Lewicki was the 
scarecrow, Debra Schwartz was the tinwoman, 


and Tina Labine was the wicked witch. And 
guess who had the star role as Dorothy! Jen 

My next stop was Indianapolis, Indiana. I 
was just in time for the Indianapolis 500. Some 
of the favorites expected to win were Scott - 
Galerani, Jamie Ohlson with co-driver Tim 
Gallager, Shayne Gardner in her yellow 
corvette, Randy Levesque in his Lambohrgini 
Countache and Mike Galindo. Near the end of 
the race, it looked like a close contest between 
James Panettiere in his Toyota and Jesse 
Darling, who had just received his license. But 
just before the finish line, Debbie Kuta pulled 
ahead in her "Blue Bomber" to win the race. 
Sean Cady and Mike Levesque were in the 
winner's circle to hand Debbie her prize 
money. Jeremy Farling, Dave Puccio, and Keith 
Wooding were mechanics at the speedway, and 
Matt Larson was pumping gas for the racers. 

Traveling through Ohio, I met Jodi Funk 
happily raising a family in Brecksville. Phil 
Page was in Pittsburg, PA "doing anything but 
homework." I finally arrived in New York City. 
At first I didn't recognize the bag-lady who 
asked me for some money, but then I realized 
it was Janice Bigelow. Doing a little window 
shopping, I saw Sheri Durrick "washing that 
grey right out of her hair" at a hair salon in 
downtown Manhatten. When I got on the 
subway to go to the airport, I found myself 
sharing a car with Dave Sikut, Mike Lennox 
and Brian Leeman. They were all sleeping on 
the NYC subway! From New York, I took a 
plane to Logan Airport, where I met Eric Keene 
and Jodie Mangor who had become a Hari 
Krishnas. My campaign then took a swing 
north to New Hampshire, where I found Glen 
Barrows and Scott Bettinger snowmobiling 
during the day and partying at night. Not far 
away, Kelley Cronin, Michelle Bernardo and 
Mike MacRae were all "soaking up the rays" 
on the front porch of their log cabin in Maine. 
Kelley Verna is also living somewhere up north 
in the wilderness. 

After working long and hard on my 
campaign, I felt I needed a vacation. I went to 
Jamaica, now owned by Tara Kiley, where I 
met Christine Kelley, James Devine and 
Heather Vincint at my hotel. Stephanie Ross 
and Carolyn Bobola were wandering aimlessly 
on the beaches with Kevin and Dan. Julie 
Grazado, Simone Derosiers, and Cherie 
Cleveland were all living in their beach house 

in Jamaica. Just off the coast, Rebecca Garcia 
was floating on a raft. A short distance away, 
there was almost a collision between Alyssa 
Horton's yacht and Scott Clark's yacht. Lee 
Britinall was enjoying the view from Scott's 
yacht. Also in the Caribbean was Angela 
DeCristoforo, a state senator from Alaska, 
taking a break on a cruise. 

Well now I'm home in the White House, 
writing this letter and preparing for my summit 
meeting tomorrow. By the way, have you ever 
heard what happened to Ed Brasz? No one has 
seen him since our graduation parties back in 
1989. If you hear anything about him, please 
call me. 

Ooops . . . I've go to go now! I don't want to 
miss the "all-new" Brady Bunch on television 
starring Gayle Tasker as Alice, Cheryl 
McMorrow as Carol, Jackie Diplacido as 
Marcia, Meg Muir as Jan, Jill Blake as Cindy, 
Jamie Faulkner as Mike, Ken Salisbury as Greg, 
Sean Ross as Bobby, and Mark Johnson as 


President Derek Berry 



!.:■■>' ' ; i: 



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;>:•;;*;;;«:;:(:« :{a:ia:;a;;a 
Sa* "aaaa:;;:'.:::'!.:;. 



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;■:... .':-:::■:''::■':':■■:■ 


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< J« < ! * . *4 < < < * *i 

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tepia :'.;'.'.■. 

'■::■::'".■ .i:::(;':;.'!«V.{H'. 



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pKpsstea:.". ;:taaa 

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%• ■;ja*aaaa:; 

:',■•■■',■'■■■:■ ■■■■/■ 
■ .a:?: ';y' : .'' ■ 

, • , ;' i ; •■ ' j 
:i;<.i ;;a:j ;<;(-.<■.) :<:<a;j ;<-.<: 

iliViVi l fi 


Mike C. — Treasure, Jen H. — Vice President, Ded W. — Secretary, Mike C. — President, Miss Zeigler, Mr. Carneiro 

Almost There 


Yes, we can't beat them in any more class competitions. — Mike Constantine 

Get them out so we can use the parking space. — Anonymous 

I think all the seniors should leave in May not just the class of 1989. — The entire Junior Class. 


ZZZZZ . . . Snooze time. — Anonymous 

23 people sleeping with eyes open while a big fat guy tells them what insurance to buy. 

— Karen Kehrmeyer 


Darren Daley. — Cheryl Callahan 

A little dork, no taller than 4 feet. — Jams 


Lunch-time to eat it. — Mark Bryon 



Getting snowed in. — Scott Ellis 

You could get beat up by a freshman. — Ryan Kudirka 

Dropping your lunch tray on the floor and being pushed down on it and your fork, which 

protrudes through your heart and you die a slow, painful death. — Anonymous 










Ajr '' 








1^ ^^8k- 

i .. «, 




John Aicardi 
Gary Ames 
Debe Anderson 
John Andrews 
Richard Anthony 

Karen Antonellis 
Jamie Arnold 

Derk Await 
Keith Ayotte 

Kim Backlund 
Greg Balise 
Andrew Barkley 
Pamela Barton 
Lee Berman 

Chris Bourge 
Steven Brady 
Alycia Braga 
Paula Breen 
Eric Buckman 

Dave Burns 
Mark Byron 
Cheryl Callahan 
Michael Casavant 
Kristen Child 


Jessica Church 

Stephen Cimo 

Peter Clark 

Ray Clontz 

Stephanie Coll 

Dawn Collins 

Dennis Collins 

Dawne Connors 

Michael Constantirie 

Francie Constantino 

Ken Cook 

Manny Costa 

Jennifer Cotton 

Tammy Crawford 

Mike Creegan 

Brian Crocker 

Todd Cronion 

Keith Daley 

Christina Damato 

Kim Davis 

Rhonda Degrafft 

Chrissie Desroisier 

Jodi Destefano 

Keri Dillman 

Bridget Dillow 

Matt Ditrich 

John Donovan 

James Dougery 

Jim Duczakowski 

Tom Dunn 


Heather Dwelley 
Pat Easterbook 

Scott Ellis 
Lorene Eppley 

Joan Faford 
Pat Fedele 

Kris Fici 

Shannon Finley 

Cheryl Fisler 

Jocelyn Flynn 

Eric Foster 

Richard Foulkes 

Danny Gaines 

Tim Gallagher 

Claudia Garza 

Andy Gerrie 

Ann Ghosh 

Angela Gianni 

Kyle Gibson 

David Giusti 

Gail Glynn 


Mike Gormley 

Chris Gotovich 

Lee Ann Grady 

Michelle Graveline 

John Haehnel 

Pat Hall 

Donna Hanson 

Scott Harper 

Janine Harrington 

Jen Holbrook 

Doug Holt 

Tarah Horner 

James Hosmer 

Greg Houde 

Jen Hunter 

Ann Hurd 

Eric Johnson 

Tara Jones 

Karen Kehrmyer 

Jill Kelly 

Ronnie Kludzik 

Dana Kozak 

Ryan Kudirka 

Pam Kuphal 

Michelle Lallier 

Mark Lawry 

Jacqueline Lazzara 

Kristen Lehan 

Adriene Lemay 

Trent Liberatore 


Ron Malouin 

John Marland 

Jim Marshall 

James Martinous 

Laurie Masterson 

Michael Mayer 

Angela McCann 

Meghan McCollum 

Bridget Monahan 

Chris Montanaro 

Stephen Moore 

Sean Moriarty 

Morse Nathaniel 

Lisa Movsessian 

Beth Muething 

Ed Neale 

Coleen O'Brien 

Kevin O'Neil 

Lisa Olson 

Veena Pandey 

Chris Passanisi 

Stephanie Pavao 



BB*''$ _fl] 


^W ■ ■( , mm JC 





1 M 

i i 

WTwf do you think, Saturday night? — Asha Nadkarni, Sean 


Blair Phinney 

Vance Pirone 

Michael Pollock 

David Pope 

Abby Powell 

John Powers 

Gwyn Reitenauer 

Wendy Rettman 

Jessica Roper 

Kevin Rousseau 

Edgar Ruiz 

Bill Rumley 

Anthony Russo 

Sean Richard 

Kimberly Richards 

Eni ■** i 

John Rietz 

■Pi " 

Cheryl Rogaris 

Wk &* 

Holly Rollins 

m. *_. - 

^^Hylf~ / 


Donald Ryan 

Scott Schaier 

William Shedd 

Lynn Simpson 

Jenifer Slaney 

Brent Smith 
Bruce Smith 
Jeremy Snook 
Jeff Soloway 
Jen Spinney 

Steven Stafford 

Eric Sullivan 

Walter Sylvester 

Greg Theberge 

Micah Thompson 

Judy Trepstra 

Nicholas Vito 

1-2-3, Push! — Cross-Country 

£ ft % * ■ 

' W 
im «R wv « m«. . 


Kristin Wachtel 
Brenda Wagstaff 
Janet Wagstaff 

Renee Waldon 
Allison Walker 
Debbie Watts 

KP'S Mascots 


1— — . — — — — . „-. t 

winning float 


Is he looking now? — JOAN AND MARC 

Well, is it in here somewhere! — Steph Coll 

Jessie and Dawn 

cj o 

Look at the wood, not the girls! — Jim Swell 


Kelly F. — Treasurer, Kerri A. — Secretary, Jeanne F. — Vice President, Gina C. — President 

2 To Go 


1. Tasha Pollard, Sandy Wood, & Amy Brown — Vz the sophomore class. 

2. The lockers that are actually locked — Karolyn Bourne 

3. The one with the California Raisins all over it — Becky Washer 

1. Boring — Kim Hender 

2. Inhouse — Tasha Milanese & Craig Robinson 

3. 7 periods of Hell! — Frank Rose 


1. My blind dog ate it — Jr. Weaver 

2. I got stuck in my locker — Stacy Holland & Jen Hudson 

3. But I have amnesia — Michelle Salisbury 

1. If you reverse 1991 you still get 1991 — Anonymous 


1. Lock a teacher out of his room, (with a full class inside) and pretend not to see him trying to 
get in — Liam Sullivian 

2. Stealing a dead cat from Mr. Shmidt's room — Tara Gallagher 

3. Put saran wrap on the bathroom toilet — Keith Conley 


Keri Alsworth 
Braden Andrews 
Lisa Aniserowicz 
Chris Arado 
Andy Arnold 

Brian Atkinson 
Sarah Austin 
Heather Baker 
Greg Banks 
Joan Barry 

Becky Bellavance 
Abby Bender 
Kirk Bogardus 
Daniel Boone 
Karolyn Bourne 

Veronica Boyle 
Karl Bremlist 
Amanda Brown 
Robert Buchanen 
Tom Buckley 

Mike Burns 
Ali Caiazza 

Leah Calleaux 
James Campbell 

Life's a bleach 


Mike Carr 

Joanna Carter 

Gina Casamenti 

Rick Castelo 

Heather Castoldi 

Tom Casey 

Rick Chamberlain 

Scott Charette 

Jason Chianca 

Keith Collins 

Keith Conley 

Craig Connolly 

Heather Coulsey 

Carrie Crehan 

Heidi Curtis 

Jim Davis 

John Deaulieu 

John Debagis 

Sam Deforest 

Kimberly Deschamps 

Heather Dixon 

George Doherty 

Jill Doherty 

Heather Drake 

Steve Droste 

Becky Dwelley 

Cyndi Dynan 

Monika Ely 

Jeff Famole 

Jeff Fallon 


Jeanine Farrell 

Deborah Ferrone 

Kelly Flynn 

Debbie Figurell: 

Shawn Fisher 

Derek Franklin 

Joey Frey 

Tara Gallagher 

Vicki Gardner 

Susan Genovese 

Ellen Grady 
Tracey Graham 


David Grecho 
Kathy Griswold 
Stacee Grote 
Michele Grzenda 
Lana Guerra 

Diana Gulino 
Tara Hall 
William Hall 
Lisa Hallett 
Nina Hallett 

Steve Hamilton 
Kim Hamwey 
Chris Harcovitz 
Christian Hazel 
Mia Hazlett 

Amy Healy 
Kim Hender 
Elise Herman 
Gail Holland 
Stacey Holland 

Becky Holster 
Jamie Horton 

Marcus Huston 
Amy Hudson 

Somebody shoot her. — Tricia Molloy, Tracey Graham 


Jen Hudson 
Christine Hovey 
Doug Johnston 
Renee Joly 
Jen Jones 

Jen Keilen 
Jason Kenerson 
Lisa Kenny 
Jen Kettell 
Chris Killian 

Brian Malagrida 
Shawn Malouin 
Bob Mannering 
Nicole Manning 
Michael Matthews 


Asha Nadkarni 
Carolyn Nagle 
Andrew Neale 
Diane Nelson 
Todd Nicodemus 

Debbie Noble 
Joanne Noble 
Doug Noonan 
Jen Palos 
Rashmi Pandey 

Bill Payne 
Jace Pearson 
Ann Pelletier 
Matt Pellefier 
Mike Pepin 

James Perrotti 
Kenneth Phillips 
Heather Picket 
Jen Pikarsky 
Tasha Pollard 

Mike Puccio 
Steve Raymond 
Paul Reinhardt 
David Ricci 
Craig Robinson 

Mark Robinson 
Kyle Rocket 
Frank Rose 
Keri Ross 
Aaron Rousseau 


Doug Rowe 

Jenette Sabbag 

Michelle Salisbury 

Doloris Savadyga 

Arianna Schneider 

Kathleen Scofield 

Matt Sekula 

Jen Shore 

Laura Siekman 

Coleen Silver 

Andy Sloper 

Mike Smith 

Joseph Sparks 

Dave Spoor 

Craig St. Armand 

Michael St. Pierre 
Liam Sullivan 

Mike Sullilvan 
Derek Swanson 

Doug Swarr 
Steven Sylvester 

It's strawberry time! — Kim Hamwey 


David Thorp 
Brenda Tierney 
Jake Tirado 
Eric Todd 
Merry Toll 

Rob Trainor 
Brian Treeful 
Joanne Triano 
Mike Unterweger 
Mark Videto 

Vincent Villano 
Mark Vitelli 
Tom Waldon 
Jeff Wall 
Becky Washer 

Francis Weaver 
Craig Weiss 

Debbie Wilson 
Denise Wilson 

Sandy Wood 
Jean Yau 


Brenden M. — President, Erin T. — Secretary, Bonnie M. — Treasurer 

At The Beginning 


Sit at a table with as many friends as you can fit, talk non-stop and eat occasionally. — 


It goes by too fast! — Sharolyn Andrews 


All my books were stolen. — Steve Bencivenga 

I fell into the swimming pool. — Anonymous 

I fell up the stairs. — Julie Carlson 


Lost. — Alex Race 

Nervous and excited — Helen Whitbread 

I was confused but liked it. — Kerry Walsh 


Stay in 8th grade. — Frank Sorrento 

There is no pool on the 3rd floor. — Anonymous 

Wear strong underwear — Anonymous 


Yes — Class of 1992 



John Abril 
Jason Accord 
Robert Andrews 
Ann Andrews 
Rebekah Andrews 

Dawn Booth 
Camilla Bowes 

Sharalyn Andrews 
Emily Antonellis 
Jeffrey Asci 
Rebecca Bailey 
Mike Barbera 

Jamie Barrette 
Steve Bencivenga 
Jana Berman 
Rachel Bettencourt 
Tim Beutler 

Look it's moving! 


Sarah Braga 
John Brennick 
Leslie Brinson 
Kelly Britnall 
Danielle Brown 

Melissa Bryant 
Luke Caccipaglia 
Chris Carew 
Julie Carlson 
Amy Carroll 

Christina Casiano 
Andy Castro 
Gerald Canelli 
Ann Chagnon 
Candace Cherry 

Stefani Clark 
Stacy Clark 

Christopher Cleveland 
Debbie Confbrto 

Chris Conklin 
Steven Conlin 

Is this really edible? — Alison Moore, Jen Macrae 


This is easier than I thought! — Philip Rogaris 

Joseph Lawrence 
Lorena Levesque 

Michelle Lennihan 
Jeff Lizotte 

A typical freshman day. 

David Kenistan 
Vicki Kudirka 

Carolyn Lamothe 
Eugene Langlais 

A ~* - . ^ C — TBB 
M, ~ - vB ^*fl ■" *" 

1 BK^&ii -^^ ■■ bb ^IBB bm > ^ 

^Ht::^% -"^r" jBb ^Bt - - i^^^B ^B— '■'" *i si 

BBBJ r !| *■-*> '" "^** B^BfeBB Jr\ 
W^t «| B^j m0w^ 

BB» V1f y V^S 

J0* .*• > 

^B m^^vx; 

k / IbbbM^SSS 

Anthony Longabard 
Bonnie MacDonald 
Darren MacEachern 
Dylan Mackey 
Jenifer Macrae 

Darren Mahoney 
Jim Malcolmson 
Jebecka Manchester 
Myriah Martucci 
Barri McCarthy 


, is s. s 



w aS 


Same class different day! 

\ * V / 

Kevin McCasland 
Laura McGill 

James McGloin 
Shortna McLaughlin 

Kristopher McNamara 
Steve McNeil 

Maria Menyo 
Brendon Monahan 

M ^^ •oSF ■■■ 

*'f ;;■••';' ...."' 

sr '^ate- \> 



■* 1 

'1 Ik i* 


r "v3 ^^ 




■Hp / /M 



^^ ^^*^|r^fl^ 

1 %/ ~ 

■■■ : :: «BEt .1; 


Keep .your eyes on f/ie copy. — Jacqui Schmirler 

Alison Moore 
Jason Morganelli 
Jason Mullaney 
Joseph Natoli 
Brian Olson 

Carl Olson 
Brenda Operach 
Maurice Ouimet 
Stephen Parasridtides 
Joseph Parslow 


Thomas Phelan 

v, ■ 

Matthew Pincanso 

X . 

Timothy Pike 


Dana Pisani 



Sean Pollck 

4 t 



4MMf pPH 

UKir -*w 

•« jj 

Michelle Power 


Charlie Pyne 
Alex Race 

; :J^H : " " 

Liza Regina 


Jason Richardson 

Jim Passanisi 
Robert Patterson 
Meridith Pezold 

Jen Ritchie 
Tave Roberts 
Philip Rogaris 
Kimberly Schaier 
Jacquie Schmirler 

Brice Sheapardson 
Tim Sigman 
Frank Sorrento 
Paul Spoor 
Kerry St jf fork 

Melissa Stoddard 
Tara Summer 
Sharon Sundberg 
Tracy Sutcliffe 
Danielle Taylor 


Brian Texeira 
Doug Tepstra 
Brian Thomas 
Skye Tirado 
Amy Topham 

Dave Toubeau 

Erin Turner 

Shad Vick 

Laurieann Villano 

Kurt Vanttausen 

Donna Wagner 
Kerry Walch 
Sean Walsh 

Krian Wason 

Christine Watts 

Michelle Weaver 

Helen Whitbread 

Bobby White 

David Wigglin 

Evan Williams 

Gabriel Woloff 

Craig Wood 

Robert Young 

Michelle Zassenhaus 


Tracy Graham 

Jamie Horton 


Becky Dwelley and Doug Swarts 

Melissa Stoddard and Todd Howard 


Melissa Stoddard 

Jen Kettell 




.. •!:;;;•: .(■;:( 
■■■:■'■,■■■ >.:'■■ fw 
' . . 

It's going, going, it's gone!!!!! 
Paul Palino 

First Row: Gerry Benson, Gordon Murray, Doug Dixon, NeilKavanaugh, Scott Schaier, Kevin Ray, Tom Lazay. 
Second Row: Coach Dwyer, Rick Chamberlin, Blair Phiney, Paul Palino, Mark Lawry, Brian Crocker, Derek 
Secada, Tom Carter, Wendy Davis Mgr., Captain — Gerry Benson, Gordon Murray, Doug Dixon 

Did I Hit that? 
Gerry Benson 

, **!,, * 

"Where's the ball?' 
Neil Kavanaugh 


"Strike three — you're out!?!" 
Doug Dixon 

"Bite your tongue, I'm back!" 
Doug Dixon 



Players try to do 
their best on the 

"What is that?" 

Karen Wessenger and Maria Suarez 



With the greatest of ease 
Sarah Mick 

A little Mangled 
Nancy Killelea 

"Can I reach it?' 
Carrie Costa 

First Row: Maria Suarez, Linda Operach, 
Kim Reid, Jen Chamberlin, Karen 
Wessinger, Sarah Mick. Second Row: 
Coach Goldberg, Kim Conefrey, Barbara 
Bredvick, Veronica Boyle, Carrie Costa, 
Nancy and Michelle Killelea. Captains — 
Kim Reid and Karen Wessinger 


Take a lap 
boys' track team 

A strong finish 
Jeff McCarthy 

The hand-off 

Steve Brady and Torben Rytoken 

"Excuse me while I kiss the sky 
Kevin O'Neil 

First Row: Coach Ed Clark, 
K. Connely, K. Rocket, P. 
Flattly, J. Mahoney, A. 
Robinson, C. Boone, T. 
Lovely, M. Sullivan, N. Vito, 
M. Seccula, J.R. Weaver, 
Coach Rose. Second Row: J. 
McCarthy, M. Costa, K. 
Ayotte, S. Brady, P. 
Boucher, J. Marland, E. 
Sullivan. Third Row: M. 
Digris, J. Webster, S. Nel- 
son, J. Texeirs, F. Long- 
obard, T. Rytoken, D. Berry, 
Coach Gisford (NS) Captain 
— Steve Nelson, Doug Berry 
(Not Shown) 

■■t J^mi t*»i i^m 


Sprint from the 
line and Jump that 


First Row: J. Roper, K. Kuza, J. Wisneiwski, L. McDonald, S. Latham, L. Calzaretta, P. Breen, R. Kludzic. Second Row: S. 
Pavao, A. Ciaizza, S. Wood, S. O'Connor, J. Spink, A. Romsey, A. Horton, S. Faulkner. Third Row: M. Ely, C. Damato, C. 
McMorrow, G. Tasker, J. DiPlacido, M. Cataldo, D. Anderson, M. Muir, B. Dillon, J. Farrell, Coach Bremer. Captains: Lexia 
Calzaretta and Stacy Latham 

"I can fly!" 
Mony Ely 

Why did she stop running?!!!!!!! 
Coach Bremer 

"Where is the finish line?" 
Jen Wisneiwski 

Take a lap 
Girls' track team 

"Where are my feet?' 
Paula Breen 


SAFE! K. Hayes 

First Row — T. Baker, B. Birkbeck, K. Hayes, D. Puccio, J. Faford, N. Murthing. Second Row — Coach Hartley, K. Cooke, J. 
Smith, B. Howell, P. Barton, D. Kuta, B. Monahan, L. Movsessian, P. Griswald, Mgr. 

Co for it! Run now 
and steal second 

Watch me do a cartwheel. J. Smith 

What did she do that for? P. Barton 

K. Cooke executing a perfect bunt. 


In Action. P. Barton 

A word of advice. Coach Hartley 

Please don't hit me! — D. Kuta 

A perfect swing. K. Hayes 

Coach Hartley 

First row — K. Hamwey, S. Fer- 
nandez, J. Holbrook, A. Braga, K. 
Flynn, G. Casamenti, L. Morette. 
Second Row — J. Carter, L. 
Eppley, M. Grzenda, P. Kuphal, K. 
Griswald, C. Nagle, K. Lehan, F. 
Gallagher, L. Seikman, Coach Zeig- 


Varsity Field Hockey Back Row — Coach N. Towers, Gayle Tasker, Joan Faford, Debe Anderson, Barbara 
Bredvik, Lisa Haines, Dawn Ross, Cathy Intreri, Carolyn Nagle, Kim Backlund. Front Row — Deb Watts, 
Cristine Montenaro, Michelle Killelea, Copt. Nancy Killelea, Copt. Deidre Sullivan, Crissy Watts, Meg Muir, 
Jen Belland. 


To left — Joan and Jen 
discussing their strategy. 

Players strive for 
excellence on the 


Below to left — Junior 
varsity bench. Below — 
Gayle dodging her 

■ 3? 22 

First Row — D. Brown, V. Boyle, H. Witbread, B. McCarthy, L. Grady, K. Finley, C. Garza. Second Row — M. 
Bryant, S. Finley, M. McCollum, K. Lehan, H. Rollins, S. Pavao, J. Arnold, W. Retman, C. Hoyle. Third Row 
— S. Clark, N. Giovanoni, N. Lomas, K. Stafford, B. McDonald, A. Grote, B. Andrews, C. Lamothe, C. Moore, 
Coach Walker. 


Hit a homerun then 
run around the 


First Row — M. Moran, P. Sullivan, S. Grazenda, J. Romsey, M. Treeful, P. Carlow, SecondRow — Coach Lombard, G. Theberg, R. 
Levesque, S. Kelly, J. Weir, J. Gabbard, M. Larson, K. Bogardis Mgr. 

I wish he'd throw the ball 
Paul Carlow 

Mom, Help!!!!! 
Sean Kelly 

Good Job 
Coach Lombard 

First Row: D. Vanfleet, R. Clontz, B. 
Smith, A. Barkley, J. Faulkner, S. 
Richard, L. Smith. Second Row: Coach 
Schmidt, P. Clark, M. Constantine, B. 
Smith, C. Lewicki, E. Johnson, J. Powers, 
S. Cimo 

Ed Moran with the wind up 

the pitch the strike!!! 

"0if" ? | 

*'W PS f% <-> 

Wtliwly. HHH 

mmmmmmw^ ^^* ^ m mmT^t^ 


mm mm^^i.1 k fli ^^ 

1" J 



1 *J > 

H^fl ll mmmmW ^mm%-mMMmmmmm* 

LiZ»Jrv * ^ /? 7L 3T* 

Jt — tt 


imm \ 

m il . 'J w I *ir s 
& n A 1 4 /I J ■ i 1 


First Row: B. Andrews, M. Pepin, 
B. Malagrida, E. Todd, D. Gill, S. 
Kramer, D. Collins. Second Row: 
Coach Carneiro, J. Luke, A. 
Arnold, C. Turner, S. Hamilton, B. 
Treeful, M. Humpfrey, J. Wall. 


1st Row: S. Fernandez, Mgr. C. Boone, P. Paulino, S. Kelly, J. Gabbard, T. Carter, A. Robinson, J. Vick, M. Jarrett, B. Monahan, Mgr. 2nd. Row: 
K. Rousseau, E. Todd, A. Russo, M. Pepin, T. Lazay, G. Balise, B. Monahan, J. Soloway, D. Marino, M. Byron, C. Fici, Coach Carnerio. 

» m ■ 



'Who should I aim for?" Eric Todd 

Above — What team work!! 
Below left — Greg doing his leg lifts. 
Bottom right — Sean sliding into home base!! 


Caught in the net!! Jason Gabbard 

Kick the ball and 
send it straight 



1st Row: S. Masterson, A. Romsey, A. Horton, S. Faulkner, J. Smith, Joyce, K. Cooke. 2nd Row: C. Damato, N. Hallett, K. Hamwey, E. 
Grady, J. Sabbag, P. Barton, G. Casamente, Coach Myette. 

Go! K. Flynn 

Please dov't kick me!! K. Hamwey 

In Agony K. Cooke 


Front row: S. Hamwey, D. Sikut, J. Faulkner, M. Larson, J. Pannetiere, J. NcCarthy, P. Carlow, J. Weir, A. Paul, D. Gala, J. Burhardt, M. 
Tobichuk, M. Moran, E. Keene, J. Holland. 2nd row: G. Theberge, S. Brady, M. Thompson, R. Newton, C. Pungitore, C. Lewiki, J. Morganelli, 
T. Daley, A. Nicodemus, D. Oldread, G. Pisani, M. Weaver, G. Garza, A. Barkley, J. Marland, J. Powers, R. Clonz. 3rd row: S. Richards, E. 
Paulson, J. Hosmer, B. Smith, D. Burns, J. Rietz, S. Cimo, G. Ames, N. Vito, M. Cacciapaglia, B. McEvoy, E. Johnson, A. Gerrie, M. 
Constantine, J. Martinous, B. Smith, K. Daley, M. Dittrich, M. Creegan. 4th row: Head Coach Pariseau, Asst. Coach Burrill, Jr. Asst. Coach 
Hartnet, Jr. Asst. Coach Hartley, S. Cady, D. Gill, D. Grecho, T. Ecker, T. Walden, B. Mannering, J. Sparks, B. Malagrida, B. Atkinson, A. 
Arnold, J. Horton, R. Castello, Coach Rose, Asst, Coach Pariseau, Asst. Coach Kummer, Asst. Coach Schmidt. 

Matt on the run. 

K.P. 's alert defense. 

Above — The mighty offensive line. 
Below — A strategic time out. 

The crowds are 
cheering, it's 




Top row: Coach Hartnet, J. Morganelli, W. Cameron, A. Castro, M. Tibbetts, Coach Hartley, M. Picanzo, F. Surrento, D. Pisani, J. Gagliatta, D. 
Daley, Coach Wardner. Middle row: C. Dunfey, J. Destefano, M. Oliver, Almond, Cleveland, P. Spoor, M. Deveraux, J. Bishop, J. Lewiki. Front 
row: B. Moovey, G. Foster, D. McEachern, C. Pine, J. Connolly, S. Lizotte, J. Lawrence, T. Pike. 



S' a 





Asst. Coach Phil Wardner, Asst. Coach Tom Hartley, Asst. Coach Jay Hartnet, Trainer John Rose. Bottom: Asst. Coach GigPariseau, Head Coach 
Mike Pariseau, Asst. Coach Bill Kummer, Asst. Coach Tom Schmidt. 

Capt. Paul Carlow, Capt. Jim Weir, Head Coach Mike Pariseau, Capt. Aaron Paul. 


They keep running 
even when it gets 


First Row: Jeanette Funk, Pam 
Barton, Jen Wisnewski, Alycia 
Braga, Abby Bender. Second 
Row: Coach Zeigler, Sandy 
Wood, Angie Duczakowski, 
Asha Gosh, Michelle Doane, 
Michelle Grazenda, Lisa Kenny, 
Coach Berteletti. Captains: Jen 
Wisneiwsi, Alycia Braga, and 
Pam Barton 


First Row: Mike Sullivan, Eric Sullivan, Torgun Lovely, Peter Boucher, Derek Berry, Vance Pirone, JeffMahoney. Second Row: Coach Zeigler, 
Manny Costa, Tim Holmes, Steve Hamilton, KirkBogardus, Scott Kramer, Matt Seccula, PaulFlattly, KyleRockett, Coach Berteletti. Captain: 
Peter Boucher 


L-R Back Row: Brian Crocker, Jace Pearson, Scott Schaier, Mike Casavant, Craig Weiss, Coach Cosentino. Front L-r-Dana 
VanFleet, Chris Ozslewski, Rob Truitt, Rob Pfischner, Mike Gormley. 

Chris scratching his back. 

Why am I carrying these? Rob Truitt 

Easy does it — Rob Pfischner 

It's in there. Dana VanFleet 


Golfers swing to 
new heights on the 


Mr. Fairfield presents Aaron with an award. 

Coach Tower congratulates Jen as she gives her her 

Mr. Edmonston and Coach Carneiro congratulate 
Sean on an excellent year. 


1 s4 ' V "ll 



/ . f . * .*■ ■ ■ 

'- •' / -' -- 

I'Av^Pl'- IPisSrelS 

I r 


Steve on fne /ou/ /me. 

/?. Levesque, S. Brady, J. Andrews, D. Berry, J. Pannitierre, S. Hamwey. Top row I to r. J. Vick, B. McElroy, B. 
Oram, S. Kelly, G. Balise, K. O'Neil, Missing: Coach Jackman 

Steve stealing the ball 

Sean caught in tight defense 

Greg and Coach Jackman making fun of each other 

Bill — Shooting from inside 


Front row: I tor — L. Sullivan, C. Dunfey, B. Malagrida, S. Droste, S. Raymond. Top row: I tor — B. White, J. Lizotte, G. Foster, J. DeStefano, C. Robataille, R. 
Top Row: I to r — B. Mannering, D. Gill, B. Thomas, J. Horton, B. Atkinson. Patterson, Coach T. Hartley. Bottom row: I to r — K. Von Hausen, R. Duimet, A. 

Race, M. Gamble, C. Garrity, B. Hunsacker, C. Cleveland 

Sean shooting a three pointer. 

Steve grabbing the rebound. 

John heading down court. 

Derek and Randy resting for the "BIG" game. 

Dribble the ball 
downcourt for a 


Coach Jackman and the Varsity bench. 


First Row: J. Faford, J. Palos, D. Kuta, S. Mick Copt. , S. Schmirler Capt. , P. Barton, C. Damato, K. Davis. 
Second Row: Asst. Coach DiGivanni, Asst. Coach K. Hartley, C. O'Brien, E. Grady, T. Baker, A. Braga, J. 
Holbrook, W. Rettman MGR., D. Anderson MGR (not shown), Coach Schmidt. 

Sarah reaching for a rebound. 

Time out for a pep talk. 

Sandi going strong. 

The K.P. trap. 

Jump above the 
net and grab the 


Joan taking a shot. 


First Row: G. Holland, K. Kuza, J. Shore, E. Grady, K. Davis, A. Braga, W. Rettman Mgr., 
(Not Shown), Coach Hartley. Second Row: J. Sabbag, K. Flynn, T. Gallagher, M. Hazlett, J. 
Keilan, K. Hamwey. 

Jen going up strong. 

4 *> k 

Varsity captains Sandi Schmirler and Sarah Mick with Coach Schmidt. 

Sandi from the line. 

First Row: D. Wagner, J. Shcmirler, M. Gallimore, K. Walsh, E. Turner, L. Hansen, B. Costa, Coach 
DiGivanni. Second Row: K. Stafford, L. Flannery, H. Blood, N. Givanoni, M. Weaver, J. MacRae. 

Joan outside. 


"Hey! There's an ant on this floor!" Andy Gerrie 

Back Row: Assist. Coach Rich Davis, Assist. Coach Mark Olszewski, Luke Cacciapaglia, Eric Todd, Aaron Nic- 
odemus, Chris Janes, Mark Carew, Eric Paulsen, Andy Gerrie Jessie Darling, Paul Griep, James Arsenault, Dan 
Giovanoni, Coach Lee Wardner. Front Row: Dan Gaines, Jace Pearson, Frogger Carew, Dana Pisani, Shad Vick, Dan 
Boone, Brian Treeful, Dan Castello, Chris Olszewski, Derrick Miller. Tri-Captains: Mike Cacciapaglia, Mark Wood, 
Peter Megna. 

"Aren't you glad you use Dial?" 

"This way, Darling" 

'Please don't leave me! Mike Cacciapaglia 

"Go ahead, kiss my leg?" 


1st row: Kelly Brintnall, Becky Dunbar, Kimberly Schaier, Vicki Kadurka. 2nd row: Carolyn Bourne, 
Janeen Farrell, Becky, Keri Allsworth, Lea Calleaux, Moni Ely, 3rd. row: Coach Buffy, Holly Rollins, 
Jessie Roper, Kris Wachtel. 

Buffy takes a break. 


JSr' . ■ ■■ ^BE^ : ' .: w& 


"That water looks cold!" K. 

Tiptoeing through the tulips — Holly Rollins. 

Ready for take-off — Jessis Roper 

"Who emptied the waterfront the pool?" Keri Allsworth 

"Wow this hurts?" Jessie Roper 


L to R: Coach Buchanio, Kristen Sutcliff, Christine Kelly, Kiki Thomas, Jen Holbrook, Colleen O'Brien, Tasha Pollard. Front Row: Moni Ely, Tara Kiley, Jackie 
DiPlacido, Cheryl McMorrow, Jen Barrett. 

Above: Cheerleaders cheering at a pep rally. To the right: Jackie and Christ- 
ine checking out the football players. Basketball Cheerleaders (No Picture 
Available): Capts. J. DiPlacido and C. McMorrow; C. Kelly, D. Monahan, 
K. Thomas, J. Spink, K. Sutcliff, L. Haynes, G. Tasker, K. Backlund, T. 
Pollard, A. Cayatza. 

■k life**' 

'< J Iff iv^B 

ffff^^^B HE KHiPV 

19™ ■ ^ v v 

Bfir •■■9 

IV^- ' "^ 


Earmold j« 

* i 







Top Row (L to R) — Asst. Coach Libatore, Art Cronin, Darren Daley, Keith Daley, Blair Phinney, Anthony 
Russo, Dana Kozak, Trent Libatore, Tom Buckley, Mike Constantine, Matt Dittrich, J.R. Weaver, Mark 
Deverqux, Tom Keegan, Jay Malloy. Bottom Row: (L to R) — Jay Dube, Dave Burns, Dana Vanfleet, Tom 
Daley, Paul Carlow, Nick Pasquantonio, Ken Cook, Chris Bourque, Chris Killian. 

Dana Vanfleet and Ken Cook 

Tom Daley 

Captains — Coach Art Cronin, Tom Daley, Nick Pasquantonio, Paul Carlow. 


Mike Constantine 

Mike Constantine, and Chris Killian 

Paul Carlow, Keith Daley, Matt Dittrich, Mike Constantine 

watch out for 

the man behind the 



*<*>,*, +i 

tb# j*°- 

Top i?oiv: (L to I?) — Coach White, Torgan Lovely, Manny Costa, Eric Sullivan, Joe Holland, John Burhart, Rich Hall, Allen 
Robinson, Jamie Faulkner, Derek Await, Vance Pirone, Ryan Kudirka, Coach Clarke. Middle Row (L to R) — Chris Lewicki, 
Kirk Bogarus, Scott Kramer, Mike Sullivan, Matt Sekula, Mark Robinson, JeffMahoney, Kyle Rocket, Jamie Barrett, Scott 
Schaier. Bottom Row (L to R) — Keithy Ayotte, Brian Crocker, Rodney Sutcliffe, Jeff McCarthy, Peter Boucher, John Ritize, 
Tim Grimes, Mike Casavant, James Dougery. 

Eric Sullivan 

John Burhart 


Bottom Row (L to R) — Lisa Kenney, Jen Bolyn, Shannon Faulkner, Deb Watts, Michelle Doane, Michelle Grazenda, Angie 
Duczakowski. Middle Row (L to R) — Alison Grote, Chrissie Watts, Carolyn Lamothe, Veronica Boyle, Bonnie MacDonald, 
Barri McCarthy, Helen Whitbread, Tracy Sutcliffe, Stephanie Pavao. Top Row: (L to R) — Coach White, Jen Hunter, Dana 
Yemon, Heidi Curtis, Kathy Griswald, Carolyn Nagle, Becky Sharp, Jean Yau, Sandra Pennacchio, Monica Gonzales, Asha 
Gosh, Coach Clarke. 

Stephanie Pavao 

Lisa Kenney 

^T 5 ^ 




3 44 


,:«., JKaaHKKaa' 


■<:$:<■$ .i ■* :< .< :< .i :< .* :< :*: 


:t;;i<:f. <:;*>:;';! :i:<;r;;;':i 

;<:;U:i':!;{:c{:.;;j:!:j ! ,<:j<( 



i aa&aaiiaiA:A;ja»a 



a?'" '■■<:<i!a:<a;<i<: 




*a.» A .;aa;5aa;i '*a:.- 

;!!|:rtj:i - .!.-f!):<Vf!j:<ty 

V { 

to&aijWliW;:-; 1 .;;'.;*; 

*(■' 'aaa.<:^-; 


■a:*.. :f5?:i:;:!3 

> ' < '•!• < 


:.'-'■■;. (Sail? 

■ «J^S 

■■■ : ::;! J5^B 


■:-■ .■:<:■;'-:• 

34 .f—IS^ 


frr . 





Ssassfeife; ,a%S. 

^S 3-«3 i^By~.-^ 

j, -.„„ ■ 


i itin i ipi' aigg 
tmlmii i i'jt s 

: " ■■:■. . 

itSeSaSaSs tBsKsfisa% 

SaSalSaa feeafisate 

fiaaaaaaaa "aaaa- ta" '*a 1 ' 



i I -M-- ' 



»»»... ,.»aa 

:.\.:.':?;;:<-::!;«:i„., .,.,>{« 

i:A:t'ti i-:;iater;:<:<a -: '■;;■: 


< : ';< : i 




Chieftain is the King Philip's yearbook 
staff. This dedicated group is the one 
that makes this entire book possible. 
This year we had a large number of sup- 
porters who have all contributed in small 
ways to make the finished product — the 
class of 1989's memorable yearbook. 
Chieftain meets nearly every Tuesday 
evening for three hours throughout the 
school year to design pages, write inter- 
esting captions to enthrall you the 
readers, take candid photos, and, most 
of all, to meet the dreaded deadlines . It is 
a lot of work — all fun, of course — but it 
all seems to get done even when we did 
not think it would. The Chieftain staff 
hopes you are happy with this yearbook 
and we wish luck to the class of 1990 to 
have an equally successful yearbook. 

Below are our Chieftain editors-in-chief, Barbara 
Bredvik and Elizabeth Bender. 

Mrs. Helen Cooper, below, is the advisor of Chieftain. She is a very busy lady as she 
directs and controls everything that goes on in this yearbook. The yearbook staff 
depends on her for so much and we cannot thank her enough. 


ibove is a group of Chieftain staff hard at work. 

r he girls at the right attended a yearbook workshop 
>ver the summer at Westfield State College. They are, 
rom left, Linda Howard, Carrie Costa, Kim Hender, 
\nd Laura Seikman. 

At top left are staff members Derek Berry and Karen 

Above is editor-in-chief Liz Bender who wishes she 
could just fly out that door but she knows she must 
meet a deadline. 



Sachem is the King Philip literary maga- 
zine. The purpose of the club is to raise 
scholarship money to be awarded to a 
selected senior who plans to attend col- 
lege following graduation. With Dr. 
Goldman as their advisor, the Sachem 
staff releases a monthly newsletter con- 
taining poetry, stories, and information 
concerning school functions. 

TOP: Lisa Olsen, Jen Hunter, Jay Johnson, John Neste, James Wolloff. MIDDLE: Renee Walden, Mike 
Pollick, Jean Yau, Brian Olsen, Brian Teixiera. BOTTOM: Evangelyn Morse, Lee Berman, Rob Garrity, Steph- 
anie Coll 


Wkph is the school radio club. It consists 
of two pairs of senior students who take 
turns reciting the morning announce- 
ments to the school body each day. Mr. 
Geib advises the program. 

Sean Kelly, Jodie Mangor, Kelly Mannering, Derek Berry 

y.yy.y.y.y.y, y.y.y.y.y. >:>;>;;..». i, ^r-,*. >. /..•,/.,,/.,,,.,......... ->..., , 



>: );>:>»: )'.>:);>:>:>: 






,Khy.y.i\y.y.y,y % y.y.K>\r. 

rJ:y,i*.yJ:rJi >: ?: r.y.y. h}\kr i x>ihy.k 


.:>:!. y.y.y.'y.y.Ki;-.. i;>:.:J:)i 
:yJ:y.hyJi ' 





< > ( t * J v K ) tiky.i > ' » * > > * < .» J » * > » 

K>i«*iKKKKKKKHK+iKi;K>iKKft>;>:i^:H^K^*U ; M^'HJ ; 'i 


r. .,»;>;>:)) 


);>:h>: !:>:!;>: 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jen Moore, Shannon Finley, Angie Duckowski, Amy Matolla, Becky Sharp, Jen Drayhein, 
Diedre Sullivan, Rachel Unger, Andy Mills, Maria Menyo, Veena Pandri, Jeanette Funk, Myriah Martucci, 
Abby Bender, Rashmi Pandri, Jen Slaney, Jen Spinney, Holly Rollins, Asha Nadkarni, Jean Yau, Ms. Zeigler, 
Lana Guera, Jessie Roper, Katie Scoffield 


The Art Club, formed in 1987, is headed 
by art teacher Ms. Zeigler. The group 
uses their artistic talent to decorate 
school and community functions, such 
as dances as well as the annual Deca flea 


Delta is a unique one year course which 
meets one period per day. It is set up as 
an occupational elective course for aca- 
demic juniors and seniors. The Delta pro- 
gram consists of two branches divided 
into three areas: applied engineering, 
applied graphics, and graphic design. 
The intent is to attract academically- 
motivated students and expose them to 
the technology available in the voca- 
tional areas. Mr. Riley is the organizer of 
this program. 

TOP: Tom Hughes, Paul Paulino, Andy Mills, Jen Trainor. BOTTOM: Jessica Church, Gary Ames, Liz Bender, 
John Marland 


TOP: James Wolloff, Sam "Bones" Deforseat, Rich Foulkes, Brian Olsen, Mike Carr, Jay Johnson, Brian 
Teixeira. MIDDLE: Evengelyn Morse, Jean Yau, Dave Oliver, Lisa Olsen, Lee Berman. FRONT: Kurt Mattila, 
Dana Vernon, Rachel Lawry 


The Video Club, formed in 1984, is going 
on strong again this year with the fourth 
season of its newsline program. This 
weekly show documents local news, 
community events, first-release movie 
and local restaurant reviews, as well as 
the ever topical Man on the Street. Killer 
Penguin Productions produces the show 
which can be seen at 7:30 P.M. on Thurs- 
days on Wrentham cable 8. They are also 
available for weddings and birthday par- 


^ 'mm '■' *';§iv : V-Y!'i m *r ■ mm, 

mm 9 ^~ ■ • m ^.. ^^ ' ' >. . ^^* T^f 

TOP: Diane Nelson, Mike Buska, Jim Marshal, Mike Mathews, Gregg Houde, Tim Grimes, Anthony Torado. 
MIDDLE: BillShedo, Derek Franklin, Andy Morrison, Gary Ames, Tom Spadoni. FRONT: Keith MacDonald, 
Karl Bremilst, Jim Perrotti, Dave Grecho, Jill Doherty 


Vica stands for Vocational Industrial 
Clubs of America. It i a national organiza- 
tion in which trade and industry 
students have the opportunity to par- 
ticipate in competitions, programs, and 
activities in their field. Mr. Riley is the 
club's advisor. 


Mrs. Huckle puts some finishing touches on Stephanie 
Colls' make-up. In the background are Asha Nadkarni and 
Sandra Bontemps. 

Left to right: Asha Nadkarni, Liam Sullivan, and Kathy Griswald. 


The K.P. Drama Club had a large group 
of talentd and enthusiastic actors this 
year. They are headed by advisors Mr. 
Ditillio and Mrs. Huckle. This fall they 
performed a clever satire of modern-day 
television, called "The Soap Opera," 
with a mimmick of daytime soap operas 
as well as funny commercial inter- 
ruptions. The performance was a great 

Back row: Shannon Finley, Tom Hughes, Philip 
Rogaris, Doug Terpstra, Mr. Ditillio, Mrs. Huckle. 
Second row: Diedre Sullivan, Liam Sullivan, Jamie 
Barret, Stephanie Coll, Sandra Bontemps, Joanne 
Noble, Laura Finn. Third row: Abby Bender, Asha 
Nadkarni, Kim St. Amand, Erika Pitt, Kathy 
Griswald, Lisa Olsen, Jean Yau, Evangelyn Morse. 

Kim St. Amand, a true star of the stage. 

Laura Finn and Jamie Barret. 


U» J 

Hr rail 
BKw^ CK jI 

■■ ^E f ' 1 


CONCERT BAND TOP: EdNelae, Josh Wolloff, David Pope, P.J. Hall, Mark Robinson, Todd Nicodemus, Jeff Blood, JonLakian, Phil Page, Kurt Matilla, Jonathon 
Neske Rick Copeland. MIDDLE: Keith Mueller, Gabe Wolloff, Debra Schwartz, Shannon Finley, Jennifer Vicini, Kim Deschamps, Cara McGrath, Evangelyn Morse, 
Andy Neale, Lynn Thompson. BOTTOM: James Dougery, Joyce Holt, Leslie Brinson, Deb Noble, Michelle Lennihan, Mr. Tileston, Heidi Curtis, Jean Yau, Jen Hunter, 
Sharon Sundberg, Kristen Johnson 

COLOR GUARD TOP: Jen Trainor, Rachel Unger, Heather McAskill. MIDDLE: 
Amy Brown, Jill Kelly, Laura Schaeffer, Heather Coulsey. BOTTOM: Pam 
Johnston, Ginger Hunsacker, Jen Moore, Judy Terpstra, Becky Holster 


The King Philip Band is doing a splendid performance again this 
year. The highlight of the season came as the K.P. musicians 
marched their way to the Division II Crown at the New En- 
gland Scholastic Band Association Competition in November. 
The band marched off with all the top awards in their division 
and the second highest score of 95.3 of all thirty bands in the 
competition. The K.P. Band deserves all the awards and praise 
it gets for they work extremely hard all of the time. There were 
voluntary weekly sessions over the summer, with the "band 
camp" two weeks before school commenced in September. 
With this effort and dedication, the band is sure to remain a 
success for years to come. 


I JAZZ ENSEMBLE TOP: EdNeale, David Pope, Phil Page, Brian Teixeira, Jami Wolloff, Jay Johnson. MIDDLE: P.J. Hall, Jeff Blood, Jon Lakian, Rick Copeland, Kurt 
Matilla, Rich Foulkes. BOTTOM: Josh Wolloff, Joyce Holt, Debra Schwartz, James Dougery, Mark Robinson, Andy Neale, Lynn Thompson 

BRASS ENSEMBLE TOP: Ed Neale, Jeff Blood, Rick Copeland, Jon Lakian BOTTOM: Joyce Holt, James Dougery, Mark Robinson, Andy Neale, Lynn Thompson 


RIGHT: Lynn Thompson (first 
trumpet orchestra), David Pope 
(first tenor sax band), Jeff Blood 
(trombone jazz band) 

fer Trainor (Assistant Color 
Guard Cpt.), Rachel Unger 
(Color Guard Cpt.), Debra 
Schwartz (Drum Major), Phil 
Page (Percussion Section 



FLUTE ENSEMBLE TOP: Gabe Wollof, Heidi Curtis, Cara McGrath, Kim Des- BAND COUNCIL TOP: Jeff Blood (Pres.), Phil Page (Vice Pres.), MIDDLE: 
champs. BOTTOM: Leslie Brinson, Joyce Holt, Shannon Finley, Debbie Noble, Michelle Lennihan (freshman rep), Jen Hunter (sec.) Cara McGrath (yearbook), 
Michelle Lennihan, Jen Hunter Evangelyn Morse (yearbook) BOTTOM: Rachel Unger (Color Guard Cpt), Lynn 

Thompson (Librarian), Kurt Mattila (Bulletin Board), Debra Schwartz (Drum 



TOP: Miss Manteca, Missy Gallimore, Kim Schaier, John Faford, Chrissie Watts, Emily Antonellis. SECOND ROW: Andy Genie, Jeanette Sabagg, Karen Kuza, Abby 
Bender, Asha Ghosh, MonikaEly, RashmiPandri, Leslie Brinson. THIRD ROW: AndyBarkley, Steve Brady, Mark Weaver, Kimberly Thomas, SueO'Conner, MegMuir, 
Barri McCarthy. BOTTOM: Paul Carlow, Christina Damato, Shannon Faulkner, Sarah Mick, Peter, Boucher, Pam Kuphal 

Paul Carlow, Kim Thomas 


Student Council (above) is an organization of representatives from all four grades. The group organizes 
school activities as well as fund-raisers donated to community charities. With Sarah Mick as President- 
Shannon Faulkner as Vice P.; Peter Boucher as recording sec; Pam Kuphal as corresponding sec; and 
Paul Carlow as treasurer, the Student Council is having a very successful year. 

^l;tit;i:t|ia;i:!;i:l;):l;i:iii: ..->..-> ...>. ..>. -> 



>:*:>-. };>:*;>:-$;>: J:>:J:>iJ:> 


K>: >;>:!:>:^ 

UiyJ;yJ)y:y.yA:r.Sry < y:>{.t 


Regional Student Advisory Council (left) consists of delegates from-the Southern Mass. area who meet once a 
month in Lakeville, MA. Their goal is to join together and discuss matters concerning student and citizen 

Student Advisory Council Shannon Faulkner, Steve Brady, Missy Gallimore, Asha Ghosh 


TOP: Steve Brady, Paul Carlow. BOTTOM: Missy Gallimore, Shannon Faulkner, Mr. Fairfield 




The purpose of the Student Representative 
to the School Committee is for a King Phillip 
student to meet with the school board to 
participate in discussions about school 
matters. Shannon Faulkner meets with 
the K.P. school committee two Monday 
nights each month. Her alternates are 
Steve Brady, Paul Carlow, and Missy 

Michael Carr, Keri-Nicole Dillman 



he Student Improvement Council has the 
lsk of devising ideas and suggestions to 
nprove school conditions. They receive 
\oney to campaign the proposals which 
\ey feel are beneficial to the school. 



DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. It is 
a special academic program offered at King Philip which is 
very popular among juniors and seniors to whom it is avail- 
able. The club competes with others who have similar career 
goals in marketing. 

TOP: Mr. Guillemete, Cheryl Mullen, Jen Smith. MIDDLE: Mark Johnson, Sarah 
McGill, Kelly Verna, Cheryl Dominica. BOTTOM: Peter Megna, Joyce Holt, Kathy 
Stearns, Lisa Peavey. PICTURE AT RIGHT — TOP: John Acardi, Carol Sand- 
berg, JillKelly, Laurie Masterson, Mario Sarrica, MikeGormley, RayKlontz, Brian 
McEvoy, Stacey Fernandez, Nick Vito, Craig Trusevitch, Mrs. Maxell. MIDDLE: 
Tara Horner, Manny Costa, Colleen O'Brien, Micah Thompson, Donna Collins, 
Jessica Church, Jocelyn Flynn, Keith Daley, Trent Liberatore. BOTTOM: Lea Ann 
Grady, Derek Awall, Chris Bourque, Cindy Dynan, Jen Holbrook, Francie Con- 
stantine, Mike Creagen, Chrissie Desrosier, Karen Antonellis, Jen Movsessian. 

The Opening of the school store in 1988. 

ivT<W< ;!■<•(.< ■■■IF) ■<■■!* 

Mrs. Maxell shows Laurie Masterson the daily routines at the 
school store. 




Peer Leadership is a group of students from the senior, junior, and sophomore classes. They were invited to enter the group with 
l the goal of talking with groups of grammar school children from Wrentham, Norfolk, and Plainville in order to help them 
i understand how to better cope with the pressures of high school, especially drug problems. The advisors of Peer Leadership are 

Mr. Fairfield, Mr. Pariseau, and Mrs. Pfeiffer. 


Unicef is another club advised by our 
principal, Mr. Fairfield. The purpose of 
the group is to raise money from various 
fund-raisers which they donate to coun- 
tries with hunger problems. 

TOP: Mr. Fairfield, Jim Davis, Chris Killian, Brian Atkinson, Tom Lazay, Kelly Flynn, Jen Palos, Tara Hall, 
Mr. Lanciaux. SECOND ROW: Venna Pandri, Jen Slaney, Jen Spinney, Heidi Curtis, Jean Yau, Sandra Wood, 
Ali Caiazza, Merry Toll. THIRD ROW: Jeanette Sabbag, Jamie Arnold, Anna Ghosh, Sandra Bontemps, 
Rashmi Pandri, LisaKenney, Joanne Noble, HeatherDixon, Leah Calleaux. BOTTOM: JenKellen, JenKettel, 
Monika Ely, Asha Ghosh, Abby Bender, Asha Nadkarni. 

,..,,,.j.i,,.«tiKtixKr.F,Rla:i\KKK>aiKr.K,>ir,yw > > > > * > v , * ' ;> > ' >< ; > >•<,',» ' kHbRbRbrbrrr): 

:Rj:Kjn;RKRKi:Ki;>:j:j:RBRRR>uij^:w:RRr 1 R 

. I ,y. 1 y.Y^.w,i 








rbrbrrrk v ,. 




..);>: (:■>: !;>: k>; k>- k>: k.y.fy, 


.1.. j, j, ,.).,.).,.)-■ 


, .KfcBRK, ,, 

, ,Rj»:to:fy:lu:RRRRj;j 

;!:>:}.(.! i ! ' ' > ! >Jr!;i:i:):>:!:>:!:>:i:>A>:!:s:!:s:i:s:i:>:):s:i— *•■ 


.> (:; 
i:l i 

_ : V ; , 
, :>;!;>;!:: 

■ rrkkrkrbhkkrrkr}: 







:K|ii;k;[K;;i';;! ; ; 


; J: >\>:>:k r.i: rrhr >:i.i;): I 

b:t:»:t:n R>: RR R* >>> : H>1 













k /..VW s *.7 v 7. 7,/. 7 v 7. 7. 7.7^7,. 


f;>:i;>:Ji>:r v >:KJ:>:J: >;>:>;>; 








kKyykky l yy.fyy^;y r kyJ~,ykk 







• ..-.•«w.«j:RK>iRRB»iR' 

- .IRB " ' 


The Pre-Med Club is a brand new club formed just this year. The 
purpose of the club is to explore career options in medicine. 
With Theresa Johnson as President and Sandra Pennacchio as 
Vice-Pres., the Pre-Med Club is very successful so far. Their 
advisor is Mr. Fairfield. 

TOP: Michelle Power, Rashmi Pandri, Monika Ely, MIDDLE: Jean Yau, Carrie 
Costa, Nancy Killelea BOTTOM: Mr. Fairfield, Michelle Killelea, Terri Johnson, 
Sandra Pennacchio 



The National Honor Society consists of 
juniors and seniors who have showed 
strong leadership and academic quali- 
ties. Each year new juniors are selected 
and voted upon by a committee of teach- 
ers. This years juniors will be inducted in 
the spring of 1989. The goal of this or- 
ganization is to donate time and effort 
for helping out the school and the com- 

TOP: Barbara Bredvik, Kelly Mannering, Aaron 
Nicodemus, Rob Truit, Rob Pfiesner, Scott Hamway, 
Rachael linger, Diedre Sullvan, Mrs. Barrett. 
SECOND ROW: Linda Operach, Terri Johnson, 
Kevin Ray, Torgon Lovely, Paul Paulino, Deb 
Schwartz, Liz Bender, Andy Mills. THIRD ROW: 
Karen Cooke, Sandra Pennacchio, Sarah Mick, Jodie 
Mangor, Kim Thomas, Kim Conafreiy, Kim St. 
Amand, Nancy Killelea BOTTOM: Alison Romsey 
(VicePres.), Jen Smith (secretary), Derek Berry (Pres- 
ident), James Panittiere (treasurer) 


The Math League is a group of students who compete in 
Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, and Trigonometry against 
other school in the surrounding area. They have about six 
meets throughout the school year. 

TOP: Jen Kettell, Rashmi Pandri, Dana Vernon, Mrs. Barrett. SECOND ROW: 
Jen Hunter, Jean Yau, Heidi Curtis, Ronnie Kledzik, Bridget Dillon. THIRD 
ROW: Karen Cooke, Sandra Pennacchio, Kathy Griswald, Stephanie Coll, Keri- 
Nicole Dillman. FRONT: Torgon Lovely (captain), Derek Berry (captain) 

The toughest part 
is working as a 



Mike McGill, Jake Tirado, John Packer, Don Giovanoni, Greg Houde. 



The Intramural Bicycling Team was 
formed just this year by students interested 
in bicycling competitively. As of now, 
the members are going to be entering 
into area competitions in the spring and 
summer. Next year they plan to enter 
their new team into the Hockomock 
League branch. Their advisor is Mr. 



The Gym Aides are juniors and seniors 
who volunteered one class period per 
week to help organize and supervise 
physical education classes. 

TOP: Jerry Morganelli, Chris Janes, Peter Megna, Peter Boucher, Glen Piscani, Paul Carlow, Tom Daily, Mark 
Wood. MIDDLE: Stephanie Pavao, Pam Barton, Dave Gala, Jessie Darling, James Panettiere, Andy Genie. 
BOTTOM: Heather Vinson, Joan Faford, Jeremy Vick, Billy Oram, Deb Kuta, Chris Lewicki, Brian Crocker 


BOYS/GIRLS STATE Back row: J °y Johnson > Rob Truit > Billy Oram, Jeff McCarthy. Second row: James 

Damato, Glenn Piscani, Dan Guiovanni, Alan Robinson. Front row: Jerry Morgan- 
The Boys/Girls State is a group of students representing the elli, Derek Berry, Torgan Lovely. 

three towns of Norfolk, Wrentham, and Plain ville. Several 
students are nominated each year and then voted on by a com- 
mittee from their own town. The chosen students are given the 
privelege of attending a week-long seminar for academically 
notable students of the surrounding area in June. 

Left to right: Lisa Haynes, Amy Turner, Rachel Unger 


This is an award given for academic 
excellence to the top student in the two 
program departments: academics and 
vocational. Jodie Mangor received the 
award for academics while Jennifer 
Smith was rewarded with vocational 

Left to right: Mr. Fairfield, Jodie Mangor, Jen Smith, Mr. Costa. 









- * 




§§&K 4 . :. > 







•:;:*; aaa'-::; 




>;:?»!? *?; i. 







;».,. ,, faaaaKiaa:- 












•iii'j ft: 


Ssisafel^fe^. ^aS 




, -,-KJl 


*ts»-. ,«»aa&a!» 

i / . ; 


,■ S <«'>>»' > 

■ 'M':i CoV::.i:t'i*i 

«feSaj<a , 




The honor of representing the freshman class as princesses was bestowed upon Joanna Carter and Nancy Lomas. 
Representing the sophomore class was Colleen O'Brien as princess and Jen Holbrook as the lovely queen. Con- 

"Ooh, isn't that sweet?!" 

The Royal Couple, J. Holbrook and M. Tobichuk 


The years Freshman-Sophomore Semi-formal was held at Demetri's Red Snapper Restaurant on March 25, 1988. The 
theme song, "Wonderful Tonight," describes perfectly this golden event. With the guys in their suits and the gals in 
their gowns, this was a gala evening not to be missed. 

"Do you like the collar up or down?" D. Giusti and B. 

"He smiled at me!" P. Breen 


"£Tiwie> c£ 0€i/i £8tM<e& " 

On May 20, 1988, the annual King Philip Prom was held at Demetri's Red Snapper Restaurant. As the theme, "The Time of My 
Life" expresses, a good time was had by all in attendance. 

Everyone enjoyed good food, great dancing, and just plain fun, when King Philip's best put on their finest attire and danced til 

"I hate lines! Are we there yet?" 

Deirdre Monahan and Eric Spink — Faithfully! 


"I'm gonna kill him!" D. Watts 

They're having the "The Time of Their Lives"! 

Elected to the Prom Court, representing the Senior Class were Maria Suarez and Mary Ellen Texeira. Representing the 
Junior Class were Deirdre Monahan and Kristen Sutcliffe. Elected as Queen was Sonya Hoyle. Congratulations! 



1 } 1 


'- 3^H 

zaEtes**- f\ 'Mm 

MBR/1 ■ 

"He says that to everyone!" S. Hoyle 

Jessica and Donna showing those Pepsodent smiles! 

"I can't believe this!" K. Conefrey 

"Waltz with me, Baby!" M. Suarez 
and escort 








Canadian Ben Johnson, left, looks over at arch rival Carl Lewis at the finish of the 
100-meter race in the 1988 Summer Olympics at Seoul, South Korea. Johnson won the gold 
medal but was later disqualified after traces of an anabolic steroid was found in his system. 


The stars of the 1988 summer Olympics, clockwise from 
top: diver Greg Louganis won 2 gold medals; track and field 
star Carl Lewis won 2 gold (including 1 after Canadian Ben 
Johnson was disqualified) and 1 silver; Florence Griffith 
Joyner won 3 gold and 1 silver; and swimmer MattBiondi 
celebrated with 5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. 

The 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea opened with a dramatic and dazzling 
ceremony. A colorful, three-hour spectacle mixing ancient Korean rituals with space-age 
technology kicked off 16 days of athletic competition. 

The World Series belonged to the Los Angeles Dodgers. 
The Dodgers captured their sixth World Series title in 
October with a 5-2 victory over the Oakland A's in the fifth 
game of the series. 


The Democrats went to Atlanta in the summer of 1988, and decided on Michael President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev worked for 
Dukakis, the governor of Massachusetts, to be its candidate for President of the several years to bring the two countries together. After a treaty was signed to elim- 
United States. He chose Lloyd Bentsen, a senator from Texas, as his running mate. inate certain nuclear weapons, 1988 was the year the efforts of these two leaders 

went into effect. 

Vice President George Bush, after serving for eight years in the Ronald Reagan 
administration, got the expected nod at the Republican National Convention in New 
Orleans in the summer of 1988. His choice for running mate was unexpected — Sen. 
Dan Quayle of Indiana. The public opinion polls showed that the inexperienced 41 
year-old senator was not a popular choice. 

Amid tears and grief, thousands of people who had died of AIDS were mem- 
orialized in October in ceremonies centered on a huge quilt that was made from 
friends and family members of the victims. Each of the panels measured three feet by 
six teet and all 50 states and a dozen foreign countries were represented in the 
375,000 square foot quilt. 


The summer of I 988 was hit with the worst drought in many years. Throughout the 
Midwest, farmers watched helplessly as their crops went dry. 

Hurricane Gilbert rose out of the Carribean like a giant wind storm in late Sep- 
tember. By the time it lost its hurricane status over northeastern Mexico, it had 
killed more than 300 people, left hundreds of thousands homeless and caused billions 
of dollars in damage to the Carribean, Central America, Mexico and the United 

It became an international effort of good will. Russians and American rescuers 
cut through the ice in Alaska to save two California gray whales. News media fromi 
around the world converged on the tiny village of Barrow, Alaska, to cover the 
successful rescue. 

Forest fires spread throughout the western part of the country in the summer of 
1988, destroying millions of acres of national parkland. The most heavily damaged 
was Yellowstone National Park. 


Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson erupted in tears as her name was announced as Miss 
America 1989. The 22 year-old Miss Minnesota, who planned to be a Harvard- 
-rained lawyer, became the first classical violinist to win the Miss America crown. 

It was one of the biggest marriages of the year. Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson 
married actress Robin Givens. But the stormy marriage of the 22 year-old rich boxer 
and the 23 year-old actress lasted less than a year. She filed for divorce. But after 
being accused of marrying "Iron Mike" for his money, Ms. Givens said she wouldn't 
take a dime. 

The shuttle discovery blasted into orbit in September, the first spaceflight since the 
shuttle Challenger mission ended tragically 73 seconds after lift off on January 28, 1 986 . 
The discovery ended in its successful four days, 1.6 million miles mission with a tri- 
umphant landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. 


GOOD BYE, 80's 

What's hot and what's not. What never was or what always will be. Lots of fads, 
fashion, and trends have come and gone in the 80's. Here's a quick look at some of 
the most memorable . . . 

Do You Remember? 

The Rubiks Cube . . . Fluorescent everything . . . Atari 
. . . Pac Man . . . Barracuda jackets . . . Reeboks . . . 
Overalls . . . Biking Pants (Spandex) . . . Camp Beverly 
Hills . . . Bows, Bows, Bows . . . Boxer shorts . . . Esprit 
. . . Banana clip . . . Shaved heads . . . The Cosby Show 
. . . Pictionary . . . Grateful Dead . . . Horseneck Beach 
. . . Gummy Bears . . . Compact Disc Players . . . Vanna 
White . . . Indoor Tanning . . . Safe Sex . . . Mon- 
keemania . . . Condominiums . . . Trival Pursuit . . . 
Valley Girls . . . Nintendo . . . Jelly shoes . . . Disco . . . 
MTV . . . SADD . . . Nutra Sweet . . . Cable TV ... No 
smoking . . . Oprah Winfrey . . . Nike . . . plaid . . . 
ribboned barrettes . . . Double and triple pierced ears . . . 
designer jeans . . . punk . . . spiked hair . . . 
And don't forget: 

Gumby . . . Red M&M's . . . stirrup pants . . . acid wash 
jeans . . . Madonna . . . Liz Claiborne accessories . . . 
Garfield . . . Izods . . . Preppy . . . Guess? . . . Menthos 
(Love that school store!) . . . Bermuda bags . . . Leather 
jackets . . . Michael Jackson . . . Breakdancing . . . Spuds 
MacKenzie . . . Swatch . . . Rollerskating . . . Rap . . . 
Skateboarding . . . Snowboards . . . friendship pins . . . 

f ^©@®©j^^ 





Miss Wyoming, Miss South Carolina, Miss Colorado. — K. Ritchie, S. O'Connor, C. McMorrow. 

'I just swallowed an M&M!" — C. Montanero 

'Yes, I am waiting for Christmas!" — J. Trainor 

"Ok, your turn, Jess! EAT IT!" — B. Bredvik force-feeding C. Costa, J. Abernathy, L. Howard. 



On February 12 — February 20, 1988, many King Philip Foreign Language students and teachers journeyed 
across the ocean to Europe! During their stay whey visited five countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Switzer- 
land and the Netherlands. Participants: 1st row: K. Thompson,N. Killelea, M. Killelea, K. Stearns, T. Jones, 
A. Matola, E. Bender, R. Unger, W. Rettman. 2nd row: Mrs. McCourt, Ms. Figueiredo, K. Gibson, K. Ray, 
D. Sullivan, M. Jacob, M. Cataldo, K. Reid, A. Moses, T. Lovely, C. Intreiri, B. Crocker, M. Nadkarni, E. 
Sullivan, L. Nelson, Mrs. Sullivan, B. Dillon, (not shown) Mr. Ingalls. 

Left: The Eiffel Tower. Below: Some souvenirs of 
the trip. 

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France 


G. Ames, and Mrs. Tower go for some wild NYC fashion. 

The New York City skyline, with the Twin Towers in the distance. 

Lady Liberty — a favorite stop! 

*•*« ^»* 

L. Sullivan, L. Guerra, J. Slaney, J. Kettel, T. Nichodemus, A. 
Bender play "Statues." 

On February 20 through February 22, 1989, the King Philip Art Depart- 
ment sponsored a trip to New York City. Participants were: 1st row: M. 
Martucci, J. Arnold, J. Kettel. 2nd row: T. Nichodemus, A. Bender, L. 
Sullivan, L. Guerra, A. Nadkarni, H. Dixon, S. Finley, J. Moore, A. 
Matola, D. Sullivan, H. McAskill, C . Godovich. 3rd row: K. Schofield, 
P. Breen, J. Slaney, J. Spinney, T. Jones, V. Sandstrom. 4th row: J. 
Mangor, B. Garcia, R. Unger, G. Ames, A. Mills, K. Murray. Not 
shown, Chaperones: Mrs. Cronin, Mrs. Tower, MissZeigler, Mrs. Bach- 
man, and Mr. Carnaro 

"I Love New York" 


Let's Hear It!! 

The Annual Class Competition, held on 
February 28, 1989, was the "best we've had 
in four years." Tremendous spirit over- 
flowed the gymnasium as the classes battled 
it out in various events. Contests included an 
Obstacle course, Volleyball, the Limbo (How 
low can you go?), the Sack race, the Sneaker 
race, the Balloon Pop, the Three-legged race, 
the Orange pass, the Egg toss, and the grand 
finale, the Tug-of-War! 

The seniors, with a tough competitive 
edge, took the lead early in the evening, and 
continued with the victory. The Juniors were 
a tough second, followed by the Sopho- 
mores, and finally, the Freshmen. (Could 
age have something to do with this?). All 
classes showed a great deal of skill and spirit, 
and this successful night was one of the most 
fun and exciting all year! 



vV**te * 

The sophomores proudly cheer 

"Wait! Come back here!" C. Damato. "We,re off!" S. Faulkner and J. McCarthy 

m their team. Go Red! 

"Ha-ha! What are they cheering about?" J. McCarthy 
and D. Berry 

C. Kelley trying to touch her toes with her head. 



*Kii&f.l.'.:i -' 

pi-f • «#l 



"Personally and in behalf of all of those who serve students in the King Philip District, I offer our 
sincere best wishes for a life of good health, happiness, success and the fulfillment of every 
personal goal that will make you all that you should be, can be and shall be." 

William J. Costa 
Superintendent of Schools 


Mr. Winston Fairfield, Jr., Principal 

Mr. James Johnson 
Administrative Assistant 

Mr. Joseph Lojko 
Dir. of Pupil Personnel 

Mr. Warren Paglari 
Vocational Director 


Mr. Donald Edmonston 
Athletic Director 

Marilyn Antonellis 

Karen Callaghan 

Carol Frederick 

Cathy Pegg 

Mr. John Fitzsimmons 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Richard Pierce 
Vocational Coordinator 

Pauline Lessard 

Virginia MacRae 

Lori-Beth Pullan 

April Stelzmann 

Mr. Robert Geib 
Assistant Principal 

Helen Berry 

Mary Creehan 

Shirley Maduskuie 

Joyce Verna 


Mr. Ahem 


^^^^H^* r /"f ** 1 

^^^ET H.Y i- 1 

B^ v . ■ 

R'> "' 

^^^H* flk " 


KISn*!^' j?5 


»»S^?^ $?§i 

JFi^Ba*^ |J*C^ 

Mr. Antonetti 

Mrs. Viles-Bachman 
Social Studies 

Mr. Bergquist 

Mr. Berteletti 

Mr. Besaw 

Mr. Black 

The Vocational section of KP is made up of many industrial 
trades. The students learn the fundamentals in the classroom 
and then apply them through hands-on experience in the 
shop. The following is a brief rundown of the different trades 
offered at KP: Automotive provides the student with a work- 
ing knowledge of all phases of automotive repair and main- 
tenance; Carpentry is designed to develop in the student the 
ability to do residential construction and millwork; Drafting 
exposes the students to the graphic language of industry and 
explores computer-aided drafting (CAD); Electrical is a course 
designed to instruct in the knowledge of electrical theory, how 
electricity works, how it is generated, controlled, distributed, 
and put to use; Culinary Arts is considered to be the third larg- 
est industry in the United States. The food service industry re- 
quires a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills. Here you ac- 
quire the basic skills necessary for employment and advance- 
ment in this rewarding industry; Machine Shop students learn 
the business of making practical tools using lathes and milling 
machines as well as other tools found in modern machine 
shops; Tech Drawing teaches the student how to make a pre- 
cise drawing and it also gives the student an appreciation for 
the design process; Sheet Metal emphasizes the basic skills 
and technical knowledge needed in the various areas of metal 
fabrication; Business involves the students in typing, account- 
ing, stenography, record keeping and word processing; Dis- 
tributive Education provides the students with training in 
marketing, retailing, and management. The students also run 
and organize the KP Restaurant and the KP Mini Mall. 

Mr. Bodge 


Mr. Breitenbach 
Food Service 

Mr. Brennan 
Social Studies 

Mr. Carneiro 
Physical Ed. 

Mrs. Casper 


Mr. Chichetto 


Tom Spadoni 

Karen Cooke and Monica Gonzalves 
Jancee Megna 

Mrs. Cronin 

Mr. Cormier 

Ms. Coutu 
Social Studies 

Mr. Croteau 
Graphic Arts 

Mr. Doherty 
Student Services 

Mrs. Dombkowski 


Mr. Drisko 

Mrs. Erickson 

Ms. Figueiredp-j 
Foreign Lang'r 

Mr. Finase 

Ms. Flanagan 
Special Needs — DHT 

Dr. Goldman 

Physical Education challenges the 
students athletic ability. The stu- 
dents participate in different indi- 
vidual and team activities. Physical 
Education includes a health pro- 
gram which teaches the students 
about CPR, drugs, alcohol and peer 
pressure problems. Physical Educa- 
tion also includes an internship pro- 
gram which allows juniors and se- 
niors to help the students and learn 
more about the teaching aspect of 
physical education. 

The Media Center offers students 
at K.P. a wide variety of resource 
materials, novels, magazines, 
newspapers, and paperbacks. The 
students also have access to state of 
the art equipment. The library can 
either be a research or leisure experi- 

Mr. Guillemette 
Dist. Ed. 


Mrs. Kamon 
Voc. Reading 


Mr. Hartley 
Physical Ed. 

Mr. Houde 

Mr. Ingalls 
Foreign Lang. 

Mrs. Johnson 
Media Center 


Mr. Kummer 

Mr. Keleher 
Student Services 

Mr. Lanciaux 
Foreign Lang. — DHT 

Mr. Lavallee 

Mr. Lazzara 
Env. Sciences 

Mrs. Lepere 
Media Center — DHT 

Mr. Lepere 
Mathematics — DHT 

Mr. Ligor 
Science — DHT 

Mrs. Mannering 
Foreign Lang. 

HISTORY The Students can 
travel back in time to the day of the 
cavemen and diligently work their 
way up to the events of the present 
day. Along the rocky road they can 
experience the magnificence of 
Louis XIV, the forming of the Con- 
stitution, the mystifying world of 
Freud, and the downfall of Camelot. 

How can one really put the con- 
cept of Art into words. It is some- 
thing that flows from one's right 
brain. The students formulate ideas 
in their heads and then reproduce 
them onto the canvas with the teacher 
looking over their shoulder, scruti- 
nizing every stroke of the brush. 



Ms. Maxell 

Mrs. McDonald 
Voc. Reading 

Ms. Meuser 

Mr. Murtari 

Mrs. Negus 


Mrs. Neubauer 

Mr. Nolin 
Machine Shop 

Mr. Pariseau 
Health/Phys. Ed. 

Mrs. Pfeffer 
Physical Ed. 


The students in Mathematics can 
learn the fundamentals from 
Algebra I all the way to Calculus. 
Then, in between, there is Ge- 
ometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, 
Analytical Geometry, and Pre- 

The students also take a great in- 
terest in Computers. From now on, 
the students are required to take at 
least one year of computers in order 
to graduate, but many of them de- 
cide to exceed that. 

In the Science section, the 
students can take Biology. Chemis- 
try, Physics, Anatomy, and En- 
vironmental. The students take in 
hands-on experience through their 
labs in the desired class, and lab 
practicals are used to test their skill. 

Mr. Radziewicz 

Mrs. Raymond 

Ms. Resca 
Student Services 

Mr. Riley 

Mr. Schmidt 

Mr. Simmarrian 
Social Studies 

Mrs. Smith 
Physical Ed. 

Mrs. Southworth 



M . 1 

Ms. Stankiewicz 
Business — DHT 

Mrs. Sullivan 

Ms. Szatek 

Mr. Tileston 
Music — DHT 


Mrs. D. Tower 
Special Needs 

The students learn the funda- 
mentals of written English. They 
learn to use different forms of 
grammar and they widen their 
vocabulary consistently over the 
four years. Then American and En- 
glish literature are added later on to 
form well balanced classes. 

The students have a choice of tak- 
ing either French, Spanish, Latin, or 
German as a foreign language. The 
teachers teach the students how to 
read, write, and speak in their 
chosen language. Those students 
that stick with it can become fluent 
in whichever language they desire. 

Mrs. N. Tower 
Art — DHT 

Ms. Villard 

Ms. Ziegler 


Ms. Turco 
Special Needs 

Mr. Warren 

Ms. Wernborg 
Special Needs 

Mr. Young 
Student Services 


Bill Raymond 

Jack Gallagher, Superintendent of Maintenance 

We, the students of KP, would like 
to thank all of you for making our 
school look its best daily, and thanks 
also goes out to our unseen friends, 
the night custodians, for their equally 
excellent job. 

Tom Lawless, Charles Brundley, Paul Spadoni 

We would also like to thank those 
dedicated ladies in the cafeteria for 
their ever present smile for their un- 
derstanding in dealing with hungry 
teenagers and for their holiday spirit 
evidenced by their many dec- 


The cafeteria women in no particular order: Carol Troiano, Jean Badin, Trudy Cappuccino, 
Cheryl Dearden, Patricia Eisenhauer, Sandra Fumarola, Elizabeth Heinz, Mary Hughes, June 
Landry, Catalda Lawton, Carol Mahady, Joan McKenon, Ida Ornell, Donna Swan, Mildred 

Ms. Alter 
Instructional Aide 

Mrs. Galligan 

Mrs. Nichols 
Instructional Aide 

Mr. Thurlow 
Adustment Counselor 




HF W '<flC F 

"\ ■ 

WUj?4 Ma 

M ^L 

^^ ' 


Mrs. Angell 
Resource Teacher 

Mr. Hartley Jr. 
Instructional Aide 

Ms. Robarts 

Mr. Wickman 
Instructional Aide 

Mrs. Cornell 
Instructional Aide 

Miss McGee 
Instructional Aide 



Instructional Aide 

-. :.. : - 

. •' • '■ 



MEp' : " 







jFv. ' 

Mr. Vernarelli 
Food Service 

Project Share is a vocational program which services learning disabled students through 
the BICO collaborative. All Collaborative programs are extensions of public school services. 

Whereas mainstreaming becomes a goal for most students, small groups or individual 
instruction is provided within resource classrooms and resource shop areas to prepare for 
successful mainstreaming. 

The goals of the program are to provide learning disabled adolescents with skills and 
knowledge necessary to obtain a high school diploma as well as a marketable vocational skill 
and a vocational certificate. 

< W \ 

Mr. Creely 
Vocational Teacher 

Dr. Neifing 
Vocational Teacher 

Miss Soufy 
Resource Teacher 


&1 Hli 

K~- . ' "WH '■'-'' *'.":!', , Hli/ii > : 'I /\ 






206 MAIN ST. 
NORFOLK, MA 02056 

(617) 384-7014 

(617) 520-3623 


lainville Insurance Agency 



King Philip Counseling Center 
P.O. Box 49 
201 Franklin Street 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

a special project of- Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. 

Plainville Prescription Center 

122 South St. 

Plainville, MA 02762 


CALL TODAY (508) 695-3528 

For All Your 
Insurance Needs 













We Also Offer 


Ear Piercing 



Gift Certificates and Looking Good Grams 

Professional Hair Care Products By Nexus, Sebastian, Paul Mitchell, Goldwell and Redken 

Discount Certificates for High School Seniors and Senior Citizens 

Magic Shears Quality Pledge 

We Promise 

To Do Our Best 

To Make You Look 

And Feel Your Best 

Your Party Can Be A Hit 
Chafers make it easier to serve warm food 
Dinnerware, Glassware, Flatware to serve your guest 
Linens dress up your tables 
Costumes, Balloons are fun 



379B Central St. 
Foxboro MA 02035 


stock company 
plainville, mass* 


Mrs. Cooper & Mr. Antonetti 

Thanks for Four years of great yearbooks! You 

guys are the best! Only you could put up with all 

the late nights, whining last minute deadlines, 

and of course US! 

Lots of love, 

Barb & Liz 




Norfolk, MA 
Good Luck Class of '89 






CALL 384-8109 

Wrentham Sq. 

Wrentham, Mass. 


S Rockwood Road 




Health and Beauty Aids 
Hallmark Cards 

Russell Stover Candy 
Copying Service 
Photo Finish 

Gulino Sales Associates 

The Professional Printing people 

P.O. Box 826 

Wrentham, MA 02093 

(508) 384-7060 


Best Wishes to the Class of 1989 

l\ a <U 

o I\os 

1 ran era. 


loinie^ ImCo 

135 OowtJri olreet 




as sac 

Misetts 02093 

KicikaFO J a Kos 


i- te^gS% -£^^^^^ 

patriot $f>armacp, 3fnc, 



PHONE 384-7788 

HOURS: MQN.-SAT. : 3 A.M.-S P.M. 
SUN. 3 A.M. -3 P.M. 



, yv° M£ p^ 


29 Franklin Street 
Wrentham. MA 



Orders to Go — 







NORFOLK, MASS 02056 508-528-8444 

Best of luck 

Class of 1 383 

May your dreams 

come true 


Congratulations to the Class of 1989 
from the Pepsi-Cola Co. 

620 Myles Standish Park 

"V. S K 



15 TO 140 TON ' 

' 20 TO 330 FEET 


P.O. BOX 395 






Helen and Wayne Berry 

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Carr 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter MacRae 

Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neil 

Mary E. Burhart 

Bill and Karen (Johnson) Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Connor 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Matola 

Mr. and Mrs. Al Lovely 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Huges 

Frank and Christine Durrick 

Deborah and John Barret 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gallerani 

Mr. and Mrs. William Ronhock 

Ben and Michael Abernathy 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Nelson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Grazado 

Harry and Carolyn Romsey 

Mr. and Mrs. George Gallagher 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Balyn Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gamelin 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Robinson 

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Janes 

Ann and Ted Cappanini 

Carla and Jerry Gabbard 

Gail Cronin 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Denizard 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Galindo 

Tom and Jean Daley 

Dr. Linda M. Spink 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Blood 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Oram 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Joyce 

Mr. and Mrs. David Aldread 

Best of Luck, Linda, Mom and Dad 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Domenica 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Damato 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey 

Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Carlson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boucher 

Mr. and Mrs. Carr 

Mrs. O'Neil (Dan Giovanoni) 

Mr. and Mrs. Berry 

Phil and Judy Alszeriski 

Charles and Kendra Farling 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carter 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kramer 

Bobbie Brintnall 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Earl Stearns 

Robert and Lorraine Cooke 

Ron and Aurella Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. John Arsenault 

Mr. and Mrs. Girard St. Amand 

Mrs. Janice E. Paul 

John and Diane Sikut 

Mr. and Mrs. Hohn Steward 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Levesque 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas MacMurray 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Monahan 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bredvik 

Paul and Ann Bernardo 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morganelli 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mercier 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Thibedeau, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Burraws, Jr. 

Mike and Paula Gaines 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McCarthy 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ray 


















• High Performance Engineering 

• Leasing & Rental 
(Long and Short Term) 

• Complete Auto Body Facility 

• Auto Reconditioning - Restorations 

new & used cars 
call 769-4700 


Congratulations Class of 1989 

King Philip Vocational Education 

Developing The Skills That Build America 

Vocational Administration 

and Staff ^ 


Dance Studio 

Ballet - Tap - Jazz 
Pre-school Thru Adult 

MELANIE MARCEAU 29 Franklin St. Wrentham, MA 
Artistic Director (61 7) 384-6050 


Precision Collison Repair 
Chief E-Z Liner Frame Alignment 


26 Franklin Street 
Wrentham, Mass. 02093 

384-7944 699-8708 

Days Nights 





TEL. (617)653-2071 


NATICK, MA. 01760 

BOSTON 235-1880 

(617) 528-5837 

Wat/t Street 'Hardware & Suppiy 
oif Worfote, One. 



NORFOLK. MA 02056 


— chafers make it easy to serve warm food 

— dinnerware, glassware, and flatware to serve your 

— linens dress up your tables 

— costumes and balloons are fun! 


379 B Central St. 

Foxboro, MA. 




'ike ■ 





570 KeMey Blvd. (Rt 1 52) 

No. Attleboro. MA 02760 


50R-^ 24-4027 

M. • I i • >— i • 


;leam!ing co. 


The Personal Cleaning Service" 



' NT HAM. MA 02093 





] UUid 







Back row: Shannon Faulkner, Robert 
Latham, Martha Donovan, David 
Brown, Patrice O'Neil, Mary Ann Gal- 
limore. Front row: Suzanne Neske, 
Marilyn Eden, Keith Grant (Chair- 
man), John Barrett, 


Mccormick & maitland 
one-forty-four main street 

country crossing 
norfolk, massachusetts 02056 



Good luck Seniors! 

^EALlV Co*?. 



Best of luck Class of '89! 


The Only Wrentham Based Oil Co. 

Complete Installation of Furnaces and Boilers 

• 24 Hour Service 
• Free Estimates 
• Service Contracts 
• to Fit Your Needs 
• Fuel Oil 
Oil Truck 

529 Franklin St., Wrentham, MA 02093 
384-2510 • 384-2310 



William J. Costa, Superintendent 
John Fitzsimmons, Assistant Principal 
Warren Paglari, Vocational Director 
Robert Geib, Assistant Principal 
Richard Pierce, Vocational Coordinator 
Joseph P Lojko, Pupil Personnel Director 


Anthony Antonetti 
Helen Cooper 
Barbara Cronin 
Carol Meuser 
Guy Wickman 
Katherine McDonald 
Genevieve Szczepaniak 
June R. Coutu 
R.W. Nolin 
James Black 
Maureen Flatley 
Janna M. Bremer 
IHdio Carnerio 
Julie Habib 
George Creeley 
Elizabeth Villiard 
Luis Nosiglia 
Joanna Geib 
John Warren 
Daniel Nolin 

"*"'. i 


Jane A. Southworth 

Roberta Negus 

Ed Croteau 

J. Neubauer 

Senor Ingalis 

David Sumner 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Erickson 

Charles Courtois 

Paul Riley 

Clara M^nteca 

Jack Ver%arelli 

Nancy Tower 

Catherine Zeigler 

Thomas Hartley 

Heather Moriarty 

Jane Perlman 

Judith Kamon 

Louise Turco 

David Webb 

Murray Drisko 


? #f*-- 










n888*», ' 

*i V 

; y 


• Si 


NORFOLK, MA 02056 

78 SOtfTH S1g WRENTHAM MA. 02093 
l|i MAIN^T. FOXBORO MA 02035 
% 71 MAHsf §T. MEDWAY, MA 02053 
420 MAIN ST. WALPOLE, MA 02081 
NORFOLK, MA 02056 
NORFOLK, MA 20256 




& k 





-- - 


Wherever you're headed, we want to wish you the very best. We also have a 
suggestion or two that will help in the future. 


You'll benefit from our helpful College 
Credit program at South Shore Bank. 
See us for GSL Loans if you're a senior 
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For more facts, visit your nearest South Shore Bank office. 

South Shore Bank 

Mi-iiitvr iMx 



A finished page in this book looks rather 
simple, doesn't it? However, most people do 
not know the endless hours, Countless re- 
visions, and downright frustrations that it 
takes to transform a blank sheet of paper into 
a finished page. It all starts with dedication 
and imagination. An idea is slowly made 
into a "layout" with pictures, "copy", 
artwork, and captions. 

We are very grateful to the handful of 
students that were dedicated enough to 
work weekends, after school, over vaca- 
tions, and late nights. We also want to thank 
everyone who faithfully worked until the 
very end to complete their sections, and the 
students who helped to put together those 
pages that were abandoned by those who 
were originally responsible for doing them. 

A special thanks goes to Kim and Laura for 
their enduring faithfulness (you guys are 
lifesavers!); Debe for always coming 
through, even with our nagging; Sandra for 
her cookies, smiles, and willingness to ac- 
cept a huge responsibility at the last minute; 
Kevin and Amy for their true dedication, re- 
sponsibility, and loud laughs; Derek for his 
good tunes, and especially for finishing on 
TIME! (Way to be!). Of course we can't forget 
to thank Vance Pirone for coming through 
with his great artwork (after all the kicks in 
the behind!), and Torgun Lovely for those 
awesome pictures . . . after all, that's what 
makes a yearbook! 

Above all, we would like to thank Mrs. 
Cooper for the pizza, sodas, advice, en- 
couragement, and especially, friendship. 
We could never have done it without you! 
Mr. Antonetti, you were great, but PLEASE 
STOP SMOKING! (cough, cough). 

Finally, thanks to Mr. Riley and Mr. 
Sumner for their computer expertise, Arnie 
Lohman for his unending "surprises'" ("No, 
that's not free . . . "), Joe Geoffroy for coming 
through with pictures at the last minute, and 
a special, special thanks to Terry Poovey in 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina for going to 
all the trouble that he didn't have to. 


Barbara Bredvik 

Elizabeth Bender 



Co-Editors-in-Chief Barbara Bredvik 

Elizabeth Bender 
Undergraduates Editors Laura Seikman 

Kim Hender 

Sports Editor Debe Anderson 

Clubs and Activities Editor Sandra Pennachio 

Advertisement Editor Derek Await 

Faculty Editors Kevin Ray 

Amy Matola 

Art Editor Vance Pirone 

Photographer Torgun Lovely 

Typists, Lifesavers, and Eager Assistants: 

Carrie Costa, Linda Howard, Cheryl Rogaris, Andrea Moses, Derek Berry, Peter Boucher, David 
Dix, Kim Conefrey, Linda Operach, Kris ten Sutcliffe, and Jackie DiPlacido. 

Rookie of the Year Amy Matola 

Most Improved Derek Await 

Vance Pirone 

Most Dedicated New Member Kevin Ray 

Unsung Hero Sandra Pennachio 

MVP's Laura Seikman 

Kim Hender 
Most Promising Debe Anderson 


VV/7/ the REAL Chieftain editors please come forward? Here are the faithful editors who worked hard, and stayed 
with the Yearbook until the final deadline! Relaxing, Left to Right. Derek Await, Ad Editor; Amy Matola, 
Faculty Editor; Debe Anderson, Sports Editor; Barbara Bredvik, Editor-in-Chief; Elizabeth Bender, Editor-in- 
Chief; Sandra Pennachio, Clubs and Activities, Editor; Kevin Ray, Faculty Editor; Laura Seikman, Undergrads 
Editor; Kim Hender, Undergrads Editor; Front — Vance Pirone, Art Editor. (Not Pictured, Torgun Lovely, 





• Winston-Salem 


• North Carolina 

Arnold Lohmann, Milford, MA 

L*SSfci ~S + 





'■>* - 

*ba»i'~. i 

s i -* 


— >^ -- 

« * 

f' P"*^ 


22 •• >. -• 

- ■ 


■ ■ 

k i# 












I I * 






* . . 



i* 4 




1. -*■* . 

-: - • v. 

a ■* -*. 



* * 



9 •-! ! 





















t f 

) //ft 

■ / ' 


>■■■ ' ■'